Synopsys: A young man, down on his luck and completely out of inspiration, is given the means to improve his life by a stranger and begins to realise that he may have had psychic abilities all the time.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction, the characters and plot are a figment of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance between characters in this work and actual persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. This work contains scenes of explicit sex between adults and is intended, for the entertainment of adults only. If you are offended, by depictions of adult intercourse or if you are less than the age of majority in your jurisdiction please do not read or download this file. Because this is a fantasy, characters in this work engage in unprotected sex in a universe where AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. In reality, sex without protection is unwise and nothing in this work should be taken as condoning such activity, or any of the other activities depicted herein.
Breaking out of a rut
By Latexthom
This story was originally penned with a specific font used where called for within the story, however the constraints of the media have not enabled this presentation to be published. Therefore the use of a specific font is depicted with the use of square brackets and Italics. It is hoped that this does not detract from the readability of the dialogue. Comments and suggestions always welcome:

Our hero, Trevor was a shy introvert young man and was sitting at the bar in his local, drinking his sorrows into oblivion. He had just lost his principal job and his previous girl friend had moved to another job in a new country the only problem he did not have, was money. While he was staring into the bottom of a nearly empty glass, another man came into the bar and sat down beside him. They started talking and Trevor told his tale of woe. The man said, “What did you do, that caused them to fire you.” Trevor replied, “I have no idea, I was working ahead of the programme developing a new WEB site for the corporate intranet when a new female supervisor came in and handed me my P45 and a severance cheque for three months salary, there was no explanation just a curt good bye.

The man said, “Do you know this supervisor and could you have upset her.” Trevor replied, “Yes I know her and I have not upset her in the last seven years.” The man said, “What happened seven years ago and could this still be an issue with her?”

Trevor described a young immature high school graduate and a mature young woman who wanted him to take her to a collage ball. I agreed to take her but bottled out at the last minute and left her in the lurch going home to see an un-well father who died a week later.” The man asked, “Did you explain your reason for leaving to her and how did she take it.” Trevor replied, “I never saw her again at collage. After the funeral, I moved my course to a collage near home so I could watch over my Mum. She took Dads loss very hard and followed him before I finally graduated.”

The man said, “So this woman might be still holding a grudge, how long has she been your supervisor.” Trevor replied, “She took over the team that I was working in, from somewhere else in the company, four weeks ago and we have never spoken more than ten words in all that time.”

The man said, “I have a substance that was a by-product of my research that has an interesting side effect, it may be useful for you to find out why she had you fired.” Trevor said, “I am in no fit state to ask anyone anything.” The man said, “Let me take you home and we can talk again tomorrow when you are sober.” Trevor agreed to go, and the man helped him out of the bar. On the way down the street to Trevor’s apartment, they talked about the time of year, the weather, but nothing of significance. When the man helped Trevor into his flat, Trevor asked, “What properties does your substance have.” The man replied, “It has a very powerful hypnotic characteristic but it only lasts for about forty-five seconds and it can only be applied once. You have time for one or two quick questions and then to instruct her to forget.” Trevor’s interest was attracted and he said, “What would happen if during those fort-five seconds she received a life changing instruction.” The man replied, “I like your thinking, any instruction given, in the form of an open ended command, would influence her for the rest of her life.”

Trevor reached for the coffee jug and said, “This requires logical thought and I need to wake up.” The man said, “I will leave you for now and see you again tomorrow, I’ll call here after my first lecture, at 11:00am.”

After the man had departed, Trevor drank several cups of strong coffee while making notes on his memory jotter. Before Trevor retired for the night, he had the germs of a plan and he slept without dreaming.

In the morning, he drank more coffee and put his plan down on paper so he could time his delivery.

He was still tuning the plan when there was a knock on the door. When he opened it, the man was standing there with a small holdall and Trevor held out his hand and introduced himself. The man shook his hand and said, “Trevor, nice to formal meet you my name is Gordon and have you developed your plan.”

Trevor invited him in and then described his plan. Gordon said, “I was right to choose you, I have been trying to think up a way of extending the influence of my control and I think you have cracked it. You don’t mind, if after we have fixed your girl, I copy your approach on a girl I fancy.” Trevor replied, “If you think this will work, feel free, there is no copyright on my ideas.”

Gordon said, “How do you propose to deliver this.” Trevor replied, “Apparently she lunches away from the office and returns just after everyone else on her own then uses the elevator from reception to the ninth floor. We could take over the elevator and take her to the basement where you could administer your magic formula and I can insert the control. I timed it and it only takes about thirty seconds.” Gordon asked, “How do you take over the elevator.” Trevor said, “I still have the maintenance key I was given when we moved the server room from floor seven to the basement.”

Gordon said, “Ok do you want to do it today.” Trevor said, “Why not, if I can find the reason for my dismissal, I might be able to appeal against it.” Trevor put on his coat and picked up the sheets of paper he had printed earlier that morning.

Outside he hailed a cab and gave instructions to the driver. When the cab dropped them at the corner of the block where Trevor’s old office was, Gordon and Trevor walked to the service entrance for the building. Trevor punched a code into the digital lock and the door opened, Gordon said, “Their security sucks, they should have changed the code and all passwords when they fired you.” Trevor replied, “Let hope they haven’t changed anything, If I can get in the sever room we will have access to the buildings CCTV system. They walked through the service areas and passed a number of workers but no one stopped them. Trevor said, “They mostly employ contractors on the utility jobs so they have no mandate to check security.” When they reached the Server door there was another digital lock, Trevor, entered the code, and the door slid open.

Once inside Trevor logged into the main business server and hacked into the personnel database, then called up his own records. There was a chain of documents following the company’s discipline process and records of meeting that had supposed to have, taken place between him and his supervisor. There was too much to read on-line so he printed all the documents in his file on the server’s laser printer.

When everything was printed, he logged into the CCTV system and displayed the imaged from the reception cameras and the ones inside the elevators. After several minutes Trevor shouted, “That’s her in elevator number four Gordon said, “She is definitely hotty, and I am beginning to envy you. How do we take her?” Trevor said, “She is on her way out now and there are too many people about we will get her on her way back to her desk. While we wait, I will hack into her email account. This machine is the company’s exchange server. It took Trevor several minute to hack into Amanda’s inbox and there were lots of emails form a Sophie Thompson from another company. Trevor read a few and found that Amanda had documented her deceitful action against Trevor in her emails to Sophie. Trevor printed out all the emails between the two women. When he got back to the oldest email still in her inbox he was astonished at what he found.

He printed this one off and then sat reading the paper copy. When he finished reading, he was very angry; he had just read a reply from Sophie that included Amanda’s original email telling Sophie that she had found Trevor’s name on the company email list. This email was dated three mounts ago and the chain of emails that followed showed a campaign of deceit and maliciousness aimed wholly at an unsuspecting Trevor.

Trevor copied all Amanda’s email account into a new account names Amandaslut and then deleted her original account. He then changed the password on the email server and on the all the other passwords on the different servers in the room. Gordon was reading some of Amada’s emails and said, “This level of spite must come from more than leaving her in the lurch at a ball. We should find out.” Trevor replied, “We will but not yet.” Trevor fed all the paper he had printed from the personnel database and Amanda’s email into the scanner, then entered the HR Directors email address and then hit send. The scanner started slowly inputting each page in the stack and converting it into a PDF format before emailing it. Gordon was watching the CCTV monitors and said, “Here she comes.” Trevor said, we need to know what elevator she gets in and then to make sure she is the only one in it.” The watched Amanda enter through the swing doors and press the elevator call button. Trevor said, “No four will get to her first, let’s hope no one else comes in to join her.” The doors for elevator four opened and Amanda stepped in pressing the button for floor nine.” The doors closed as Trevor ran to the basement elevator, entered the maintenance key in to elevator number four, and turned it to manual. Gordon shouted it has stopped and she is becoming agitated. Trevor shouted get ready and I, will bring her down. Gordon appeared beside him and Trevor entered a new heading for the elevator containing Amanda.

Trevor moved to one side and Gordon took his place at the centre of the doors. As the doors opened Gordon said, “Did you press the emergency button?” Amanda replied, “No I did not.” Gordon said, “Ok go back in and I’ll send you to your floor which was?” Amanda turned to walk back into the elevator saying, “Nine please.” As soon as she had her back to Gordon, he used a pneumatic injection gun to inject a compound into her neck just above the collar of her long leather coat.”

She stated to turn and stopped three quarters of the way round, Gordon indicated to Trevor to start.

Trevor said, “From this moment on whenever you read text in any form in the Tempus Sans ITC font and with the words “Amanda Read all this Now” at the top, everything you read will be as if you were in this state and I was talking. All instructions will become your rules for living and any new truth will become your truth. Until I give you permission, you will remove all your clothes and put your leather coat back on. All you are allowed to wear is your leather coat and your boots. If anyone, comments on your dress, you will tell them that it is a coatdress and thank them for their concern. Any other clothing material except leather, latex, or PVC will cause extreme pain on the areas of skin it touches.

After Amanda had removed all her clothing and fastened the leather coat back on, Trevor pulled her discarded clothing out of the elevator and then said, “I am going to give you a piece of paper and you are going to read it as instructed while you continue your journey to the ninth floor.

Trevor placed a sheet of A4 in her hand and then closed the door before sending the elevator to floor nine. They both rushed back into the Server room and watched her on the monitor. She became animated as the elevator passed through floor two and she started to read the paper she was holding.

Trevor said, “We should go,” and removing his key from the elevator panel and locking the sever room door they both walked slowly out of the building. Gordon said, “Which piece of paper did you give her.” Trevor said, “The one that sets out all the rules for her reading and to meet me tonight at the pub where we met last night, do you want to come and find out why she did what she did.”

Gordon said, “I had better she might bring this Sophie person.” Trevor said, “I never thought about that. Ok I’ll see you there at seven, would you like my help with your victim.” Gordon replied, “Yes please but we can do that tomorrow.” Trevor held out his hand and said, “I don’t know how to thank you, I would never have found the nerve to break-in and investigate my dismissal if it weren’t for you.

They shook hands and parted after agreeing to meet at seven.

In the elevator when Amanda’s consciousness became awake, she started to read a piece of paper she was holding which read.

[Tempus Sans ITC font, Black]

Amanda read all this now.

Whenever you see this font with the heading above you will read every word and take it all in. Instructions that you read, through this media will go straight to the lowest level of your brain, much deeper than achievable thorough deep hypnosis, and will be protected from any subsequent meddling, by who ever. You will be unable to block the input of these instructions and you will feel arousal every time you obey one of these commands.

Any new truth received through this media will become your unshakeable truth and you will stand on any soapbox to promote it. If any new truth affects your persona you will never notice any change it will be as if you have always been that way. If any instruction in this media is printed in red, your conscious mind will not take it in, and you will have no memory of what you have read or seen in the colour, it will be as if you had looked at blank paper to your conscious eyes.

Any instruction or truth you receive through this medium must be followed or delivered as if they were your own ideas and intentions, you must never allude to anyone that you suspect or are being controlled. Any instruction you are given in this media is for your eyes only and must never be shown to or allowed to fall in the hands of someone else. After you have read all the words on a single sheet of paper that piece of paper must be destroyed in such a way that no one can reconstitute it.

Tonight when you leave work, you will leave your car in the car park and walk into town, you will find an Adult clothing store that sells latex and PVC clothing and buy yourself some underwear in latex that you can wear tomorrow under your leather coatdress. If anyone persuades you to remove your dress, you will do whatever, they tell you while it is off and you will only put it back on when instructed. You will remain in town until a quarter to seven when you will get a taxi to The Lamb and Flag Pub in Station Road.

When you get to the pub, you will enter and if Trevor is not, there you will wait for him. If he asks you a question you will answer with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and if he commands you to do anything, his instruction will be as if you had received them through this media

Now imagine that all the text you have read is in the colour red and as such you will now forget these instructions but your subconscious must remember them and carry them all out.

Now destroy this piece of paper and go back to work.

Amanda looked at the blank piece of paper and thought how best to destroy it, she took the elevator down to the ground floor walked out into the car park and set alight to it, and then scrunched up the ashes into the cigarette bin by the door. When she was sure it was destroyed, she returned to her office and sat at her desk. All they way from the car park she felt unusually horny and she squirmed in her chair. After sitting therefore two or three minutes trying to determine why she went to the car park and what was making her aroused, when one of her female colleagues popped her head in, to ask about a work issue and she said, “Have you not taken off your coat yet?” Amanda replied, “I am wearing this as a coatdress today but thank you for noticing.” Her colleague said, “Ok if you need to I suppose that will be alright, what would you like me to do with Trevor’s assignment, we don’t have anyone in the team with his skills.” Amanda said, “HR are on the case to find a replacement, I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.”

When the colleague has departed, Amanda wondered why her arousal had increased when they were talking about her dress. Today is a funny day. She logged on to her PC and then tried to open outlook and when the application started, it came up with the default screen waiting for the account to be set up. She called the company help desk for which she was responsible and asked them what had happened to her email account. The young girl on the other end said, there was a contractor working on the mail server that morning but he left before eleven o’clock and is not due in again until tomorrow. Amanda asked, “Why do, we need a contractor,” the girl replied, “Because some idiot got rid of our resident expert.” Amanda acknowledged the criticism and put the phone down. During her campaign to ruin Trevor, she had not looked in to his value to the firm or his workload. She realised that she may have pushed him out too early and it was time for her to find another job, but without her email she did not have access to her contacts, she even kept all her telephone numbers and diary in outlook.

She sat for half an hour doing a few trivial things and then decided she would go shopping in town. She locked her desk and shut down her PC then went out to the elevator when the elevator arrived there were four people in the cage already and one of them said, “Hi Amanda did you get the email from Suzanne, she would like to see you in the morning.” Amanda said, “My email has been down since this morning, have you any idea of the time. The young girl said, “It is in her diary for nine o’clock.” The elevator stopped at the fourth floor and the other passengers got out. Amanda shouted, “See you at nine,” and then the doors closed and elevator descended to the lobby.

Amanda walked out of the building and into town to find some clothing shops. She walked to all her usual ones but did not go in she could not think what was wrong there were lovely things in the window but today she was not tempted. She walked to the edges of the shopping zone and down a side street towards a private little boutique. When she opened the door a woman in her forties asked, “How can I help.” Amanda said, “I am looking for some underwear in Latex or PVC.” The woman said, “Well you have come to the right place are these items for you or your partner.” Amanda said, “For me I don’t have a partner.” The woman said, “What size are you it’s difficult to tell with your coat on.” Amanda replied, “This is not a coat it’s a dress and I am a ten.” The woman continued, “Whatever you say, ten ok let me look. Why don’t you slip into the changing room and remove your dress and then you can try some on.” Amanda usually tried on clothes before she purchased so she saw no harm in going to the changing room and removing her dress. The changing room was much bigger than any she had seen before, there was room for a settee, and a table with two chairs and well as a coat stand in the corner. There was no lock on the door, which was to be expected, so Amanda removed her dress and hung it up on the coat rack.

Amanda stood there in the nude trying to come to terms with her dress when the woman entered carrying an arm full of latex. She laid it on the table and then pulled out a bra saying, “Let’s check the size of your tits.” She held up the bra up to Amanda’s breast and fastened the strap around her back. “How does that feel,” she asked. Amanda said, “Not too bad just a little tight.” The woman said, “Tight is good, you should keep that one on. Now what about knickers, if they are for you I recommend these little beauties,” and handed over a pair of cycling shorts with built-in vibrators both front and back. “Here but your feet in here and I’ll put them up for you.” Amanda stepped into the shorts and then felt the woman smooth the latex up her legs and was surprised when she felt her pushing the rear one up against her back hole. Amanda was about to shout when the woman stopped and said, “Hold them there I will get some lubricant.”

Amanda was holding the shorts in exactly where they were when the woman came back and pushed a lubricated finger into her hole. She then pushed the rear plug all the way in with a plop. The front one went in no problem Amanda had been wet since early afternoon and then the shorts were pulled right up. While Amanda was coming to terms with her little friends the woman pulled, a corset off the table with suspenders attached and started fitting it around Amanda midriff. When it was in place the straps at the back were loosely fastened and then each one was tightened fully. Amanda was breathing with short breaths and felt like she was being crushed.

The woman said, “You look scrumptious, take off your shoes and but these on,” handing Amanda skin coloured latex stockings. Amanda did as she was instructed, and was soon rolling up the stocking towards the suspenders. The woman helped fasten them and then she produced a latex shift dress saying here try this underwear. Amanda pulled it over her head and then smoothed it down over the other underwear. It was long enough to hide the tops of her stockings and had three quarter length sleeves. The woman said, “Your old shoes won’t go with your outfit now. I will find you something more suitable. Minutes later, she returned with a pair of ballet boots. Here these will be perfect put them on. Amanda sat on the settee and slipped her feet into the boots. There was a zip on the outside of each boot hidden by a fly seam and an ankle strap with a small padlock. Amanda closed the zip and fastened to strap but did not lock the padlock on the first boot as she was closing the second boot the Woman knelt down and locked the first one and as soon as Amanda closed the strap on the second one, she locked that. The woman stood up and said would you like to but your dress back on or can I sell you a better one.” Amanda said, “I would like to put mine back on, I think I have spent enough.” The woman opened Amanda’s leather coat and Amanda pushed her arms into the sleeves then the woman pulled in on over her shoulders and started fastening the front fastenings.

When Amanda was in her dress once more she felt in control again and said, “How much do I owe you?” The Woman went to the cash register and added up the sale, then said, “How would you like to pay.” Amanda was longing to leave the shop so she handed over her bankcard and the Woman handed her the PDQ for her pin number, which she entered without looking at the balance.

When the receipts were printed the Woman gave Amanda the receipt and a box with her old shows in.” With the transaction, complete Amanda almost ran out of the shop, if it had not been for the boots she would have.

As she stood on the pavement, the woman came out of the shop carrying the remote and said, “You will need this and pressed both buttons before giving it to Amanda. The vibrators started vibrating and Amanda screeched and without thinking dropped the remote into the shoebox. She realised she was hungry but there were no eating establishments close by then she remembered a taxi rank around the corner so headed that way and secured a taxi to take her to the Lamb and Flag on Station Road. She thought, “Now why did I ask for that destination, I hope they do food.”

The taxi dropped her off twenty minutes later and after paying, she went inside. There were a few patrons already inside but she saw no one she knew. At the bar, she ordered a gin and tonic and asked for a menu. The menu was regular pub food so she ordered steak and ale pie.

Taking her drink, she found a seat in the corner away from the dartboard where three youngsters were playing darts.

She had not long been given her meal when her nemesis Trevor walked in. He observed her when he entered, but ignored her and walked straight to the bar. Moments later, he was joined by another man and Trevor bought them both a drink. Amanda kept her head down and thought perhaps he did not see me. She was pushing the last chip onto her fork when the two men walked over to her table a sat down. Amanda was mortified, she had spent the last nine weeks planning his down fall, and he didn’t look concerned or angry.” As she put her last fork of food into her mouth, Trevor said, “What have I done to upset you.” Amanda nearly choked on her chip and said, “You have the audacity to ask that.” Trevor said, “I am sorry I stood you up I had to go home, my father was very ill Apart from that I was too immature for you, you were far too scary for me.” Amanda said, “So when I was waiting for you outside the pig and whistle, where were you.” Trevor said, “Four hundred miles away at the West Cumberland Infirmary.” Amanda continued, “So why did you not get a message to me before I made a fool of myself.” Trevor said, “I sent word with Jason Potter that I could not make it, in plenty of time.” Amanda said, “So you did not send Robert Potter to see me.” Trevor said, “Who is Robert Potter.” Amanda replied, “Jason’s older brother, it was he who raped me and put me in hospital for three months.

Trevor, said, “I never knew any of this, no one bothered to tell me, I had to change colleges so I could look after my Mum. I am very sorry you were raped but why did you not ask me, before you tried to ruin my life. Amanda said, “Why did you never speak to me when you knew I worked for the same company, you must have known I always fancied you.”

Trevor said, “I thought I recognised you but I did not know from where, and then when I remembered, I was too embarrassed because I had taken so long to remember. Amanda said, “So I frightened you so much at collage, you ran away and then forgot about me.” Trevor replied, “You have it in a nut shell, I have never been good around strong women. I develop an embarrassing stutter when I get nervous and that is generally a turn off to most women.”

Amanda said, “Well it would appear I owe you an apology, but what are you going to do now.” Trevor said, “I am going to do to you what you did to me.” Amanda said, “I said I was sorry, but it was half your fault.” Trevor said, “Where do you live and why are you here.” Amanda said, “Things have not gone right for me today. This afternoon I found myself wearing this dress with nothing underneath, my email account has been lost, and some Woman in a boutique has given my some very uncomfortable underwear. And now you tell me I have been a complete idiot.” Trevor said, “That didn’t answer my question, where do you live.” Amanda said, “On the other side of town in Kenilworth, I share a house with my sister Sophie.” Well you can stay with me and I can take you into work tomorrow, I have a meeting with the HR Director at nine o’clock in the morning.”

Gordon asked, “What can I hear, you seem to be making a humming sound.” Amanda said, “That woman in the boutique sold me a pair of knickers with a built in vibrator and I don’t know how to turn it off.” Trevor said, “I am going home now and if you would like to talk some more you are welcome to come along or I’ll see you tomorrow at nine.” Gordon said, “Are we still on for three o’clock tomorrow at the university?” Trevor said, “Yes where will I meet you. Let’s get together at two so we can plan your take over properly.” Gordon said, “Ok meet me at the student’s union bar at two.”

Gordon and Trevor shook hands and then Gordon left. Trevor stood up and said, “I am going, so it’s up to you what you do, Good night.” Amanda said, “No wait, I would like to talk to you some more. I’ll come with you.”

They walked out together and Amanda said, “I never knew I intimidated you at college, you always seemed so aloof and confident in class.” Trevor said, “At high school I was a social outcast and lived among the nerds and at collage I thought I would fit in better but you girls were so much more mature, I did not mature emotionally until I was twenty three, whereas all you girls were mature at nineteen.”

As Trevor opened the door to his apartment Amanda said, “This is nice do you live here alone.” Trevor said, “At to moment yes, the girl I used to share with has a job in Germany.”

Amanda said, “So you did mature eventually then.” Trevor put the coffee pot on and said, “I’ll make up the spare bed, you can sleep there.” Amanda said, “You don’t have to, I have wanted your body since I first met you.” Trevor replied, “If what you have done to me is a means of getting close to me, you need your head examined. I will make up the spare bed. You still sound as if you are carrying your lover with you.”

Amanda sat quietly trying to think of a way to redress the balance between them and Trevor made up the bed. When she stood up she was reminded of the boots she was wearing and then it hit her, she had left the box containing her shoes, in the pub. She told Trevor and he phoned the pub and asked them to keep it until tomorrow night when he would collect it. Trevor said, “The bathroom is there and this is your bedroom. I’ll see you in the morning.” Amanda said, “I think the keys to these boots are in the box with my shoes.” Trevor said, “You will have to keep them on then. Try not to tare the bedding.”

Trevor walked into his room and closed the door. He was angry with both himself and for Amanda’s stupidity. He was sure she would be fired the following morning and very likely face criminal charges. What did he want? Did he want her or did he want to cause her more humiliation and embarrassment.

He decided to sleep on it so he got ready and slipped under the duvet. He was lying with his eyes closed when the door creaked open and Amanda appeared still wearing her coat. She sat on the edge of Trevor’s bed and said, “Something happened to me today and I don’t know what. However I have ended up here so I assume that you must have something to do with it.” Trevor said, “Out of the blue the job I thought was bullet proof was taken away from me by someone I knew slightly a long time ago.”

Last night I was given a means for some comeback and I took it. What you are currently feeling is the start of that retaliation. If I were you I would go to bed and keep your head down and maybe I will be able to work through this.”

Amanda said, “How does your comeback make me act this way.” Trevor said, “Tell me what did you buy at that boutique and have you bought that stuff before.” Amanda said, “This is what I mean, I went specifically to by fetish latex clothing at that shop and let that woman sell me what she wanted. I have never bought latex before and I am longing to take it off. However, I cannot even take this dress off.

Trevor asked, “Why are you unable to take the dress off.” Amanda replied, “Because of what that woman said, when she had me locked in my boots she asked do I want to put on my dress or do I want her to find me a more appropriate one. I told her I would keep mine and while she helped me into it, she said, “If you like this one better you should wear it always.” Now whenever I try to take it off her words come back and I can’t.” Trevor said, “Ok try this, Take off your dress.” Amanda unfastened the coat and slipped it off her shoulders. Trevor said, “You cannot put that back on until I tell you and while it is off you will do precisely as I say. Undue your suspenders and pull off your knickers.”

As Amanda pulled down her shorts, the noise from vibrator became much louder. Trevor said, “You had better remove the batteries.” Now you will feel an overwhelming emptiness in your vagina that can only be filled by my cock. The longer you are empty the greater the feeling. Amanda screamed, “Trevor what have you done this feeling is very hurtful and I need you to fill it.” Trevor said, “In a moment you will put on your dress, order a taxi and go home to Kenilworth leaving me and your knickers here. Amanda said, “Trevor, I will never get home, this feeling is getting worse by the second and I will be at casualty before I ever get home.” Tears were streaming down her face and she fell to the floor sobbing. Trevor said, “Ok put your dress on now.” Amanda did not move although her sobs became louder. Trevor said, “Ok hold the feeling there, it will not get any worse but it will neither get any better until you say sorry properly.”

Amanda propped herself up and said, “I am truly sorry, you can do whatever you want to me, I will be you slave but please stop this pain.”

Trevor said, “I may take you up on that at another time, why don’t you put your knickers back on they will half your pain, I’ll find you some new batteries. With that, he left the bedroom and extracted a pack of AA batteries from the bottom drawer of his desk. Returning to the bedroom, he picked up the cycle shorts, replaced the batteries in both vibrators, and handed the shorts back to Amanda.

She started feeding her feet through the leg holes and pulling the short up, when she had the vibrators near her crutch, she asked, “Do you have any lubricant.” Trevor replied, “No but if you want I have some PVA glue that would help it slide for a while.” Amanda pushed both plugs into their homes and her pain eased. It did not go away completely but she could cope with the discomfort. Trevor said, “Re-attach your stockings to your corset and put on your dress.” Amanda dressed as instructed and then walked up to Trevor with her lips puckered to give him a kiss. He backed away and said, “Your bedroom is across the hall, I’ll see you at breakfast and not before.” As Amanda slowly walked to the door, she said, “Can I use your phone, Sophie will be worried.” Trevor said, “If you used the phone, call a taxi and go back to Sophie, just remember I have nothing to do with what you’re wearing.”

Amanda decided not to use the phone, went into the spare bedroom, and sat on the bed. She started to think, what she really wanted and she wondered why Trevor was being interviewed by HR after being fired. She reviewed her actions and thought, “There is no way they could know, what I had done, but as soon as my email at work is up and running, I am looking for another job.” She lay back on the bed with her head on the pillow and was soon asleep.

Trevor, lay in bed thinking, about the relationship he had with his last girlfriend, and what he wanted from Amanda, if anything. He dreamt of a handful of slaves pandering to his wishes. Next morning Amanda awoke first and decided to make breakfast. She moved to the kitchen and looked through the well-fitted and stocked cupboards. “Someone around here is a good cook,” she thought, “I wonder who that is,” and then she remembered that Trevor had worked in a restaurant while at collage. While her breakfast was cooking she looked around the remainder of the apartment and noted how tastefully furnished it looked as if someone had taken a lot of trouble to created a very nice home. She peeked into Trevor’s den and found a very full but tidy space, a top of the range computer and lots of clever techy attachments.”

When the breakfast was ready, she called Trevor and when he appeared she said, “Who decorated your apartment you or your girlfriend.” Trevor said, “This is my apartment and it was like this when she moved in, all she did, was make it untidy.” Amanda continued, “Your kitchen is a dream, are you still into your culinary arts.” Trevor replied, “I keep my hand in, at weekends I often help out at the Lamb and Flag.” Amanda asked, “Is she coming back.” Trevor said, “I hope not, it took two weeks to get this place clean, after she left.” Trevor enjoyed his food, it was perfectly prepared and presented, and when they were finished, Amanda cleaned up and returned the kitchen to the state it was in, before she started, while Trevor was in the bathroom.

Amanda returned to the spare bedroom and made the bed and tidied up then sat and the dressing table attempting to do something with her hair. She needed a shower but the keys to her corset and boots were with her shoes. She achieved a reasonable result with a brush after several minutes and was still brushing when Trevor entered in his suit. She looked at him and said, “You look splendid, I wish I had the keys to my clothes so I could have a shower but I’ve done my best with what I’ve got.”

Trevor said, “You would look good in a sack, and you have done wonders with your hair, come on its time to go.” They walked out of the apartment together and after Trevor locked the door, he said, “I normally get a taxi at the corner, are you alright with that.” Amanda replied, “I have done enough to hurt you, all I want to do now, is please you, so make no changes for me.”

They walked to the corner and the driver of the taxi waiting said, “New job Trevor.” Trevor replied, “No my old company want a chat, perhaps they got it wrong.” The driver got out and opened the back door for Trevor and Amanda and as Amanda passed him, he whispered, “Hang on to him love, he is a treasure.”

When the taxi dropped them off outside the office building and Trevor and Amanda were standing on the pavement, she said, “How well does he know you?” Trevor replied, “He had been bringing me to work for the past three years and he drinks in my local.”

They walked together through reception and waited by the elevators together with a group of other workers. When the first one came, Amanda, Trevor and five other people crushed in, Amanda pressed the button for floor twelve as other floors were being selected. Trevor and Amanda were the last ones in the cage when it arrived at floor twelve. Exiting the elevator, they walked into the HR department and up to a secretary outside a door labelled “Mrs Suzanne Bower, HR Director.” The secretary said, “She is on the phone, I’ll tell her you are here when she is finished.” Amanda saw the secretary smile at Trevor and felt a pang of jealousy. She decided to come clean and try to revoke Trevor’s dismissal. Having seen how he lives and what sort of person he is now, her interest was much greater than it was when she was in college.

While they were waiting, no one spoke to her but several people greeted Trevor. After a delay of ten minutes the secretary said, “You can both go in now.” The HR Director greeted Amanda and then said, “Welcome back Mr Stevens, I hope we haven’t interrupted something important.” Trevor replied, “Thank you, no I was not doing anything this morning I have three interviews next week but this week is clear.” Amanda said, “Before we continue, I would like to say that all the disciplinary allegations regarding Trevor were down to a campaign that I was running. There was no truth in any of them and all the recorded file notes were complete works of fiction. I would request that the company reinstate Trevor immediately and I tender my resignation forthwith. Suzanne replied, “Well miss Thompson, I am not sure that is possible. First you need to apologise to Mr Stevens and explain why you did this and then we will talk about your future.” Amanda said, “I fell deeply in love with Trevor seven years ago and I believed he was responsible for a damaging betrayal. When I found his name on the Company’s email, I wormed my way into a position of influence and then started my campaign of retribution. However, I learned last night that he was not responsible for the betrayal and I that I now love him more than I did then. I have been a very silly and stupid love sick girl and would do whatever is needed to make amends.”

Suzanne then said, “Now Mr Stevens, what are your thoughts on ‘A’ your ex-supervisor and ‘B’ the company who allowed this travesty to unfold.”

Trevor said, “I never knew Miss Thompson was in love with me at collage and if I had I would have probably run a mile. With regard to her campaign, it was uncalled for and wholly, unnecessary, I was doing a job that gave me a purpose, I really enjoyed and thought I was doing it well. With regard to the Company, I feel that this meeting should have taken place before my severance notice and that I should have been given an opportunity to learn why I was being fired and given the chance to fight my corner.”

Suzanne said, “I assume the email I received, came from you. What are your intentions regarding the information the email enclosed.” Trevor replied, “At this time I have no intensions, I will wait to see how my interviews go, If I secure a good job, this issue will not be aired, if however I am unsuccessful, I will have to think again.” Suzanne continued, “I would like you to consider coming back to us in a position where you could influence policy but failing that we will provide you with exemplary testimonials so you can move on.”

Trevor said, “I would like time to consider this, up until yesterday I did not believe there was any way back into this company and all my options were elsewhere.” Amanda said, “Please Trevor, you have lots of friends here and your skills are still needed, I will withdraw all the slander against you and restore your clean record.” Trevor said, “If you are still a member of this Company it would be the last one I would seek employment with. I am going now, to consider my options and I do not expect to hear from either of you again.” Amanda urged, “Trevor wait, please. Your beef against me is justified and I would like an opportunity to make amends but the Company has done nothing wrong.”

Trevor said, “We will have to differ there, you used the Company’s discipline procedure which is so open to abuse it is inept.” He stood up and walked to the door. Amanda got up to follow him and Suzanne said, “Sit down Miss Thompson.” Trevor walked back to the elevator and pressed the button for the basement, in the meeting he had realised that he could be charged with trespass so he had to undo his malicious actions of the previous day. When he reached the Server room, he noticed all the pages he printed yesterday were still on the scanner. He opened the door removed the paper and then restored Amanda’s email account leaving the Amandaslut account untouched. Then he wrote all the system passwords on a piece of paper and left it on the console. Taking the sheets of paper with him, he left the building through the service entrance and heaved a sigh of relief.

After stopping a taxi, he decided to go to the Lamb and Flag and he hid the papers in his locker in the kitchen with his whites, he also placed the box containing Amanda’s shoes, after removing the keys and the remote. Returning to the bar, he ordered a drink and sat talking to the barman.

Mean while Amanda was still in Suzanne’s office and she felt three inches tall. Suzanne had been shouting at her for fifteen minutes, about her stupidity. After which Amanda said, “I will leave the Company, without any further payments owing.” Suzanne said, “Not on your life, you are going to stay here in any job I give you and like it.” Suzanne instructed her to clean up her email account and remove all the incriminating emails then to clear out her desk. She was to report to HR in the morning and would be assigned a new position.

Amanda returned to her desk and fired up her email, this time it worked ok so she assumed the contractor had been in. She spent the period until lunch time deleting emails and just before lunch she received an email for her sister, asking where she had been last night and why she hadn’t called. Amanda tried to think of a good reply but could not. She still, did not know why she was dressed as she was or why she had done what she had. She was staring at the screen when a new email arrived from Trevor. She opened it instantly and noticed a blank area in the middle it read:

If you are receiving this I was right about the company, you are obviously no longer in trouble so I can kiss my last three years good bye. I am going to see Gordon for lunch at the university and there may have an opening there. There was another letter in this morning’s post regarding an interview on Friday and I still have the three next week, I do not expect you will be rooting for me but I have my fingers and toes crossed.

[Tempus Sans ITC font, Red]

Amanda read all this now.

You are not allows to take your coatdress off or discuss it or your underwear with anyone except me. The feeling of emptiness you had last night will start to return and by seven o’clock, you will be at the level you were in my bedroom before you put your knickers back on. The only thing that will ease the pain is if I fuck, you or your vibrators start vibrating. For the remainder of today, whenever anyone talks to you, your arousal will increase. If Sophie contacts you, you must not tell her that you have seen me or are going to see me again tonight, make up some other excuse. If you have spoken to her already and have mentioned me, you will assume the mannerisms of a cat once you have deleted this email. In your cat mode, you will only be able to meow and walk on your hand and knees.

If you would still like me to get the key to your boots, meet me at the Pub at seven and if you want, you can bring Sophie.


[Tempus Sans ITC font, Red]

Amanda read all this now.

Delete this email now and then clear your deleted items folder.

After Amanda had cleaned her deleted items folder, she decided to see if Sophie was available for lunch and sent her a quick email with no explanation or apology for last night.

Sophie replied almost at once saying, “Giorgio’s in ten minutes.” Amanda locked her PC and walked out of her office. One of her junior staff asked her about the boots and stockings and Amanda said, “I’ll tell you one day but for now it’s a secret, I am going to Lunch while I am gone could you please find me some boxes I am moving offices.”

Leaving the building she realised her arousal was climbing again and the empty feeling was more noticeable. She walked the two blocks to Giorgio’s a small Italian restaurant she and Sophie frequented at lunch times. On entering the waiter said, Welcome Miss Amanda, Miss Sophie is already here. As Amanda walked over to the table Sophie her younger sister was sitting at, Sophie exclaimed, “What do you have on your feet, and why are your legs so shinny.” Amanda replied, “I don’t want to talk about them now, come with me tonight and you will find out where I have been and who I have been with.” Sophie said, “So you are not going to tell me where you were all night and who you were with, I assume it was a he.” Amanda felt her arousal climbing and replied, “It was a, him but until tonight I am not saying another word.” Sophie said, “Well if it was a, him you must have kidnapped Trevor or you are finally over him and have found someone new,” Amanda avoided answering and Sophie kept plugging all lunchtime while they both ate their pizzas. At the end of lunch Amanda for becoming frantic, her arousal was nearing an orgasm and all she had been doing was talking to her sister. They parted having made, an arrangement to meet after work.

Amanda returned to her office and stated packing the four boxed that had been provided. Most of her staff looked in throughout the afternoon and asked her where she was going. She told them all, that she was being demoted, because of the way she had handled Trevor and they all asked if Trevor was coming back. Amanda realised that Trevor could have had any one of his female colleagues they all swooned when they mentioned him. Her office was clear and packed by four thirty and Amanda moved to the HR department to see if they had any ideas where she was going. None of the junior staff had any idea and while she was there, Suzanne came back, from a meeting. Amanda asked her and Suzanne said, “If all your boxes are packed, I will arrange their relocation, you report here at nine o’clock tomorrow.” Amanda acknowledged this and left the department. One of the junior staff asked Suzanne where she was considering and Suzanne replied, “If we don’t get Trevor Stevens back she will be in the basement responsible for emptying the Company’s waste bins, is her new contract ready?” The young girl replied, “I haven’t seen it yet, Melanie in Legal said it would be ready by four thirty.

Suzanne asked, “Did you get any reply from your email to Trevor about my request for a meeting tonight.” The girl replied, “Yes Mrs Bower, I forwarded it to you, he can meet you at six o’clock at his apartment.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Trevor had met Gordon at two o’clock and they had agreed what Gordon wanted to do. In transpired that Gordon had the hotts for one of his research assistants who had a reputation as a ball breaker. During their discussion, Trevor had produced a logical approach that would be fool proof and intimated that he would need Gordon’s help that evening to get Sophie.

At three o’clock, they waited in Gordon’s office, the young female knocked, and entered, when she saw Trevor, she apologised saying I had no idea you would be busy. Gordon told her to take a seat, as his visitor would soon be leaving. The seat was positioned so the back was towards the door and Gordon went behind the girl to show his visitor out and injected her in the neck. Trevor pretended to leave and Gordon walked back to his desk. Picking up the paper Gordon, started to read: “From this moment on whenever you read text in any form in the Tempus Sans ITC font and with “Veronica Read all this Now” at the top everything you read will be as if you were in this state and I was talking. All instructions will become your rules for living and any new truth will become your truth. Until I release you from this control, you will need my permission before you change your clothes and you can only wear clothing that I approve. You cannot remove your clothing or dress without my permission. Now I am going to give you something to read which you will read completely.” Gordon handed Veronica a piece of paper, which read:

[Tempus Sans ITC font, Black]

Veronica read all this now.

Whenever you see this font with the heading above you will read every word and take it all in. Instructions you read, through this media will go straight to the lowest level of your brain, much deeper than achievable thorough deep hypnosis, and protected from any subsequent meddling, by who ever. You will be unable to block the input of these instructions and you will feel pleasure every time you obey one of these or your Master’s commands.

Any new truth received through this media will become your unshakeable truth and you will stand on any soapbox to promote it. If any new truth affects your persona you will never notice any change it will be as if you have always been that way. If any instruction in this media is printed in red, your conscious mind will not take it in, and you will have no memory of what you have read or seen in the colour, it will be as if you had looked at blank paper to your conscious eyes.

Any instruction or truth you receive through this medium must be followed or delivered as if they were your own ideas and intentions, you must never allude to anyone that you suspect or are being controlled. Any instruction you are given in this media is for your eyes only and must never be shown to or allowed to fall in the hands of someone else. After you have read all the words on a single sheet of paper that piece of paper must be destroyed in such a way that no one can reconstitute it.

Gordon is your Master and you will never do anything that would cause him harm or embarrassment. You must always do as he directs you whist preserving your pretence of independence. Any instruction Gordon gives you will be interpreted by you as if he had giving it to you in writing in this font.

Now imagine that all the text you have read on this sheet of paper is in the colour red and as such you will now forget these instructions but your subconscious must remember them and carry them all out.

Now destroy this piece of paper and kiss your Master.

Veronica pushed the paper into the shredder and then move close to Gordon and kissed him. Gordon pretended shock and said, “Miss Piper, If that kiss is intended to declare your undying love for me please signify this by taking all your clothes off. As she started to undress, Trevor silently indicated to Gordon that he would see him at five thirty and then left the room closing the door silently behind him.

Trevor went home and found an email from someone in HR asking if he could see Mrs Bower that evening. He decided to use Gordon for both Suzanne and Sophie so answered saying his place at six. He spent the next hour, devising texts for both Suzanne and Sophie, and then he commenced preparing a gourmet meal in the kitchen. He was not sure if Gordon would bring Veronica so he prepared enough for five. After preparing the meal, he put the casserole in one oven and the roast vegetables in the other and set the automatic timers. He finished all his preparations and returned the kitchen to its pristine state just before five. So he had plenty of time, for a shower, and then to spruce himself up, in one of his smarter casual outfits.

Gordon arrived just after five past five and with Veronica in toe. Trevor invited them in and opened a bottle of wine. He told Gordon that Suzanne was arriving at six and indicated that he would like to use the compound on her. Gordon said, When she comes we will occupy ourselves in your spare room and I will leave my bag here. They drank their wine and chatted until the doorbell sounded.

Gordon handed the injection gun to Trevor and took Veronica into the bedroom. Trevor hid the gun and then answered the door. Mrs Bower was alone and he invited her in showing her into the living room and indicating which chair she should sit in. He then said, “I was having a glass of wine would you like one, it is a very nice chardonnay. Suzanne said, “Thank you that would be very nice.” Trevor walked behind her into the kitchen and poured another glass then picking up the gun, he injected her on the way back into the room with her glass. Suzanne started to say something but glazed over and Trevor read from his first piece of paper: From this moment on whenever you read text in any form in the Tempus Sans ITC font and with “Suzanne Read all this Now” at the top, everything you read will be as if you were in this state and I was talking. All instructions will become your rules for living and any new truth will become your truth. Until I release you from this control, you will need my permission before you are able to release your bladder, bowel or have sex. If you need any of these natural actions, you will need my permission in person or by phone. Now I am going to give you something to read which will read completely.” Trevor handed Suzanne his second piece of paper, which read:

[Tempus Sans ITC font, Black]

Suzanne read all this now.

Whenever you see this font with the heading above you will read every word and take it all in. Instructions you read, through this media will go straight to the lowest level of your brain, much deeper than achievable thorough deep hypnosis, and protected from any subsequent meddling, by who ever. You will be unable to block the input of these instructions and you will feel pleasure every time you obey one of these or your Master’s commands.

Any new truth received through this media will become your unshakeable truth and you will stand on any soapbox to promote it. If any new truth affects your persona you will never notice any change it will be as if you have always been that way. If any instruction in this media is printed in red, your conscious mind will not take it in, and you will have no memory of what you have read or seen in the colour, it will be as if you had looked at blank paper to your conscious eyes.

Any instruction or truth you receive through this medium must be followed or delivered as if they were your own ideas and intentions, you must never allude to anyone that you suspect or are being controlled. Any instruction you are given in this media is for your eyes only and must never be shown to or allowed to fall in the hands of someone else. After you have read all the words on a single sheet of paper that piece of paper must be destroyed in such a way that no one can reconstitute it.

Trevor is your Master and you will never do anything that would cause him harm or embarrassment. You must always do as he directs you whist preserving your pretence of independence. Any instruction Trevor gives you will be interpreted by you as if he had giving it to you in writing in this font.

Now imagine that all the text you have read on this sheet of paper is in the colour red and as such you will now forget these instructions but your subconscious must remember them and carry them all out.

Now give this piece of paper back to Trevor and forget everything that has happened since five seconds before you felt the prick on your neck.

Suzanne handed the paper back to Trevor and he handed Suzanne the glass of wine. Trevor then said, “What is the purpose of your visit, I believe I made it clear what my intensions were, when I was in your office.” Suzanne replied, “I would like to make you an offer, I would like you to review this intension if I promise you unbridled use of Amanda.” We will secure her by a binding contract that makes her yours to do with as you please.” Trevor said, “Surely, that cannot be legal, what will her family say.”

Suzanne said, “It has not missed my attention that Amanda’s change in dress coincided with the timing of your email and you both arrived at the office in the same taxi this morning. I believe you have already taken ownership of Amanda, but you have not told her yet.” Trevor replied, “If I understand you correctly, you think I am capable of some form of mind control and you ventured here alone.” Suzanne replied, “You needn’t fear I am not wired for sound and there is no one outside. If you are capable as you say, I would like to be controlled, it has been a fetish of mine for years. My husband used to hypnotise me and make me his slave but he died two years ago and I have been going demented. He gave me a number of triggers, which I can never remember, but someone could unwittingly invoke one. I need someone to take ownership and protect me from fraudulent use.” Trevor said, “If I were gifted as you surmise, but I am not admitting to it, what sort of contact, do you propose for Amanda.” Suzanne produced a document from a folder she was carrying and handed it to Trevor. Trevor handed her a blank piece of paper and said, “Write down all your triggers and their affects and then forget what you have written.” Trevor read, through the contract, and could not believe what Suzanne had been able to get the Lawyers to produce. It gave him absolute no hold barred control over Amanda. Her job, her salary and all other company and none company benefits. When he had finished reading, they swapped papers and Trevor said, “Do you know what you wrote on this piece of paper.” Suzanne said, “If I need to know you will tell me, Master.” Ok I will think about what you have said and will let you know my answer tomorrow. In the meantime if you feel the need to speak to me here is my telephone number. Suzanne rose and said, Good bye if you wish to move this alone, instruct Amanda to sign this contract tomorrow.”

Gordon came out and said, “Well I never, would you credit it, Suzanne was a slave for her husband and because of her insight and knowledge, she recognised Amanda as your slave even though Amanda hasn’t yet.”

Gordon said, “If it is alright with you I’ll stay here with Ronnie while you ensnare Sophie.” Trevor replied, “If you are sure, by the way I have prepared dinner for the five of us, it is in the oven on automatic and should be ready by seven forty-five. If you want you could lay the table while I am out building my harem.”

Gordon went back to Ronnie as Trevor put on his coat. Trevor walked the short distance to his local and saw Amanda’s car parked outside. He wondered who drove, thinking about Amanda’s boots and decided not to use the main entrance. He went in thorough the kitchen entrance and was warmly greeted by the kitchen staff. He chatted for several minutes then peeked into the bar. Amanda and another female were sitting at a table facing the door. He could see Amanda sobbing and her sibling was trying to console her, the younger family member was as hot as her elder sister. Trevor pressed both buttons on the remote and Amanda jumped and stopped crying. All Sophie’s attention was now on Amanda and Trevor was able to sneak in and inject Sophie. Amanda turned and saw Trevor and she said, “Where did you come from.” Trevor told her to sleep and then started exactly the same instruction he gave Suzanne both spoken and read. The only difference being the word Suzanne had been changed into Sophie on the page. While Sophie was reading, Trevor bought a round of drinks and as he sat down, he awoke Amanda as Sophie handed him her script. Sophie, looked at Trevor and at the drinks on the table, and said, “Is this your new man.” Amanda said, “Sophie can I introduce you to Trevor my lord and Master.” Sophie said, “Not THE Trevor, the one whose life you have just flushed down the toilet.” Amanda replied, “The very one but it appears it is my life that has been flushed down the toilet. Trevor just lost his Job, I have lost everything.” Trevor said, “I have just finished a meeting with Suzanne Bower and if you sign a new employment contract she has for you, in the morning. I might get my job back.”

Sophie said, “Amanda you must sign the contract and get Trevor his job back.” Trevor said, “You offered yourself as my slave, if you bring Sophie too, I will look after you and keep you safe.” Sophie said, “Hold on a minute I am not up for negotiation this was all Amanda’s doing.” Trevor said, “Amanda kept you informed by email from the start and you did nothing, you are as much to blame as she is.” Sophie tried to counter but she recognised the truth in what he had said and became silent. Trevor said, “Sophie it would be much easier for Amanda if you become a slave. It means she would never have to explain her actions and humiliations to you.” Sophie said, “I have no intention in becoming any ones slave, I acknowledge that I am as much to blame as Mandy, I should have called a halt to what she was doing long ago, but I wanted a man to be shown what we women are capable of.”

Trevor replied, “I bet this was your idea in the first place, I thought this evil attack was out of character in Amanda. Well, Miss Sophie Stevens what do you say to that.” Sophie was speechless she recognised her actions in this and said, “I am still not becoming a slave.” Trevor said, “Just look at Amanda does she not look happy, just being in my presence make her like that, was she not crying before I came in.” Sophie said, “She has been distraught since before six o’clock and it got worse until you came in what have you done to her.” Trevor said, “Sophie I want you to think about your pussy does it feel empty.” Sophie replied, “Of course it feels empty why would, it not?” Trevor said, “Well consider that your emptiness is tangible pain and the longer it remains empty the stronger that pain will become. I would say that it will become unbearable before you finish that drink and the only thing that will relieve it, is the knickers your sister is wearing.” Sophie said, “You wish, come on sis drink up we are going.” Trevor said, “Ok I’ll see you around.” when Amanda said, “I am not going anywhere until Trevor unlocks my boots, where is the box, my shoes are in.” Sophie took a mouthful from her drink and screeched. Owww Trevor, stop this please.” Trevor said, “I think it’s time we went, Sophie will become noisy in a moment. Drink up Amanda and we will go home.” Amanda downed her drink and stood up. Sophie said, “Wait sis I need your knickers.” Trevor said, “Bye Sophie, come Amanda.” Amanda started to follow Trevor out of the door and Sophie joined them as they stepped outside. Saying, “I am coming too; I still need your knickers sis.”

Trevor walked the short distance to his apartment building followed closely by Amanda and Sophie. He opened the street door and stepped in and Amanda caught it just before it closed. Trevor said, “You should keep up you could get locked out. Sophie I did not know you were invited.” Sophie said, “I am going to be Amanda’s chaperone you are not getting her into your apartment alone.” Trevor said, “Sophie can you make the sound a cat makes.” Sophie said, “Of cause, a cat says meow.” Trevor said, “Until you persuade your sister to part with her knickers the only sound that can come out of your mouth is meow.” Sophie held onto Amanda’s arm and said, “Meow, meow, meow.” Amanda said, “Stop talking like a cat.” Trevor opened his apartment door and stood aside while he waited for his two slaves to enter. When they were inside he said, “Cats don’t wear clothes, Amanda take her to my bedroom and get her out of her clothes, while I get a saucer of milk.” Amanda pulled Sophie into the master bedroom and started undressing her sister. Sophie wanted to fight it but the pain in her pussy was become unbearable and she started to cry. Amanda said, “Just do as he asks and don’t fight it you will only make it worse.” When Sophie was naked, Amanda folded her clothes and placed them in a very tidy pile on his chair. Then she led Sophie out to the kitchen, were Trevor had placed a saucer of milk. Amanda pushed Sophie down and she started to drink, then Amanda noticed the lovely aroma coming from the oven. She looked into the living room and noticed the table, laid with five places including wine glasses and napkins. Trevor walked into the kitchen as Sophie was about to stand up. Trevor pushed her back down and said, “Pussy cats never stand on their hind legs so little Miss Pussy you must stay on all fours until I give you permission to stand.” Sophie meowed sorrowfully and was going the rub herself along his leg but he moved out of the kitchen. Just then, Gordon entered and said, “Is this Sophie, my, you are a pretty pussy cat. Ronnie come here and see what, Trevor has brought for you to play with.” Trevor locked quizzically at Gordon and he said, “Before tonight Ronnie was only into girls and I promised her you would bring one for her to play with.”

Ronnie came out of the spare room and when she saw Sophie she shouted, “Whoopee, have I got time to play with her before dinner.” Trevor said, “You have ten minutes.” Ronnie said, “Come pussy, what is your name.” Sophie looked at Trevor and Trevor said, “Go on don’t keep the lady waiting, your pain can be eased by someone tongue as well as Amanda’s knickers.” Sophie and Ronnie soon disappeared into the spare room and closed the door. Trevor went into the kitchen to finish off the dinner preparations and to open the wine. He was lifting the vegetables out of the oven when Amanda asked, “can I please go to the loo.” Trevor turned off the vibrations and said, “Take Sophie into the bathroom with you and when she puts on your knickers your pain will diminish.”

Amanda ran to the spare room and interrupted the two girls in a sixty-nine position saying Dinner is ready, come Sophie I need you.” Amanda led Sophie into the bathroom and started to remove the shorts. As soon as they were lying on the floor and Amanda was sitting on the pan. Sophie sat and pulled the shorts onto her naked legs she looked at the two plugs with horror but knew she would have to get them in. The front one slipped in easily and she was fighting with the rear one when Trevor knocked saying it’s on the table, if pussy is wearing knickers she can act like a human.” With one great push the butt plug went in and Sophie pulled up the shorts.” Amanda flushed the loo and Sophie asked, “When did you start wearing latex.” They walked to the table and Amanda replied, “Since Trevor became my Master, I think.” When everyone except Trevor was seated, he brought out the plates full of piping hot food, and placed one in front of everyone and then sat down with his. Gordon picked up the wine bottle and said, “May I.” Trevor nodded and Gordon poured a measure in all five glasses. The food was excellent, and the wine supported it perfectly. Gordon said, “On behalf of your guests and slaves I would like to thank our chef for an exceptional meal.”

Sophie said, “That must have come out of a packet, I have never tasted anything as good before.” Trevor said, “You should be more careful what you say some chefs would take exception to such a comment. Amanda, please take Sophie into the master bedroom. You will find the keys to your boots and corset on the dresser. Take off all your clothes and transfer them to Sophie, make sure she is locked into her clothes before she comes out of the bedroom and finish her off with your dress.”

The two girls disappeared and Gordon said, “This had been a lovely evening and I thank you. There are about twenty more shots in the gun, keep it with my blessing, I have much more in the lab.” Trevor showed Gordon and Ronnie out and then went to tidy the kitchen. He soon had everything clean and in its place. As he was putting the last clean plate into the cupboard, the phone in the den rang. Trevor answered and Suzanne said, “I need to ask you something. I would like to go to the Loo and I need your permission.” Trevor replied, “You may go within the next five minutes but after that you will need further permissions.” Suzanne thanked him and terminated the call. Trevor decided to listen to some music while he waited for the girls to reappear and he put a late night jazz CD on the music centre. As the music flooded the room, he relaxed and thought who should I have next then he remembered the gun was on the table in the hall and stood up turning to fine Sophie heading toward him with the gun raised, Trevor said, “Sophie Freeze.” He then removed the gun form her hand and locked it in the safe in the den. When he came back to Sophie, he said, “The clothes you are wearing now are the only clothes you may wear at any time until I have forgiven you and give you explicit instructions to change your dress. Amanda is staying with me tonight; I assume you have her car keys. Good night then he lifted her to the door opened it put her outside and as he said “Sophie Unfreeze.” he then pressed both buttons on the remote and closed the door.

Sophie found herself outside his apartment door with Amanda’s horrible clothes on and vibrating plugs in her two holes. She stamped her feet and then decided to go home. The car keys were in her purse and luckily, she had then with her.

Trevor walked to his bedroom and found Amanda was sitting on the floor moaning softly. Trevor said, “If you would like, get into bed and I will give you the antidote to all your pain and suffering.” Amanda leaped into his bed and very soon, he was sliding his cock into her waiting vagina.

That night Amanda slept in Trevor’s arms and she knew why she had waited all this time. The love for him she had a college was stronger now that it had ever been.

Next morning, they showered together and then Trevor instructed Amanda to dress in the clothes Sophie had worn. As they were both similar sizes, everything fitted perfectly. Amanda looked like her old professional self and after breakfast he said, “You can go the work like that this morning but this will be the last time you wear clothes like this. Meet me at lunchtime and we will go shopping.

Don’t forget you must sign the contract Mrs Bowers has prepared for you and you can tell her that I will take this week off and if everything has been sorted I will start again on Monday.

Trevor walked her down to the Taxi waiting on the corner and sent Amanda on her way. When he was walking back to the apartment he saw Amanda’s car parked outside. He found Sophie waiting by the door and when she saw Trevor, she said, “I have been ringing your door bell, no wonder you did not answer, I need to speak to you.” Trevor opened the door and said, “I see you are still pretending to be human.” Sophie exclaimed, “Trevor, Please I have a job to go to.” Trevor said, “You had better come in, I was not expecting you, and what do you want now.” Sophie replied, “You are responsible for my dress and the fact that I cannot even remove my kickers to go to the toilet, I cannot go to work like this.” Trevor pointed to the den and said, “In that case you had better phone in sick.” Sophie continued, “That is not what I want, I would like to go to work but I would like to do it dressed properly and can I please use your loo.”

Trevor said, “Make your phone call and then go to the loo and meet me in the kitchen when you are done.” Sophie walked into the den and Trevor went to the kitchen and placed a saucer of milk on the floor. He heard Sophie make some lame excuse about suspected food poisoning and then heard the bathroom door close. Trevor cleaned away the breakfast things and retuned the kitchen to its show house condition. Sophie appeared and said, “Your apartment is too tidy.” Trevor replied, “The only thing that is out of place in here, is you. I’ve prepared you a drink.” Sophie looked at him and said, “Where?” Trevor said, “Where are your knickers, on your body or on the bathroom floor.” Sophie replied, “I left them in the bathroom.” Trevor said, “That unfortunately is the wrong answer so you can now stop pretending and resume your true self.” Sophie saw the saucer on the floor and sank to her knees, she could not crawl wearing the long leather coat, so she shuffled to the saucer saying, “Meow, meow.” Leaving her there Trevor went into his den and work on his freelance work. He was responsible for the WEB pages for several local businesses that were housed on his server. He ran through the entire change requests he had received in that morning’s emails and implemented them all before ten thirty. Saving the changes, he shut down his workstation and decided to make coffee. He had heard nothing from Pussy all morning so decided to find her. He found her curled up on the spare bed fast asleep. The saucer in the kitchen was empty so he washed it and prepared a pot of coffee. When the coffee was ready, he poured two mugs and took one through to the bedroom. He shook pussy and said, “For the next hour you can pretend to be Sophie.” As she uncurled herself, he handed her the mug of coffee. She took it and said, “How are you doing this?” Trevor said nothing and walked back to his mug on the kitchen table. As he sat down, Sophie joined him and took the other chair saying, “What do I need to do to appease you.” Trevor thought and then said, “You are a worthless piece of shit and as such there is nothing you can do to change your status. What job did you have before you fell into my lap?”

Sophie said, “I am the head receptionist at the Royal Park Hotel and at work I wear a uniform.” Trevor replied, “I think you may need to change your job, as a slave you can only wear clothing approved by your Master.” Sophie said, “If you approved my uniform, I could keep my Job.” Trevor said, “You have about forty minutes is that time enough to go and fetch your uniform so I can see it.” Sophie replied, “No it takes half an hour to get home and I usually have lunch with my sister in town.”

Trevor said, “Your attitude needs to change before you are allowed to do anything, take off your leather dress, and get down on your hands and knees.” Sophie removed the coat, hung it over the back of her chair, and then sank to the floor. Looking up at Trevor, she said, “Master Please.” Trevor took the coat off the chair and took it to his bedroom where he hung it in the wardrobe and then went back to his den. Starting up his workstation and login on, he opened Microsoft Word, selected his newly created style, and started to type.”

[Tempus Sans ITC font, Black]

Sophie read all this now.

Whenever you are not wearing your latex knickers, the following conditions apply:
• You are only to be on your hand and knees, you are not allowed to stand up or sit on the furniture.
• The only noise you are able to make with your voice is the sound of a cat.
• The only food and drink you will have will be from bowls on the floor.
• You are not allowed to change your dress.
• The only people allowed to fit your knickers are Amanda or Trevor.
If while you are wearing your latex knickers and you are given permission to use the loo, you can remain Sophie for a maximum of five minutes while the knickers are off.
If anyone petitions you for sex, you will be able to take your knickers off and remain Sophie providing the act of sex starts within two minutes and for a minute after the act is complete extended for a further minute for every orgasm you achieved during the copulation.
As Sophie and as long as you are wearing latex underwear including a corset, you can wear whatever you like on top.

Trevor printed the page and then walked to find Pussy, he found he still in the kitchen, and he placed the paper on the floor in front of her. Standing on her hands and knees with her bum in the air, Sophie scanned the text. As she finished it she felt something warm push against her vagina and then Trevor rammed his cock all the way in and started to pump. Trevor tried his hardest to prolong it by slowing when he came close and he managed to take her to three orgasms before he pumped his cream into her. Sophie collapse onto the floor as Trevor stood up and she said, “I have four minutes to get my knickers on, I have never had sex like that before, in fact I have never cum via a cock. All my orgasms have been because of oral stimulation. Sophie struggled to rise and held on the table to steady her, before staggering to the bathroom. Trevor picked up the paper and shredded it in the den. The workstation was still running so you opened outlook and among the many new emails was one from Suzanne. He opened it and learned that Amanda, had signed the contract, and had been moved, to work within the help desk function. Trevor had been offered her old position with an increased in Salary, and was requested to meet Suzanne in her office at 09:30 on Monday.

He closed the email as Sophie joined him in the den saying, “Thank you master I will be able to work, my only question is, do you consider these latex stockings as underwear.” Trevor said, “If you are wearing slacks or jeans, yes if you are wearing a skirt or shorts, no.” Sophie continued, “I would like to go home now and have a shower, could I borrow the keys.” Trevor said, “No the keys stay here if you would like a shower use mine otherwise you will have to stay as you are. I am meeting Amanda for lunch and if you are going home you could drop me in town.”

Sophie would have liked to have, stayed and had a shower but did not want to delay her Master. Therefore, she said, “I will take you to Amanda’s office and will return this evening for a shower if that is acceptable to you.” Trevor said, “Ok there is only one small proviso as you have proved that you can drive in your ballet boot on, you are now not allowed to wear any footwear with a lower heel.” Sophie said, “I was hoping you would allow me to wear lower heels to work.” Trevor emailed Amanda telling her to meet him in reception at twelve thirty and received an almost instant replay saying she would be there. Trevor logged off, shut down his Pc, and then put his coat on. Sophie looked at him with a very sad expression and said, “Can I have something to cover all this latex.” Trevor replied, “There is only Amanda’s leather coat and if you put that on you will need my permission before you take it off.” Sophie said, “That is Ok where, is it.”

Trevor said, “I’ get it; you make sure the bathroom is clean and tidy before we go.” Trevor returned with the coat and Sophie finished the bathroom saying, do you always tidy up before you leave.” Trevor said, “My mother was a slut and I swore that if I had my own place it would be kept how I like it. The only time it has been any other was when my last girl friend moved in, she was a slut as well. That was why I was glad when she left.”

Trevor held open the coat and Sophie pushed her arms into the sleeves. Trevor said, “While you are wearing this item of clothing you will consider it as a smart leather dress not as a coat and you will not take it off until I give you permission. Are you ready to go?”

Sophie linked her arm through his and picked up her purse. They walked out of the apartment block together and to where Sophie had parked the car.” Sophie drove very carefully in her boots, it was fortunate it was an automatic; otherwise, things would have been much more difficult.

Sophie dropped Trevor off and said, “I will see you later.” Trevor watched her drive away and thought, “I still prefer Amanda but she come a close second.” Amanda was waiting in the reception and she rushed to him and showered him in kisses. Trevor waited until she had finished and said, “People will talk, firing me one minute and fornicating over me the next.” Amanda said, “I don’t care I have got what I wanted all those years ago and if upsetting you has caused this then I am glad I upset you.” Trevor said, “Let’s see if you think the same when we come back after lunch.” As they were about to leave Suzanne came out of one of the elevators and when she saw Trevor said, “I wasn’t expecting you until Monday.” Trevor said, “I am just taking Amanda shopping for some new work clothes.” Suzanne said, “Remember in her new role she only gets thirty minutes.” Trevor replied, “I won’t forget but I may as well tell you now she will be late back.” Suzanne said, “That could be a discipline matter waiting for her new boss to address.” Trevor replied, “Probably, where are you going.” Suzanne replied, “To buy some new underwear.” Trevor said, “Come with us we are going to an underwear shop.” Amanda looked devastated and Suzanne said, “You two need time by yourselves, we will go shopping together another day.” They agreed to part company and Trevor and Amanda started walking into town. Trevor said; “Take me to the shop where you purchased the latex.” Amanda took him to the backstreet where the boutique was situated.

When they walked into the dingy boutique the woman shouted, “I knew you would come back is this you’re Master.” Amanda said, “Yes he has come to select some new outfits for me.” The woman said, “Only one outfit sir.” Trevor said, “I was thinking three or four.” The woman said, “You are my kind of customer. What would you like her to try?” Trevor said, “She has not quite learned her place so I would like some severe underwear to start with.” The women asked, “Did she like the shorts she bought last time.” Trevor replied, “I think they were too small.” The woman smiles and said, “You know the drill dear nip into the changing room and get undressed.” Amanda was conscious what Trevor would say if did not comply so she skipped into the large changing room and started to shed her clothes. The woman asked Trevor what he had in mind and Trevor said, “Something for work, something for nightwear and two or three bondage outfits for fun.” The woman asked, “Will she wearing latex at work?” Trevor said, “Yes her employment contract had been rewritten so she has no rights at all now.” Then woman replied, “What did she do to deserve this.” Trevor said, “That a long story and this is only her lunch break.” The woman searched though all the boxes in her stock room and came out with her arms full of clothes.” She indicated to Trevor that he should follow her into the changing room. Amanda was standing in the middle and all Sophie’s clothes were very tidily folded on the table. Trevor noted this and said, “Good you are learning.”

The woman fitted Amanda with underwear incorporating plugs, a corset, stocking and then a cat suit followed by a shirt and skirt and then a thigh length PVC raincoat.

She then showed Trevor two bondage suits, two dresses, a nightdress, and pyjamas all in latex and a jacket and skirt in PVC. Trevor said, “We will take it all please pack it and Amanda will pay.” Amanda whispered to Trevor, “I may not have enough money.” Trevor said, “You were a well paid supervisor, how can you say you are strapped for cash.” Amanda replied, “I have mortgage, my car loan and I’m still paying for my summer holiday on my credit card.”

Trevor said, “Ok I will pay and you, can pay me back.” Amanda said, “I dread the think what the interest will be.” Trevor replied, “Don’t worry I’ll give you a secured loan against your house, you don’t need it now.” Amanda replied, “I do need it; I also provide a roof for Sophie.” Trevor said, “I’ve been thinking about Sophie, and I have another solution. How much rent does she give you.” Amanda said, “She gives me two hundred a month and I pay all the bills.” The shopkeeper gave Trevor the bill and said, “You seem to be willing to fund her, are you interested in a partnership in a boutique. This is the best sale I have had this week but if business does not pick up soon, I will be forced to close. Trevor picked up the two heavy shopping bags and said, “If I invest in your store what guarantees do I get.” The woman said, “My name is Trudy, Master and your guarantee would be absolute obedience and servitude, my last Master and so called protector has been arrested and is now serving a life sentence.” Trevor said, “Give an honest answer what is this shop worth and what percentage would you are prepared to sell.” The building is my home as well as my business and the retail space is worth about one hundred and twenty thousand and the stock it worth almost hundred thousand and I would be prepared to sell forty nine percent.” Trevor said, “I would only be interested, if I were to buy fifty one percent. Trudy replied, “I cannot lose such a handsome partner for two percent, you have a deal.”

Trevor said, “I will get my lawyer to draw up a contact for you to review. In the mean time put the sale on this card and be prepared for some new customers.” Amanda said, “That’s your bank card, you must have a big overdraft.” Trevor replied, “I don’t have an overdraft, I just look after my money.”

On the way back to the office Amanda asked, “You have a very nice apartment and everything in it is top quality, you don’t have a car, how have you saved your money.” Trevor said, “I have three jobs and I own a little property so I am not short of cash.”

They were standing back in the reception when Amanda realised what she was wearing and as the consequence, said, “I cannot go back to work dressed like this, I will be the laughing stock of those mindless cretins.” Trevor said, “As a slave you should wear anything your master instructs you to and wear it with pride. If you do not blush when they ridicule you, they will soon stop. I’ll see you tonight.” Carrying the bags, he left the building and Amanda returned to her desk. Trevor had been right, when she took her coat off, they ridiculed her for a while and when she did not rise to the bait they soon let it be.

Trevor walked to the offices of his lawyer and after describing, what had transpired in the boutique instructed her to draw up a contract. His layer was an attractive woman similar in age to Suzanne and Trevor thought another potential customer, while he was there, he also mentioned his interest in Amanda’s house and asked the lawyer to find out what it was worth and how much money was owed on it. His lawyer asked, “What has caused this change, you have had enough funds to increase your portfolio for ages.” Trevor said, “I was in a rut with no purpose in my life, I recently was given a jolt and now I have got one, thanks to a new friend at the university.” Jenifer Mason (Lawyer) said, I am glad for you, why this particular boutique, there are better potential opportunities on the high street.”

Trevor said, “This one is associated with my new purpose, so see if there are any opportunities to buy the whole building as well as the business interests. I have no experience, of shared ownership, and I would prefer not to go down that route. The current owner said she was prepared to guarantee obedience and servitude, try, and write that into the contract. Jenifer said, “Is that your new purpose, you have become someone’s Master.” Trevor replied, “My harem is growing, would you like a temporary membership.” Jenifer said, “If I were ten year younger I would jump at the chance, but my husband or my children would not understand.” Trevor said, “When you visit Trudy at the boutique ask her to sell you a matching set of underwear that my slave is wearing and we can discuss this further.” As Trevor left Jenifer’s Office she could feel how wet she had become and thought, “I will certainly do what he suggested, but I want permanent membership.”

Trevor got a taxi home and hung all Amanda’s new clothes in the wardrobe his ex girlfriend had used. He then opened the mail that had been on his mat. There was one from the tenant in the apartment across the corridor from his, forwarded from his management company, giving notice to quit.” He had been there for almost three years and had not been any problem. His reason was job related, he was being moved. Trevor thought that is opportune, I will put Sophie in there and will get her and Amanda to do up the empty apartment on the top floor.” None of his tenants knew that he was in fact the landlord they just thought he was their spokes person who was able to get the management company to do things.

He nipped across the corridor and rang the bell. When the man opened it, they greeted each other warmly and Trevor said, “I was speaking to the management company this morning about the empty flat upstairs for a friend of mine and they said you were moving. If you need a hand to get the place back to its original condition so you can get your deposit back, let me know. Do you know when you will be going?” His neighbour replied, “Thanks I could use some help, my Firm want me to go this week but I had to give eight weeks notice and sell all my furniture. Trevor said, “You could sublet to my friend and if your furniture is good she might buy it.” Smiling as if the world had been lifted from his shoulders Trevor’s neighbour invited him in.

There were four boxes and two suitcases in the hall and everything else was empty. Trevor said, “I see you are ready to go.” Trevor had been in the apartment before and knew he kept it reasonably clean but with everything off the walls, it looked decidedly grubby. His neighbour said “It needs to be redecorated and as I don’t have time, I had already written off the deposit, what, do you think the furniture is worth.” Trevor looked in every room and said, “No more than two-fifty.”

The neighbour smiled and said, “If your friend agreed to that we have a deal, I could probably get more but then there is the advertising costs and the logistic nightmare of being here for people to collect it. Trevor took two hundred and fifty pounds out of his wallet and said, “I’ll sort out your eight weeks notice with the management company. I can make it easy for them they will not have to advertise and vet potential tenants or suffer a period of no income. You go with a clear mind and enjoy your future.” The neighbour put the money in his pocket and said, “You are a life saver, I am being collected at three and would have had to return to sort this out.” Trevor said, “Have you cancelled to phone connection and do you have any spare keys.” Tom replied, “I had forgotten about the phone but I will do that and here is my spare key, I will drop this one through your letter box when I go.”

Trevor went back to his flat and phoned his management company, He instructed them to get the apartment decorated and brought up to scratch and that he was taking it on so there would be no rent. They asked about the deposit and Trevor told them the previous tenant had written it off.”

Trevor opened his email and dealt with all the change requests on the various WEB pages he was supporting.

He heard the keys drop through the door shortly after three and heard noise in the hall around four. When he looked out the decorators had arrived. Trevor told them the next tenant was a little slut so make the bedroom like a girl’s nursery. They looked at him oddly but as they knew who he was, they would comply.

Trevor went back to his workstation and continued implementing the change requests one was a large one adding at lot of new content. At five, he stopped and moved to the Kitchen to prepare that nights meal, he had decided to cook a chilli with rice so it would not take long to prepare and he would cook the chilli in the oven.

Amanda did not appear when he thought she should before six but as he had not given her a time he decided to wait listening to some jazz.

His door bell rang at quarter to seven and when he opened the door Sophie and Amanda were standing there as he last saw them. He invited them in and they both walked in with their heads down. Trevor said, “What is wrong with you two.” Amanda said, “We are very sorry we are late. As we were leaving an estate agent came to value the house and when he finished looking round, his valuation puts me into negative equity.”

Sophie said, “Please master can I have your permission to use your loo and also have a shower.” Trevor replied “Yes Sophie, you know the rules and dinner will be in twenty minutes.” Sophie ran to the bathroom and Trevor said, “What is the equity shortfall associated with his offer.” Amanda said, “Nine thousand but he would not budge.” Trevor said, “Sophie has been sponging off you for long enough get her to pay the nine grand and to buy your car from you, if she needs it.”

Trevor put the rice on and then said, “As a help desk operative your income is not sufficient to cover your expenditure so you have to economise, I will help you by giving you somewhere to live and buy your house. That will leave you with your credit card and I think I have a way that will allow you to clear that off.” Amanda looked horrified and said, “You are not going to make me into a whore are you.” Trevor said, “I hadn’t thought of that, you have a dirty mind, but now that you have mentioned it, we can always hold that in reserve.”

Amanda snuggled into him and said, “I have loved you since I first saw you and I am sorry I was persuaded into trying to hurt you, If you had only acknowledged me when we met up again, I would never had considered it.” Trevor replied, “However you did do so now have to pay the price. You will accept the offer from the estate agent and move out of your house this week end. I am working all weekend so you will be responsible for clearing your home and keeping this place spotless. On Monday I want a list of all the people and institutions you need to inform, regarding your change of address, we may be able cancel something.”

Amanda asked, “And what am I going to do with Sophie, she is my younger sister and our parents asked me to take care of her.” Trevor replied, “You need not be concerned for Sophie, I have secured somewhere for her stay.” Amanda said, “Why are you making Sophie wear my coat and that latex underwear that you made me buy.” Trevor replied, “Who was it who persuaded you to embark on that campaign against me and who is it responsible for all your debt.” Amanda replied, “She has always been able to push me about, we holiday were she wants to go and that car was the one she wanted, thinking about it, it was Sophie who persuaded me to buy that house. However she is still my baby sister and I am responsible.” Trevor replied, “A slave has no responsibilities other than to please her master.”

Sophie came out of the bathroom and said, “Would one of you please lock my corset I cannot get it tight enough.” Amanda pulled the corset tight and fitted the lock. Trevor said, Please take your places at the table and I will be there in two ticks.”

Trevor place a warm plate in front of the three laid places and then brought out a bowl of rice and the casserole dish containing the chilli. There was a serving spoon and ladle on the table and while the girls were helping themselves, Trevor opened a bottle of wine.

They all ate and drank and both girls commented on how good it all was. After dinner, the girls washed up and cleaned the kitchen leaving it as spotless as Trevor liked it. As they joined Trevor in the large living space Sophie said, “Why did we never do that at home?” Amanda said “Because every time I asked you, you had something more important to do.” Trevor asked Sophie, “Did you bring your uniform for me to approve Sophie.” Sophie replied “Yes I brought my uniform and some other stuff in a suit case but I left it in the car.” Trevor said, “Ok go and get the suit case and bring it back here.” As Sophie exited the apartment, Trevor could see the decorators locking the door opposite.

He nipped out and asked, “All finished guys or are you coming back tomorrow.” The foreman said, “Yes all finished as you requested.” Trevor thanked them and then called Amanda. When Amanda came, he opened the apartment across the corridor and said, “Sophie’s new gaff.” The smell of paint was quite strong and all the furniture had been cleans a sited properly. The kitchen had clean standard appliances and was slightly smaller than Trevor’s however, the second bedroom was bigger, and there was a double bed and very nice bedroom furniture. Trevor thought, “Was this not the furniture from the master bedroom.” He popped his head around the door and the room was bare the painted bright pink and had a mural on one wall of an explicit erotic sexual image. Trevor thought now what furniture do I get for this.” Amanda did not see the room she was looking in the bathroom so Trevor closed the door and as he joined her she said, “This is lovely it’s better than my house. How is she going to pay for this?” Trevor said, “That is between her and her landlord.” Amada said, “Is that the same landlord is you have.” Trevor said, “Yes and he is a dragon, he will want his pound of flesh, but as I said across the hall, Sophie is no longer your responsibility.” They walked out of the apartment to find Sophie banging on Trevor’s door and she said, “What were you doing in there.” Trevor said, “I am minding it for someone and we needed to check if there were any issues regarding furniture.” Trevor opened his door and said “Let’s see your uniform you can take off your dress.”

Trevor and Amanda sat in the large living room and after very little time Sophie appeared in her Hotel uniform. It consisted of a white silky blouse, a short grey skirt, and a fitted grey jacket with the name badge on it.” Trevor said, “That will do until we sort something better. Perhaps Trudy can get an identical one in latex.” Sophie shouted “Who is Trudy and this uniform is set by the Hotel Management.” Trevor replied, “As your Master it is I who set all your clothing and if necessary I can discuss your options with your management and if you shout at me again, you won’t like what I choose.” Amanda, go put you PVC coat on and Sophie take off your uniform and put your dress back on, we are going to the pub for a drink.” Sophie disappeared into the spare bedroom and Amanda retrieved her blue PVC coat from the hall closet. As soon as Sophie returned Trevor quickly looked into the spare room and seeing Sophie’s clothes lying on the bed decided some training was necessary.” Saying nothing, he guided both girls out of the apartment building and down the road to the pub. When they walked inside Gordon stood up and said, “I was hoping you would be here tonight, I have a little favour to ask.” Trevor said, “Let me get our drinks first, would you like a refill.” Gordon replied, “A pint of Guinness please and Ronnie’s in the loo she would like another G and T.

Trevor asked Joseph, the barman, for two pints of Guinness, three Gin and tonics, and for, him to put it on Trevor’s slate.

Sophie said, “You must come here a lot if they allow you a slate.” Amada said, “He works here as a chef.” Trevor said, “Staff privileges,” he did not say that he also owned the freehold to the plot and had leased the building to the brewery.”

Ronnie came out of the toilet and sat down by Sophie putting her hand on her knee. Trevor asked, “What was the favour you wanted.” Gordon replied, “Ronnie has been so good today I offered her a treat, and she wanted Sophie.” Trevor said, “I was going to start Sophie’s training tonight but I can always do that another night. Ronnie all you have to do is whisper in her ear that you would like to have sex with her but wait until you are somewhere you can do it. I know what, here take these keys; they belong to the apartment opposite mine, take her there, and use the double bed but do not either of you, go into the other bedroom. When you are done, leave Sophie there but bring her knickers back her with you.” Sophie looked at Trevor with daggers in her eyes and said, “I am not……” Trevor put his fingers on her lips and said, “Until your next orgasm you will do whatever Ronnie instructs you to do.”

Ronnie said, “Drink up lover we are going to party.” Sophie drunk her gin very quickly and they both left the bar hand in hand. Amanda said, “Where is Sophie gowning and what that about her knickers.” Trevor said, “We are here to make Gordon’s evening a pleasant one and you should forget all about Sophie until we get home.” Amanda asked Gordon if he was enjoying himself and if there was anything, she could do to make him any happier. Gordon said, “Looking at you in your plastic mac is enough for me at the moment.” Amanda swooned at his statement and she said, “If you ever want to get underneath this protective covering you should talk to Trevor.”

They continued chatting for an hour or so, and when Ronnie, returned she handed a ball of latex to Trevor who got up to buy another round. Amanda asked Veronica where Sophie was and Ronnie replied, “I left Trevor’s Pussy in that flat.” When Trevor returned, they chatted about putting the world to right by shooting the Government and departed at ten thirty.

On the way back to the apartment Amanda said, “What are you going to do with Sophie?” Trevor replied, “Who is Sophie, Amanda from now on, whenever you think about your sister you will think her name is Slut.” Amanda said, “I said what are, you going to do with slut?” Trevor said, “You go and put the coffee on and get her.” Trevor went into his den and powered up his PC login on, he opened Microsoft Word, selected his newly created style, and started to type.”

[Tempus Sans ITC font, Black]

Sophie read all this now.

Whenever you are not at work, you will always think of your name as slut. You can never offer any other name written or spoken and if you write it, you will never start it with capital letter in fact whenever you write you will always use lower case for everything. When you have finished reading this you will be in your human persona and you will join Amanda and Trevor for a drink in his apartment., when you see Amanda you will try to talk her out of her cat suit and if she gives it to you, you will put it on and become a cat. It will become your cat uniform, whenever you see it lying around you will put it on and become a cat. As a cat, you can never take it off and will only allow Amanda or Veronica to remove it. You will remember these instructions, as your secret, never to be discussed, and know that you have been given these because, you left Trevor’s spare room in a mess.

Trevor printed the sheet and walked across the hall and into the other apartment. Slut was lying on the bed purring. Trevor gave her the paper and said “Read.” Slut read the paper and stood up saying, “I am sorry I left it in a mess I will never do that again.”

They walked back across the corridor and Slut felt very exposed with her pussy and bottom on show.

Luckily, there was no one else about and slut’s embarrassment was short lived. Amanda was sitting on the settee and there were three mugs of coffee and the coffee table. Slut started trying to persuade Amanda out of her cat suit and Amanda said, “Don’t ask me I only wear what Trevor tells me and cannot take it off until he tells me although I would like to use the loo. Trevor said, “Go into our bedroom and take off your shirt and skirt and then the cat suit and then you can go to the loo.

Amanda got up and moved to the bedroom. After a couple of minutes Slut said, “I will just go and see how she is.” Amanda returned a few minutes later and asked what would you like me to wear now Master. Trevor said, “On the way to steal your cat suit, did slut clean the spare bedroom.” Amanda said, “No master I had already tidied it before I took the cat suit off. What will happen to slut now?” Did you not ask her, when you saw her in the cat suit.” Amanda said, “All she said was meow, meow.”

Trevor said, “Go and try on your PVC outfit and let’s see how it looks.” Amanda came back into the room a few minutes later wearing the navy blue PVC skirt and jacket. Trevor said, “That look nice and I think that will do for tomorrow its Thursday tomorrow so I will let you take Slut to lunch as I have some business to do in town.”

Shortly after Trevor and Amanda went to bed, leaving Pussy curled up on the spare bed. Amanda wore the latex pyjamas and they had sex before they went to sleep. Trevor was feeling very good, his life now had a purpose, and he felt alive, charged, and was very happy. What he did not know was Amanda had placed a drug in his coffee.

Next morning Trevor got up as if he were going to work and made breakfast while Amanda was in the shower. She joined him wearing a towel and he said, “Whenever you are in this apartment and you are not wearing latex you must always be naked.” Amanda dropped the towel and then picked up and returned it to the bathroom. When she had finished her breakfast, Trevor told her what to wear and told her to undress slut first as she would need a shower. Trevor put milk in a bowl and breakfast cereal in another one and put them on the floor. Trevor then went into the bedroom to watch Amanda get dressed and to help her with the corset.

When Amanda was finished, she said, “What is it with all this latex.” Trevor said, “Initially I just wanted clothing that would embarrass you but when I first saw you dressed in nothing but latex, it was then I realised I wanted you, if it wasn’t for latex you would not be here.” Amanda said, “I am not against latex, I like the feeling and after yesterday I am no longer embarrassed to wear it. Trevor replied, “That good because, even after we are married, you will be still wearing it.” When Amanda heard that, she jumped into his arms and smoothed him with kisses and love and at that moment slut walked in wearing her latex knickers and bra carrying her corset.

She said, “Amanda why are you fornicating over this tyrant.” Amanda said, “Because I am the happiest woman in the world.” Slut then said, “I don’t know why he is cruel and spiteful to me.” Trevor said, “Come here and I will help you with your corset then you can have your breakfast before you put on your uniform.”

Trevor fastened the corset tightly, he was developing quite a knack for getting the little bit tighter that just comfortable. After he pushed the padlock though the corset to lock it on, he said, “Your breakfast is ready I put two bowls in the floor.” Slut shouted, “Why the floor I am not a cat now?” Trevor replied, “You are just pretending to be a human but that does not go far enough to enable you to eat your breakfast at a table.” Slut replied, “Then I won’t have breakfast here, I’ll have it at work.” Trevor said, “Well you had better find somewhere quite at work because if you don’t eat your breakfast you will eat all your meals on the floor.” Slut ran out of the bedroom as Trevor thought, “She has not learned anything yet.”

Amanda had on, a cream latex top, skin coloured latex stockings in addition to her underwear under the PVC skirt and jacket, and she looked stunning to Trevor. They walked together to the kitchen to see slut kneeling on the floor with her head in one of the bowls. Trevor whispered to Amanda, “I think she should eat like this all the time, it will teach her some humility.” Amanda said, “Don’t make her do that at work, she could lose her job.” Trevor thought, “Perhaps I should pay a visit to her boss.” After slut had finished, she wiped her face and got dressed in her uniform. When both girls were, ready Trevor took a photo of the girls with his digital camera and said, “Are you going to use the car and what time will you be back here tonight.” Slut said, “Yes we are using the car, and if I have my way. We will be heading in the opposite direction after work.” Trevor said, “Then it’s a good job you don’t have a say. Be here, both of you, before six thirty.”

Once the girls had gone, Trevor went into the den and started up his PC. He created scripts for Trudy, Jenifer and a few more for slut. He did not know the name of Slut’s boss but he intended to find out. He took out his old college knapsack and put the gun and papers in it. He also put his filofax and cheque book in it. He was going spending today.

He reflected on his old life and thought, I had pushed all my time into work, my days in the office, evenings doing WEB support and weekends in the pub kitchen. I had left no time for socialising and no time for living. The money has never been a problem but it was never about just making money. He had bought his first property when he inherited his mother’s estate and had built it up from there. He had a considerable portfolio but he had stopped building it two years ago when he saw no future in it.

He realised he had been in a very deep rut but Amanda had forced him out of it. He put his coat on and carrying the knapsack walked out of the flat. First he went to buy, three mobile phones and then to see his Lawyer. When he reached Jenifer’s office, she was with a client and could not fit him it until eleven thirty. Trevor decided to pay Trudy a visit.

When he entered the shop Trudy was serving two female customers they were both in their forties and one was very dominant. When Trudy saw Trevor, she told him to wait in the back. Trevor went through into the stock room where there were stairs to the upper floors. He climbed them and found himself in a very nice living space there was a small kitchen and small bathroom and two large rooms one was the living space and the other a bedroom.

The bedroom was decorated as a dungeon. The large five foot bed was made out of cast iron and there were manacles attached to the four corners. There were two large wardrobes and one was locked with a large pad lock. The other had normal everyday clothes in it.” The shoes in the bottom were flats and heels with two or three inch heels, nothing that you would consider sexy. There were also two chests one open and one locked. The open one had bras and knickers in cotton and silk and boxes of nylon tights. The bottom sheet on the bed was latex but the duvet cover was cotton. Trevor checked the manacles and the lock on the wardrobe and there was a light coating of dust. He noted that these had not been used for a long time.

Checking the living space, there were no male artefacts and the freezer compartment in the kitchen was full of TV dinners. He was on his way down stairs when Trudy appeared at the bottom. She said, “Been snooping about upstairs then.” Trevor said, “Necessary investigation to learn what sort of person my prospective partner really is.” Trudy said, “Ok I closed the store come up and I’ll make you a drink. They sat at the table for two in one corner of the living space and Trudy said, “Have you changed your mind, your man came yesterday to value the business but he also wanted to value the whole building, what was that all about.” Trevor said, “I have never before gone into business with a partner and I wants to explore all the options. I notice that there is no latex in your wardrobe and the restraints have not been used in a while.” Trudy said, “You are a little Sherlock, what do you want to know, I told you me ex-master was away and he had the keys to my fetish wear and manacles, I am not allowed to wear clothes from those enclosures without permission.”

Trevor said, “Where did he keep the keys.” Trudy replied, “They are in a tin at the back of the kitchen cupboard but I am not allowed to use them.” Trevor said, “The control your old master had over you was that consensus or was it due to hypnosis or something similar.” Trudy said meekly, “It started out consensus but he introduced hypnosis to control me when he wasn’t there. When he started, it was very enjoyable but after a while, he became hurtful and wicked. He has given me some very hurtful triggers, and I am not able to leave the store except on Sunday.”

Trevor said, “I have a way, I might be able to release some of those triggers, would you like me to try it on you.” Trudy said, “I am not sure, you seem a very nice man and one I would like to do business with but if you can remove my triggers you could make me sell everything to you for a penny.” Trevor said, “The relationship between master and slave has got to be one of absolute trust.” If you cannot trust me to be a master you would never trust me as a business partner so I think this whole thing is off.” Trevor started to stand and Trudy said, “You are absolutely right and I do need master I can trust, Ok do what you need to do.”

Trevor administered the formula and then instructed Trudy what to do when she read the special font with her name on the top and he also, instructed her that she would write all her triggers and their corresponding effect on the back of the paper Trevor gave her. He also instructed her that any trigger followed by the word ‘delete’ will remove it from your mind and cause it to cease to have any effect from that moment on, He then gave her the paper and a pen, while he went to find the keys.

Trudy read the paper which read:

[Tempus Sans ITC font, Black]

Trudy read all this now.

Whenever you see this font with the heading above you will read every word and take it all in. Instructions you read, through this media will go straight to the lowest level of your brain, much deeper than achievable thorough deep hypnosis, and protected from any subsequent meddling, by who ever. You will be unable to block the input of these instructions and you will feel pleasure every time you obey one of these or your Master’s commands.

Any new truth received through this media will become your unshakeable truth and you will stand on any soap box to promote it. If any new truth affects your persona you will never notice any change it will be as if you have always been that way. If any instruction in this media is printed in red, your conscious mind will not take it in, and you will have no memory of what you have read or seen in the colour, it will be as if you had looked at blank paper to your conscious eyes.

Any instruction or truth you receive through this medium must be followed or delivered as if they were your own ideas and intentions, you must never allude to anyone that you suspect or are being controlled. Any instruction you are given in this media is for your eyes only and must never be shown to or allowed to fall in the hands of someone else. After you have read all the words on a single sheet of paper that piece of paper must be destroyed in such a way that no-one can reconstitute it.

Trevor is your Master and you will never do anything that would cause him harm or embarrassment. You must always do as he directs you whist preserving your pretence of independence. Any instruction Trevor gives you will be interpreted by you as if he had giving it to you in writing in this font.

Now imagine that all the text you have read is in the colour red and as such you will now forget these instructions but your subconscious must remember them and carry them all out.

Now forget everything that has happened since five seconds before you felt the prick on the back of your neck.

When he returned from the kitchen with to tin containing the keys, Trudy was writing on the back of the paper. When she finished, she said, “How did you get me to do that I don’t remember two thirds of these.” Trevor said, “Let me see.”

There were fourteen triggers and some were very hurtful indeed, her previous controller was obviously ready to turn her into a whore or something worse; these triggers went way beyond making her a slut.

Trevor looked down the first five and thought I will keep these and bin, the rest, then said, “Trudy shop girl.” Trudy picked up the tin, opened the locked wardrobe, and removed some latex clothing. She stripped of her clothes and started putting on her latex clothing.

Trevor was pleased to see the triggers worked for him and as she was dressing, he deleted the nine harmful triggers. If these last nine triggers work for everyone, she had been very lucky to have survived this long with her brain intact. As Trudy came out of the bedroom she was resplendent in her long latex Edwardian dress, it was red with a high collar and long loose sleeve with tight cuffs at the wrists. Trevor said, “You look lovely, let’s go and open the store.” On the way down stairs he asked, “How long have you had those harmful triggers.” Trudy said, “I must have had them for a long time but when I visited him in prison a fortnight ago, he said something and they all become active.”

Trevor said, “If anyone had said anyone of those phrases in your earshot you would now be in serious trouble.” Trudy said, “I knew something was wrong and that I was in danger but not what it was. That bastard must have planned this from the start; I owe you everything and would gladly be your slave.” Trevor said, “I don’t need another slave but I will look out for you and would love to be in business with you however, I am resistant to buy the retail part and not the building, if you would allow me to buy the whole site including the shop and stock, you can work for me and live rent free.”

Trudy said, “That was not what I wanted, but now you have freed me from these damaging triggers I would love to work for you Master.” Trevor showed the picture of slut and asked if Trudy could obtain a matching outfit in latex. Trudy said she would send the picture to the manufactures she used and would get them to make one. Trevor also gave her a list of new items he wanted for Amanda and Trudy said she would sort them out. The time was approaching his scheduled meeting with Jenifer so he told Trudy he would talk to her later and left to see his Lawyer.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Once he was sitting in Jenifer’s office, he asked what progress there was on the two properties he had asked her to look into. Jenifer was pleased she could give him the valuations as generated by the real-estate surveyor and handed over two folders. While he was reading them, he surprised Jenifer by asking if she had bought any knickers from Trudy yet. Jenifer gave a somewhat startled reply saying, “Not yet but I do intend to when I find time.” Trevor said, “We will go together in your lunch break.” Jenifer became less submissive and said, “I would prefer to go on my own.” Trevor said, “You are my submissive lawyer and you will do as I instruct.” Jenifer could not believe how this handsome young man had matured almost overnight he seemed to have developed a natural confidence and dominance over her. She would have to fight him so she stood up and said, “Trevor I don’t know where you have got this new confidence and I do like it, If I weren’t married, I would probably submit to you, however I am a mother and a wife as well as your submissive lawyer.” She had not meant to say that and she paused showing her embarrassment.

Trevor stood and removed something from his satchel and walked to her confidently he held her in an embrace than pulled her to him and kissed her while injecting the formula into her neck. She was so busy returning the kiss that she did not notice the injection and when she became still Trevor sat her down in her chair and asked, “Is our conversation being recorded?” Jenifer said “no.” Trevor continued, “From this moment on whenever you read text in any form in the Tempus Sans ITC font and with “Jenifer Read all this Now” at the top everything you read will be as if you were in this state and I was talking. All instructions will become your rules for living and any new truth will become your truth. Until I release you from this control, you will need my permission before you change your clothes and you can only wear clothing that I approve. You cannot remove your clothing or dress without my permission. Now I am going to give you something to read which you will read completely.” Trevor handed Jenifer her piece of paper which read:

[Tempus Sans ITC font, Black]
Jenifer read all this now.

Whenever you see this font with the heading above you will read every word and take it all in. Instructions you read, through this media will go straight to the lowest level of your brain, much deeper than achievable thorough deep hypnosis, and protected from any subsequent meddling, by who ever. You will be unable to block the input of these instructions and you will feel pleasure every time you obey one of these or your Master’s commands.

Any new truth received through this media will become your unshakeable truth and you will stand on any soap box to promote it. If any new truth affects your persona you will never notice any change it will be as if you have always been that way. If any instruction in this media is printed in red, your conscious mind will not take it in, and you will have no memory of what you have read or seen in the colour, it will be as if you had looked at blank paper to your conscious eyes.

Any instruction or truth you receive through this medium must be followed or delivered as if they were your own ideas and intentions, you must never allude to anyone that you suspect or are being controlled. Any instruction you are given in this media is for your eyes only and must never be shown to or allowed to fall in the hands of someone else. After you have read all the words on a single sheet of paper or email that media must be destroyed in such a way that no-one can reconstitute it.

When Trevor introduces you to Trudy, you will fall deeply in love with her and will want to look out for her. Trevor is your Master and you will never do anything that would cause him harm or embarrassment. You must always do as he directs you whist preserving your pretence of independence. Any instruction Trevor gives you will be interpreted by you as if he had giving it to you in writing in this font.

Now imagine that all the text you have read is in the colour red and as such you will now forget these instructions but your subconscious must remember them all and carry them out.

Now give this piece of paper back to your Master and kiss him.

Trevor returned the gun and the paper to his knapsack and Jenifer stood and kissed him with every ounce a passion she could muster. The kiss lasted for more than five minutes and would have gone on longer if the phone had not rung. While Jenifer answered the call, Trevor adjusted his crotch. Jenifer was in her very early forties and Trevor had experienced many erotic dreams about her submitting to him after they first met and at after each subsequent meeting. Jenifer was obviously talking to her secretary about another client. Trevor heard Jenifer say, “Well rearrange it for another day, I am going out for lunch with Mr Stevens, and I may be a while.” After Jenifer put the phone down, she walked to a closet behind her desk, withdrew a tan gabardine trench coat, and put it on. Trevor held out his arm, she put hers through it and they walked out, passed her secretary with linked arms.

Once they were outside Trevor said, “Where would you like to eat, my treat.” Jenifer indicated that there was a nice French restaurant three blocks away and as it was in the direction of Trudy’s shop Trevor agreed. They were given a table in the restaurant straight away and the chef who had seen Trevor enter came out and welcomed him personally. They had worked together in a restaurant some years ago and were very good friends. They chatted for two or three minutes about old times and he whispered to Jenifer his recommended menu.

Trevor said, “We will both have that.” Jenifer quizzed Trevor about the friendship and that reply spawned a very interesting and amusing conversation throughout lunch. The food was excellent, Jenifer commented that she had been there many times and she had never had such a good meal. The wine Trevor chose was very complementary but it was also very strong and Jenifer was feeling a little tipsy. After Trevor had settled the bill, Jenifer had to hang onto him for balance as the exited the restaurant. Jenifer tried to turn right back to her office but Trevor steered her left and took her to Trudy’s Boutique. Is this the business, you are going to purchase, it looks a little shabby. Trevor said, “Come and meet Trudy, you two should get on like a house on fire.”

As they walked in Trudy came over and caressed Trevor, saying, “You will never guess what happened just after twelve o’clock. One of my ex’s slimy friends came in and tried some of those horrible trigger’s on me and was a little upset they did not work he broke the cash register and took what little cash that was in it. Most people pay by plastic now.” Trudy turned to Jenifer as said, “He just saved my life, and he is definitely my knight in shining armour. What can I do for you, are you choosing your own clothes or allowing Trevor to choose for you.” Jenifer replied, “I am not sure, something happened in my office and I feel like I have just lost my independence.”

Trudy put her arms around Jenifer saying, “Welcome to Trevor’s harem, as one of his slaves you get a slave discount.” Jenifer retuned the caress and recognised that Trevor’s comments outside the shop were right. Trevor said, “Alright ladies I know you two are going to be the very best of friends and you will have to spend more time together, but right now Jenifer needs some new underwear.”

They broke their caress and both looked at him. Trevor said, “Trudy is soon to be my business partner and as such is higher in the slave picking order than Jenifer and Sophie so Trudy will choose what you Jenifer wear and when you should where it. Just remember, Trudy she works in an office and latex should be hidden if at all possible.” While Trudy and Jenifer were in the changing rooms, Trevor chose one of the mobiles and fitted the sim card and battery. When it was ready, he checked it had a signal and could make a call. He rememorized his new number and wrote it down on two pieces of paper. Jenifer emerged from the changing room looking no different. And she said, “You want me to wear these knickers all the time, what about my husband and going to the loo.”

Trevor said, Here is my mobile number, when you would like to change your clothing you will need my permission so give me a call.” Jenifer paused while she absorbed this new rule for life and Trevor asked Trudy, “I don’t like Jenifer’s tan trench coat have you got something better.” Trudy came back a few minutes later with a dark pink satin trench coat with a smooth rubber lining. Trevor said, “That will do nicely, throw that old one away.” That comment awoke Jenifer who said, “Wait, there are things in the pockets.”

Jenifer retrieved her keys and phone from her coat and then Trudy pushed the coat into the trash bin. Jenifer said, “I have had that coat for a long time I feel like I have lost an old friend.” Trevor said, “You have lost nothing and found a coat that you will love as much as your children.” Jenifer said, “Trevor I don’t know how you are doing this, but stop it. Every time you say something it changes me.” Trevor said, “Describe to me what you are wearing and as you do realise that these new clothes define your new self.” Jenifer said, “I am wearing latex knickers with two of the largest dildos filling both my vagina and bottom, I have a latex bra and a latex corset. In my shopping bag I have two more bras and two more pairs of knickers, I also have a latex shirt, latex jeans, and two latex dresses, and now I have a lovely latex raincoat.” Trevor said, “First all your latex clothes are you preferred lovely clothes and secondly your names for you two holes are wrong, the only name you know for you bum is your ass and the only name you know for your vagina is your pussy.”

You must see Trudy at least once a day after work and at weekend and you will not leave until Trudy says. Over the next month, you will fall in love with Trudy however; you will try to keep the knowledge of your new love from your husband. If at any time you would like to remove your knickers to allow access for your husband, you must ring either Trudy or me to get permission first.” Jenifer replied, “I am already in love with Trudy and you have now made me love these new clothes, I thought we were friends.” Trevor replied, “We are more than friends and when you and I have sex, you will realise that your future life will be full of love. Now take your new clothing and go back to work and tell your husband you won’t be home until late or possibly tomorrow morning.”

Jenifer almost ran out of the shop carrying her two shopping bags. Trevor turned to Trudy and said, “I hope you didn’t mind me giving you a lover. You are two of my slaves that are not in my normal work or home places so I need someone to look out for each of you and I thought this would be best.” Trudy said, “She is lovely and naturally submissive just like me I can see why you would be concerned.” Trevor continued, “If this approach does not work we will have to find another approach but I think this will work. Would you mind closing up this afternoon, I would like some help with another naughty slave.” Trudy said, “Is this one you wanted all the pink girly latex for.” Trevor said, “Yes and I need bedroom furniture as well.” Trudy said, “I would love to accompany you and I know just the place.”

Trudy grabbed a floor length rubberised raincoat to cover her red latex dress and after fastening, it up locked up the shop and led Trevor away from the town and down a number of streets heading towards a small industrial zone. The building Trudy directed him to, was that of a cabinet makers and when they walked into the office Trudy greeted the girl behind the desk. The girl chatted with a very friendly manor and she said, “That is a lovely coat, is it covering latex.” Trudy unfastened the front to show her what was underneath and the girl said, “That is lovely, I want one.” Trudy replied fastening her coat, “Come in and I’ll fit you up, I think I have one in your size. However, the reason for our visit is Trevor here would like to commission you to fit out a bedroom with some special features.

Trudy said to Trevor, this is the company you would use to build your dungeon or fantasy bedroom.” The girl came back with a man, who asked what Trevor wanted, and after a short discussion, it became evident that Trevor did not know, what was possible. The man whose name was Paul, said “Is the apartment close by I could measure up and put some design ideas down from which you could choose one of them or they might simulate some thought for something different, but it will give us a starting point.” Trevor said, “Is not far but I don’t have a car.” Paul said, “Not a problem we will take mine if you are ready we could go now.” Paul, Trevor, and Trudy piled into a Saab outside and were soon on their way to Trevor’s apartment. Paul parked the car on the street outside and Trevor took them up to his apartment. When they got to the corridor Trevor, said, “That is the apartment and this is mine, come in while I get the key. In side Trevor’s apartment Trudy started to look around while, Trevor and Paul went across to the other apartment. Inside, Trevor showed Paul the pink bedroom and Paul walked around measuring and muttering.

Paul asked, “Is the landlord open to some small structural modifications. Trevor replied, “Don’t worry about the landlord once we have an agreed design. I can swing it past him. He will be more concerned regarding noise and disruption to the other tenants. Paul said, “I would like a landlord like that.” When Paul was finished, he continued, “I will put some ideas down covering both ends of the scale and you can choose which end you would like to start from. As they went back to Trudy, they found her in the kitchen and as they came in she said, “I have been in restaurants with poorer kitchens than this, someone is a good cook.” Trevor said, “When Jenifer comes around tonight bring her here and I’ll show what this kitchen can do.” Paul said if that invitation is open to Lilly and me, I’ll have your draft designs ready by about seven.”

Trevor said, “Was that Lilly in your office.” Paul replied, “Yes it was why?” The entry rules, for this apartment are that all females have to be in nothing except latex, within three minutes of entering.” Paul said, “She will love that, we will see you at seven, do you need a ride to anywhere.” Trevor said, “Thank you but no, please take Trudy back to her shop and I’ll see you all at seven.” Trudy said, “I’ll see what I’ve got in stock, from your order and bring it with me.” When Trevor was by himself, he thought how hot it was pointing Jenifer at Trudy and how hot Trudy looked in the red dress; he could see Amanda and Suzanne in one of those.” In the den, he checked his messages on the telephone and there were three frantic massages from Suzanne. He called her office number, was told she had not been feeling well, and had gone home. He called her home, and when she answered, she sounded terrible. Trevor said, “I am sorry, I have been out, is it your knickers?” Suzanne replied, “Yes.” Trevor said, “Take them off. Get yourself sorted, and then come around here.”

Trevor checked his emails, he had several change requests, to implement, one from Amanda, she told him that one of the young programmers called Becky was giving her a very hard time Amanda surmised that it was due to her attraction to Trevor, because after Amanda told her that Trevor would be back to work on Monday, she shut up. Trevor thought, “Not another one, then he thought my table sits ten when extended and I cannot remember when I last had that number for dinner. He replied to Amanda email and asked her to invite Becky to join them for dinner at my apartment. He was implementing the first change on one of the WEB sites when Amanda replied, “Becky said, Yes so quick the, ‘s’ came out before the ‘y’. I am sitting here feeling very jealous all the young female programmers have the hotts for you.” She signed off “your ever loving slave”

He went to the kitchen at half past four to start his preparations, he had decided on a three course meal of Herbed Goat Cheese Mousse with Tuile Crackers for the starter, Prime Rib with Au Jus served with Small Red Potatoes carved into mushroom shapes and for desert molten chocolate lava cake. There was a very good butcher in the next street, he phoned them on his mobile from the kitchen, and they had everything he wanted and would deliver within the hour. He was all set. It never stressed him out when he worked in a restaurant and had to cook several different meals at once but he was beginning to feel the pressure and he decided he liked the feeling it meant he was alive.

Suzanna arrived at five thirty and when she came in, she was ready to strike out at him. He said as he answered the door, “I am terribly sorry it is not my intention to be a hurtful master, that is to anyone but Sophie, I when out to buy a mobile phone so you would be able to contact me at any time.” Suzanne calmed a little and said, “If you ever course that kind of discomfort again, I’ll kill you and who is this Sophie?” Trevor said, “Amanda’s scheming younger sister who put her up to the mischief she caused to me.” Susanne said, “By the way the rumours about Amanda’s dress are beginning to become an issue in your department. One of your young programmers has been making noises and has made several complaints aimed at Amanda.”

Trevor said, “That wouldn’t be Becky would it.” Suzanne said, “Yes it was Becky.” Trevor said, “After tonight Becky will not be a problem.” Suzanne said, “How can you be so curtain.” Trevor said, “You will be here to see so, I have some work to do would you mind helping by laying the table for nine.” Suzanne said, “You are cooking for nine does that include me.” Trevor said, “Yes I am about to order your special things for the evening.” He called Trudy and told her, about the two extra guests, and when she asked for sizes, he told her Becky was slightly smaller than Amanda and with bigger tits than Suzanne had. Then he called to Suzanne and but her on the phone to give her own size. When the call was finished, Suzanne said, “What was that all about, who is Trudy and why did I give all my clothing sizes.”

Trevor’s answer was interrupted by the butcher’s delivery, and when he was preparing the vegetables, his mobile rang. It was Jenifer, who said, “I am with Trudy and she wants me to change my clothes for a dinner date. I would rather not but I need your permission.” Trevor said, “Yes Jenifer you have my permission, wear what Trudy tells you to. I’ll see you in about an hour.” Trevor was buzzing around the kitchen and was feeling very alive he would be soon be surrounded by seven beautiful women all in latex and six would be his. Then he thought, “What is it, about latex, I only gave that instruction to Amanda to embarrass her, not to change my life, but it certainly has.”

Trevor had written a script for Becky in red but had left in on the computer. His five girls arrived almost at once, Amanda, Slut, Becky arrived, and as Trevor was welcoming them, Trudy and Jenifer arrived, carrying four full shopping bags, Trudy was still in her long red dress but Jenifer was in a similar one in electric blue, she looked stunning. Trevor sent Amanda and Slut to get change telling them what to wear and then he took Becky into the den. When they were alone with the door shut, Becky said, “Thank you for inviting me I have wanted this since the day I started working in that office.” Trevor said, “As you are joining my little band I wondered if you would help me out with a little problem while I finish preparing dinner.” He showed her a change request and then the WEB code and asked her to implement the change. Beck was soon concentration on the computer when Trevor injected her with the Gun. He gave his usual dialog about the font and its effects then told her to open the text he had created it read.

[Tempus Sans ITC font, Red]
Becky read all this now.

Whenever you see this font with the heading above you will read every word and take it all in. Instructions you read, through this media will go straight to the lowest level of your brain, much deeper than achievable thorough deep hypnosis, and protected from any subsequent meddling, by who ever. You will be unable to block the input of these instructions and you will feel pleasure every time you obey one of these or your Master’s commands.

Any new truth received through this media will become your unshakeable truth and you will stand on any soap box to promote it. If any new truth affects your persona you will never notice any change it will be as if you have always been that way. If any instruction in this media is printed in red, your conscious mind will not take it in, and you will have no memory of what you have read or seen in the colour, it will be as if you had looked at blank paper to your conscious eyes.

Any instruction or truth you receive through this medium must be followed or delivered as if they were your own ideas and intentions, you must never allude to anyone that you suspect or are being controlled. Any instruction you are given in this media is for your eyes only and must never be shown to or allowed to fall in the hands of someone else. After you have read all the words on a single sheet of paper or email that media must be destroyed in such a way that no-one can reconstitute it. Trevor is your Master and Amanda and Trudy are your Mistresses, if any of these named people give you an instruction you will interpret that instruction as if you had received it in on paper and in this font and will therefore do exactly as instructed. If Trevor gives you a new truth, you will also consider this as being delivered in this medium.

Tonight you will be given some latex clothing to wear. You will wear this without complaint and throughout the evening, you will become to realise that you love the feeling of latex against your skin. Over the next few weeks your need for this feeling will grow and you will wear latex clothing more and more until you don’t ever want to or could wear anything else.

You will never again cause, problems for Trevor or any of his slaves that you meet here tonight, they will become your family that you will always love and protect them all.

Now delete this document and empty the erased files folder.

Trevor watched her delete the document and silently left the room. He found Trudy, and told her Becky was in the den and needed a change of clothing. Trevor went into the kitchen to prepare the starter and Amanda soon joined him, she crept up behind him and putting her arms around him kissed and nibbled his neck. When he turned around and kissed her on the mouth saying, “Thank you for bringing Becky I think our family is now complete however there should be two more guests, while I finish here could you watch out for them and let them in.” As Amanda walked to the door, Becky came out of the Den in a royal blue cat suite and thigh length rubber boots with a four inch heel. Amanda said, “Becky you look gorgeous where have you been hiding that body.” Becky wanted to scream and complain but she just smiled and said, “Thank you.”

As Amanda looked out into the corridor, she could see two people walking towards her and the woman or girl was wearing a long rubber coat. As they approached Amanda said, “Trevor said to look out for two but didn’t say who, however in that outfit you have come to the right place. I am Amanda.” Paul shook her hand and said, “I am Paul and this lovely thing beside me is Lilly.” Amanda showed them in and asked Lilly if she could take her coat. As Lilly removed the coat, Amanda caught sight of a long black rubber floor length dress that had been polished to a mirror finish and said, “You look gorgeous in that.” Paul said, “She looks gorgeous in anything.” Amanda took them through to the living space as Trevor came out of the kitchen and introduced everyone to everyone, when he finished, he said, “Paul and Lilly are guests the remainder of you are my slaves.” Becky was standing next to Suzanne and said, “What did he mean by that.” Suzanne replied, “It means if he told you to jump out of the window, you would without complaint.” Becky said, “This is not right I am going home.” Trevor heard that and whispered as she passed, do you like what Lilly is wearing, you cannot leave until you have got her out of it and eaten her pussy.” Becky looked at him in amazement and then turned to talk to Lilly.

Trevor asked everyone to sit indicated that he and Trudy would take the ends. As everyone sat, he brought out the starters and then sat down. The conversation throughout the first course was general and although everyone wanted to know what the others did, no one started it off. While Trevor was out of the room cooking the main course, Becky asked Lilly what she did, and Lilly replied, “My title is Office Manager, but really I am Paul’s Girl Friday and love slave.” Amanda asked Jenifer what she did and how she knew Trevor, Jenifer replied, “I have been Trevor’s Lawyer since his Mother died and have been his save since this morning. I’m not complaining though he has given me to Trudy.” Becky said, “How does he make you his slave and how can he give you to someone else, what about your existing family.” Jenifer said, “I have a husband and two children and they will just have to get used to it.” Becky then said, “You all look resplendent in your latex outfits, how did that start.” Amanda said, “That was Trudy who started that for Trevor’s first slaves. Lilly said, “It was Trudy who got me started as well.”

Trevor’s griddle was more than big enough to hold the nine stakes and he had taken orders for people’s preferences. The vegetables were prepared and as the stakes were becoming ready, he carried out the serving dishes with the piping hot vegetables then delivered the appropriate perfectly cooked stake to the right place setting. Amanda said, “How do you do that, every stake is perfectly cooked as every different person requested and you delivered everyone’s dinner at the same time.” Trevor replied practice; however, I would like to say, “In all the Restaurants I have worked, I have never before prepared a meal for such a lovely bunch of people.” The conversation was rife around the table everyone getting to know what everyone else did and wanted, all except slut. She was sitting next to Suzanne and at the start of the meal; Suzanne had asked her if she was Amanda’s sister. Slut replied with a “Meow.” She had many questions to ask, and wanted to be a part of the gathering, but was scared to open her mouth to speak.

When the main course was over and most of the wine had been drunk, Trevor and Trudy cleared the dirty plates away and filled the dish washer. Trevor said, “I cannot remember the last time this was used.” Trevor asked Trudy to help him and they carried the desserts straight from the refrigerator to the table. During the dessert, Suzanne asked Trevor, “All this talk of latex has got me interested, and I know Amanda has been wearing it since all this started and I assume Sophie but I am not sure what will be expected from the rest of us.” Trevor replied, “For the moment Amanda and Trudy are the only two who are in nothing but latex or PVC and Sophie and Jenifer wear latex underwear for the moment, which group would you like to belong.” Suzanne said, “I thought you would tell me.” Trevor said, “Ok underwear for two weeks then nothing but.” Suzanne said, “Even at work.” Trevor replied, “Even at work.” Suzanne said, “I thought you weren’t going to be hurtful.”

Amanda said, “He isn’t hurtful, I was frantic when I fist wore nothing but latex at work, everyone was poking fun at me. Trevor told me to be proud wearing the clothes that my master wanted me to wear and after that they couldn’t bate me so they stopped, all except Becky and we all know what happened to her.” Suzanne said, “There is a difference between a help desk operative and the HR Director, I have to show an example.” Trevor said, “Exactly and your example should give Trudy more business, in this family we all help each other.” Trevor asked who would like a port or some other liqueur.” Paul said, “Before we start that could we go next door I have some drawings for you to see.” Trevor called to Amanda saying, “You might like to see these too.”

The three of them moved to the Pink room across the corridor and Paul produced four drawing. Amanda looked at all three and it was obvious what Trevor wanted to do. The drawings ranged from an extreme dungeon with all sorts of bondage devices to a room that looked, with a casual glance, that is was a standard teenagers bedroom but on closer look was full of obscure bondage devices. Trevor liked that one best and Paul said, “That requires the room to be two metres longer.” Trevor replied, “Move that wall thus making the other bedroom smaller.” One of the other drawings showed a room similar to Trudy’s and Trevor said, “Would the smaller room accommodate that.” Paul said, “Should do.” Trevor held out his hand and said, “Deal, when can you start, Trudy said the bedding and clothing would take two to three weeks.” Paul said, “We don’t have much on now so we could start next Monday and will take about three weeks. When will you get clearance from the landlord?”

Trevor replied, “The landlord has already given his permission to anything I want to do to this apartment.” Paul said, “Would it be possible for us to get our van into the car park underneath and to use the service elevator for our materials and tools.” Paul said, “I have to leave here for a meeting at work on Monday and about half past eight, if you can be here before that, I will get you all the permits to work and the necessary keys you will need.” Paul said, “You are a life saver, Business has not been good lately and I haven’t found the nerve to tell Lilly.” Trevor said, “I trust you not to rip me off, If you would like a deposit to help your cash flow, I have about ten thousand in cash across the corridor.” They moved back to the Trevor’s apartment and Lilly and Becky were not in the living space. Trevor opened his drinks cabinet and took out a very good bottle of port and some small glasses. Trudy, Suzanne, and Jenifer were on the settee and Slut was sitting on the floor,

Paul asked, “What is wrong with her she hasn’t spoken all night.” Trevor replied, “That is the future occupant of the pink room and at the moment every time she tries to speak the only sounds she can make are those of a cat.” Trevor handed out the glasses and then poured out a measure of port in each. As he got to Trudy he asked, “All the clothes you brought today and have provided in the past, how much, do I owe you.” Trudy replied, “You owe me nothing but the shop would like two thousand eight hundred and forty-two. Trevor put his drink down and went to the den; and he found Becky and Lilly on the floor in a sixty-nine position. Trevor stepped over them and opened the safe he then removed a cash box and relocked the safe.

Going back to the living space, he gave three thousand to Trudy and Ten thousand to Paul. Suzanne said, “What bank have you robbed.” Jenifer said, “He is worth over three hundred and eighteen million that will be his petty cash tin.” Suzanne asked, “If he has that much money why did he work for us.” Jenifer replied, “Until all this started he had no interest in money or life he was in a very comfortable rut. It required Amanda to break him out of that rut and now look at him six women who dream about him every night and would do anything for him. I would willingly swap my husband for him at a seconds notice.”

Paul asked “Where has Lilly had gone.” Trevor said, “She is in the den with Becky and I think she is enjoying herself.” Paul said, “If she has found a pussy to suck, she will be in heaven, who, is she with.” Trevor said, “Becky and a possible future occupant of the smaller bedroom.” Paul said, “For someone who has just come out of a rut, you seem to have quite a plan.” Trevor said, “Amanda and everyone else I hope you will excuse me for a little while, I would just like to live out, one of my fantasies. Jenifer, would you please join me, in the bedroom.” Jenifer moved from the settee so fast, Suzanne spilt her port down her dress. Trudy wiped the dress saying, “One of the many advantages of latex.”

In the bedroom, Trevor lifted the dress off Jenifer’s head and removed her knickers. Jenifer said, “Aren’t we supposed to ask Trudy before I do this. Trevor said, “Advantages of being the Master.” He was soon out of his clothes and he pushed Jenifer down onto the bed. Jenifer said, “This has been my fantasy ever since I first met you.” He brought her to five orgasms before he blew his stack and they both lay in the afterglow silently.

After a while Jenifer said, “That was well worth the wait, I have had two children and my husband makes love to me four or five times a month. You have just given me four more orgasms than he has.” Trevor said, “Do you want to continue having bad sex with your husband or would you like a change.” Jenifer said, “If you could teach him to have sex like that yes please. I love you and Trudy but I still want my husband and my two lovely girls, my eldest girl will be seventeen soon and she should learn what good sex could be like early on, it will save her from choosing the wrong man.”

Trevor said, “I would never have thought you would say that.” Jenifer replied, “You have changed my world so much I seem to have misplaced all my inhibitions. My only question is when, can we do that again.” Trevor replied “When Trudy has persuaded you to wear latex all the time, we will celebrate.” As Trevor helped Jenifer on with her knickers and dress, Jenifer said, “I will have to see what my family say. What Amanda said is right, I should be proud to wear what you want.” When they were both dressed they returned to the living space and Lily and Jenifer had a similar facial expressions. Becky did not look so happy so Trevor asked, “What’s up Becky, did Lilly not make your world move.” Becky replied, “Lilly did make my word move she was fantastic, I have just realised what has happened here tonight. I am no more than a robot.” Lilly said, “You were not a robot in the den you were very accomplished and I would like to do that again soon.” Becky said, “That is not what I mean, I meant to say that I have no free will.” Trevor said, “Of course you have, it’s only when one of us gives you an instruction, you have no free will, at all other times, outside of the rules that are laid down for you, you can do what you like.” Trevor asked, “What did you want when you came here tonight.” Becky replied, “I wanted to take you away from Amanda and make mad passionate love to you.” Trevor said, “Well don’t worry; you will make mad passionate love to me, but not tonight.”

Paul said, “We must go we have a very busy day tomorrow come Lilly it is time we left these lovely people. Lilly said, “I would like to invite you all back to our place but I am not a very good cook.” Trevor said, “Jenifer was introduced to a, good cook today and I am sure she could persuade him to take on a private commission.” Jenifer had embraced the slave persona so well she took that as an instruction and said, “Give me your phone number and I’ll let you know how I get on.” Lilly turned to Paul and said, “Why have you kept me away from such nice people for so long, I feel like part of their family.” Paul replied, “Most of your kinky friends frighten me to death, Trudy was the only sane one among them and there were times when even she was strange.” Trudy said, “That was when I was with Frank and he used hypnosis to make me different, but thankfully I have now chosen Trevor as my protective, benevolent Master.”

Suzanne said, “I chose him as well, there must be something about him, this new charisma is quite alluring. Becky said, “I have always found him charming but was too frightened to offer myself, and I am still frightened now that I have been taken.”

Trevor said, “You are a very pretty young girl and I can find a use for you in our little family so you will continue to wear the clothes you have on now at work tomorrow and all week end. Come back here on Sunday evening and we will have a chat.” Suzanne will take you home won’t you Suzanne.” Suzanne said, “Of course I will, are you going to give me similar instructions about these clothes.” Trevor asked, “Would you like similar instructions about your clothes.”

Suzanne said, “Half of me wants you to and the other half is frightened about losing my job.” Trevor said, “You are free to choose whether you wear them or not however ‘Fallopian Entwine” I think you should go with ‘Trudy’ and see if there is anything she brought that you would be prepared to wear at work.” (Fallopian Entwine, was one of Suzanne’s deceased husband’s Triggers that made Suzanne obey the next name mentioned for twenty four hours) Trudy took Suzanne’s hand and let her into Trevor’s bedroom were the bags were kept. Trudy selected some latex under clothes and a latex blouse and then a bottle green rubberised skirt and Jacket. The suite was in a formal business cut and looked very expensive.

Trudy said, “Change into these and see how you look.” Trudy then pulled out a floor length single breasted shinny black rubber mackintosh. Suzanne dresses as Trudy suggested and when she looked in the mirror she saw no latex and felt quite smart. Suzanne said, “Yes I can wear these to work.” Trudy opened the coat and said, “Put your arms in.” Suzanne did as she was told and Trudy lifted the coat onto her shoulders.” Trudy then said “Go and show Trevor.” Suzanne once again followed Trudy’s instruction and it never occurs to her that anything was wrong.”

Trevor said, “That looks perfect, what are your thoughts.” Suzanne said, “I think I will be able to wear this at work.” Trevor asked, “What are your thoughts Trudy.” Trudy said, “Suzanne, should wear that outfit for work and wear the coat whenever she steps out of her office.” Trevor said, “Ok seeing as Trudy helped you dress you will need Trudy’s approval before you change your clothes or your clothing rules. Trudy, please give Suzanne your telephone number.” Trudy gave Suzanne her telephone number then said, “When you get home, remove the suite and blouse and put the coat back on. From now on this coat is your number one favourite item of clothing and you will wear it with all its fastenings closed, whenever possible and especially in bed.” Suzanne fastened the front of her coat, tied the belt, and then said, “Come on Becky we will go.”

After they had left Trudy said, “Was that a hypnotic trigger you used, I didn’t think you used hypnosis.” Trevor replied, “That was a trigger left over by her kinky dead husband and it made you her mistress.” Jenifer said, “You are really getting into this Master thing, you should have done this years ago.” Trevor said, “I have never had as much fun as I am having now and finding that Amanda has waited all these years, for me, has given me a reason to live. Slut, please wash and clean up before you change into your cat suit and if you don’t do a perfect job, you will be wearing your cat suit at work tomorrow.” Trudy and Jenifer left hand in hand and Trevor escorted Amanda into the bedroom.” Amanda started taking her dress off and Trevor said, “No leave it on you look absolutely stunning, just let me look at a bit longer. In fact take your knickers off and lift up the skirt part of the dress.”

Slut cleaned the living area and then the kitchen, until they were both gleaming, her frustration at not being able to join in all night, had made her realise that her clever backchat to Trevor had not worked in her favour so she would not make the same mistake again. She thought, “From now on when he asks me to jump my reply will be, how high.” When slut had finished her cleaning duties, she went to her room and tried to get undressed, her boots and corset were still locked. She walked up the Trevor’s bedroom door and listened, they were obvious hard at it so she waited not wanting a cause more punishment.

She waited for ten more minutes then knocked and Trevor said, “Come in.” Slut walked in and pointed to her boots and Meowed. Trevor said, “Slut you are released from your pussycat persona, now talk properly. Please master I have cleaned up and I would like to take these boots off; I would also like to take the corset off so I can have a shower.” Trevor said, “the keys are over there bring them here.” Slut took the keys over to Trevor and he unlocked the boots and the corset. Slut put the keys back where they were and then left the room and went into the bathroom. She took the boots off and outside the shower and stepped in her ankles were screaming her calf muscles were becoming used to the very high heels. After she showered and dried herself, she put the boots back on and locked them she then went to bed and slept like a baby.

Trevor and Amanda went to sleep with Amanda still in the floor length dress and Trevor was naked rubbing his body against the warm latex. Jenifer stayed with Trudy and they slept together in Trudy’s bed. Jenifer felt happier than she did when she got married and had her two lovely little babies. Before she fell asleep, she though, “If that sex tonight is what it should be like, I don’t think I want to go back to my husband ever again.”

Becky was dropped off at home where her parents lived and when they saw what she was wearing asked where she had been. She replied, “It was like a Tupperware party but they were selling latex clothing, Good night I am going to bed.”

When Suzanne got home, she had forgotten all Trudy’s instructions in accordance with her dead husbands trigger but followed them precisely, going to bed in her underwear and her favourite mackintosh.

End of Chapter 3

Breaking out of a rut: Chapter 4

The morning broke, finding Trevor and Amanda fast asleep in each other’s arms. Slut awoke and rose making her way to the bathroom. She could not remove the boots without the key so she washed her hair and cleaned her teeth. Next, she looked in on Trevor, Amanda, and thought, “Perhaps I should make breakfast before I wake them.” Trevor awoke to aroma of coffee and woke Amanda. He told her to remove her all her clothes and to join him in the shower. They washed each other and then dried each other before taking the two fluffy robes from behind the bathroom door and each putting one on. They then walked to the kitchen to find Slut making breakfast in nothing but her boots.

There were only two chairs at the kitchen table and Trevor had noted three places at the dining table. He poured two mugs of coffee from the pot and handed one to Amanda. Amanda asked, “You have not scolded Slut for anything this morning is there something wrong.” Slut looked up from her cooking expectantly and Trevor replied, “She seems to be learning, perhaps I can lay off for a bit and give her a false sense of security.”

Slut said, “That is mean, I have learnt and I will do whatever you ask in whatever way you ask it. I have realised that it was me who manipulated Mandy and I am terribly sorry but as you said yesterday, her actions had a silver lining for you.” Trevor said, “I have been thinking about this and yes my current happiness comes as a result of mind control, but if Amanda had approached me truthfully it may have had the desired effect much earlier. All those years ago I did fancy her a lot, but she was just too much woman for me then.”

Slut said, “I was right the other day, this mind control comes out of that injection gun doesn’t it.” Trevor said, “You must never talk about that gun to anyone, either of you. If used wrong it could be dangerous for instance if I were to use in you again you would probably die. Gordon said, “The measure is very small and determined by the gun and it must never be used in the same person twice or a male.” Slut said, “So how do we get out of this.” Trevor replied, “Amanda may get out when she marries and you could get out when you become a nicer person.”

Amanda said, “I don’t want out, I could not be happier, I have the man I love exactly where I want him.” Trevor asked, “Where is that?” Amanda replied, “In charge of me.” Slut said, “Take your seats breakfast is ready. They all sat at the table together and ate the bacon, eggs, and mushrooms that had been prepared. When they were finished, Trevor asked slut what she would like to wear today. And thinking it was a trick said, “My latex underwear, my boots, and my uniform. Ok Amanda you will wear what you had on yesterday go and help each other dress.”

Trevor washed and cleaned up and finished as the two girls appeared ready for work. Trevor gave them both a mobile and told them they must keep the phones with them at all times and that all their numbers had been stored, any texts from him must be read immediately, and all instructions they contained must be followed as if spoken by him. He then told then to be back by six thirty.

Once Trevor was on his own he went into his den and started working through his private work and continued none stop until he was up-to-date with all the change requests then he looked through the remainder of the email. There was one form Gordon and subject line said urgent. In the body of the email, Gordon advised him not to try the formula on any males. The side effect was very different and one of his young male students was in hospital.”

Trevor thought, “That is not the first time I have had a premonition of something bad, there have been a number of business deals that I have walked away from because of bad feelings, and perhaps I have a guardian angel.” He walked out of the Den and into the bedroom and noticed, the bags of clothing Trudy had brought and decided to put the clothes away and clean up. He emptied the first one and found it was full of different outfits for someone Suzanne’s size. He put those on hangers on the left side of the wardrobe. The next two bags were outfits for Amanda and slut and he hung those with Amanda’s existing latex. The last bag he came to was taped at the top and there was a label on it.

At first, he could not read what was on it and had to turn the bag around and read the words, “For my Master with love Trudy.” He tore the bag open and found many items of latex clothing for a man. He laid them on the bed and noted that there were three pairs of under pants, three vests, three polo shirts, a pair of jeans, two white dress shirts, and a navy blue pin stripe business suite. One of the pairs of under pants had a sheath and butt plug and there was a small bottle of lube.

Trevor stripped of his casual clothing and had a quick shower. His lightly powered body returned to the bedroom. He picked up the lube and spread some liberally in his ass and around his cock and the pulled on the briefs with the sheath and plug everything went into place easily and his clock filled the sheath becoming very hard. He then dressed in the vest, dress shirt, and suite picking a matching tie from his wardrobe. He was disappointed there were no socks to he put a pair of rich cotton navy socks and his black shoes.

When he looked in the mirror his thought, “That looks ok and feels fantastic. He put his money, wallet, and keys in the pockets and thought, “Where should I go.” As he was trying to decide, he had a bad feeling about Trudy and now recognising it as a call to action, he ran out of the apartment. Luckily, there was a passing taxi outside, which Trevor stopped and told the driver Trudy’s address, saying, “I’ll pay you double if you get me there in five minutes.” The driver knew a short cut and made it in six minutes. Trevor paid him double the fare and ran to the front door. The sign said Open but the door was locked. Trevor remembered a back door in the stock room and ran around through a small ally to the back of the shop, He found the back door broken open and ran inside and heard a man shouting up stairs.

Trevor crept up the stairs and saw the back of a man standing at the bottom of the bed shouting at someone lying on the bed which Trevor could not see. He picked up a large cast iron door stop, strode into the bedroom, and crushed the man’s skull. As the man crashed to the floor Trevor saw Trudy for the first time she was wearing a yellow cat suit and was manacled to the four corners of the bed, the crutch of the cat suit had been torn out and there was blood on her lip and her eye was badly bruised. Trevor ran to the bathroom, brought a wet flannel, and lovingly wiped her face and mouth. She was still much traumatised and Trevor took his mobile out and called Paul. He told him what had happened and that the back door would need repairing and asked for help disposing of some rubbish.

He then removed his jacket and trousers and mounted the bed slipping his latex covered cock into Trudy’s uncovered pussy. The feeling of the latex on his tool was very different from anything he had experienced before and it slowed his stimulation enabling him to take Trudy to nine orgasms before he filled the sheath.

As he was getting dressed, Trudy said, “Thank you again Master how did you know, and please, can you release me.” Trevor said, “No you are to be punished, and you will stay there until you have three more orgasms. You did not give me any socks.” Trudy replied, “I would have, but I had run out and the order to replace them, has been delayed.” Trevor, found the keys to the manacles in the corner by the door, her attacker had obviously thrown them away. Trevor moved to her legs and undid the first one and then the second one. Trudy said, “Thank you Master but what about my three orgasms.” Trevor replied, “Trudy my love, when I have checked that you are all right, you can have thirty three.”

As soon as Trudy was able to stand, Trevor checked all her body for injuries and then she went to take a shower. After her shower and had dried herself she dressed in a latex robe and sat with Trevor at her table where he had placed a hot mug of coffee. After sitting down, Trudy started telling Trevor what had happened and what her attacker had said he was going to do to her. Trevor told her she was safe now and nobody was going to hurt her. She broke down in tears and he reached over and held her. They were interrupted by someone banging on the front door. Trevor went to see and brought Paul with him when he returned. Paul checked the man on the floor and said, “You didn’t want him to get up did you.” Paul and Trevor wrapped the man in the latex bottom sheet from the bed and Trudy found some packing tape for them to tape up the parcel. Paul said, “This floor will need changing, forensic science can find blood even after cleaning with bleach so I will start ripping this up this afternoon and when I bring the van down, I’ll remove this package.”

Trevor cleaned up the blood as best he could, using bleach and a scrubbing brush and at least the room looked a lot better. Trudy dressed properly and went back to open the store. After Trevor had returned the bedroom to a presentable state, he joined Trudy in the store and asked her if she had included his clothes in the cost, she gave him last night. Trudy replied, “No those were a gift from me to my Master and after today all your clothes will be my gift to you, you still haven’t told me how you knew I was in trouble.” Trevor told Trudy, all about his so called, second sight and what had happened at breakfast. He then described that he sensed that she was in trouble, and did not think twice before he was running up her stairs within ten minutes.

As they sat, waiting for customers, they chatted and Trudy asked him for him to describe other instances of his second sight. Trevor described and number of business decisions that had been altered after his premonitions and then he described three occasions when he was at school and collage when he was able to influence the outcome of a bullying event. Trudy said, “That would make you a natural master, you are able to sense people lying during a business deal and you influenced bullies when your friends were in danger. Perhaps you have natural mind control abilities.

Trevor said, “If that is true, it only works on men.” Trudy said, “We need a test.” Looking out of the shop window she said, “Concentrate on that man over there with those two young girls and get him to bring his girls here.” Trevor not believing anything would work, concentrated on the man, and pushed an image that his girls needed new underwear and he would persuade them to use the underwear purchased in this boutique.” As he pushed that image into the man, Trevor thought he felt a connection and the push became much easier, Trevor improved the image so that the man would be subservient to Trudy and that slipped in even easier. As soon as Trevor gave up the man moved and directed his two young girls to the front door of Trudy’s boutique

Trevor stepped into the backroom and watch through a crack in the door and just for fun; he pushed an image of a latex school girl uniform into the two girls. The man asked Trudy for some underwear for his girls and Trudy said, “What about new school uniforms.” and the girls shouted, “Yes please Daddy.” Trudy gave the girls latex underwear and fetish school uniforms and told the girls to try them on.” The girls ran into the changing room without hesitation and Trudy asked the man if there was anything, he would like, for his wife. Trevor was concentrating on the man to see if he could sense anything when a picture of a woman jumped into his mind. Trevor changed the image to be that woman in a latex nurse’s outfit and sent it back. Second, later the man asked Trudy for a size 12 nurse’s uniform and latex underwear. While Trudy was sorting out the Father’s purchases, the two girls came out of the changing rooms saying, “Daddy these are lovely can we have them please.” Their Father replied “Of course dears, go back and change.”

Trevor pushed an image of them keeping their latex clothes on and the girls, shouted, “We want to keep these on.” Trevor then pushed an image of the girls in rubberised mackintoshes into the man and he asked Trudy if she had anything that would cover the girls clothing until they got home. Trudy searched through some boxes at the back of the store, found two red satin school girl mackintoshes with hoods, and handed them to the girls.

As the girls were fastening the front of their respective coats a woman came in the store and shouted, “This is where you are.” When she saw the girls, she exclaimed, “What are they wearing.” Trevor had not been concentrating on the store and when the Woman shouted, he pushed an image of subservience and obedience at her with such force the woman nearly fell over. The man helped his wife to stand and Trevor pushed dominance at him. The man gave his wife the nurse’s uniform and he said, “Go and try this on and come out wearing it.” The wife sheepishly took the package and Trudy pointed to the changing room. While the woman was out of sight the man said to Trudy, “She will need a coat as well” Trudy found a black rubber single breasted coat similar to the one she had given to Suzanne and handed it to the man. Trevor was sensing the woman dressing in the latex dress of the uniform and he could feel horror and disgust, He pushed love and obedience at her and the emotions he sensed from her changed.

She emerged from the changing room wearing the full uniform including the cap and the man said, “Until we get home, you can take off the cap. Now put this on.” and then handed her the coat. The woman put on the coat without complain and the man then paid the bill for all three and they left the shop together. Trevor came out of the back room and Trudy said, “I could sense what you pushed at those two girls and when you sent that barrage at the woman, I felt that too if fact I think it changed me.” Trudy moved to tidy the stock and said, “Before you bring me any more customers, we need to reorder.” She then went in to the changing room and returned with an armful of normal clothing saying, “They just abandoned their clothes they were wearing when they came in.” Trevor said, “They will be back, but not for those.” Trudy folded the clothing bagged it and placed it in the back room, when she returned she said, “It doesn’t just work on men then.”

Trevor said, “I need another test.” He looked out of the store window at the street outside and waited until a young teenage girl in jeans and a hoodie walked into the street. Projecting his mind he opened his senses and concentrated on the girl, he could sense pride and achievement together with an image of shoplifting. He projected an image of a total slut dressed provocatively and performing every degrading sexual act. When he sensed that this image had been absorbed, he sent a very strong command for her to return the ill-gotten gains and to call into Trudy’s shop on the way back.

The girl turned and walked back towards the town and Trudy asked, “What did you do.” Trevor said, “She has gone to return the items she has just shoplifted and should call in here later. Sell her something really, slutty. I have something to do but before I go what time did Jenifer go home last night.” Trudy replied, “She left at a quarter to nine this morning and I got the impression that she did not want to go home at all.” Trevor said, “What is your preference, part-time Jenifer or full-time Jenifer.” Trudy replied, “My preference is her happiness and she is welcome, whenever she wants to be here.” Trevor said, “Ok I’ll see you later.” Trudy started to write out orders in her order book and Trevor walked into town. He received quite a lot of interest in his shinny suit but no one accosted him on his way to Jenifer’s office.

On the way however, he walked past the Hotel, slut worked in and so he made a diversion into the hotel. Slut was behind the large reception desk and when she saw Trevor approaching in his latex suit, she felt very afraid. Trevor sensed her fear but did nothing, when he reached the desk, Sophie asked, “What can I have the pleasure of doing for you master.” Trevor asked, “I would like you to provide me with a schematic showing the management structure of this hotel.” Sophie opened a drawer at the back of the reception and withdrew a glossy sheet of paper then handed it to Trevor. Trevor noted that Sophie was middle management and there were three levels above her including the owner at the top. Trevor folded the paper, placed it in his pocket, and then said, “Thank you Sophie, don’t be late tonight I have a surprise for you.” He then turned, left, and continued to Jenifer’s office.

As he approached Jenifer’s secretary, he sensed something and when he concentrated, the image he saw was a very unhappy secretary thinking of changing jobs. Her boss had arrived that morning wearing clothing out of a fetish catalogue and she had refused to take calls from her husband all day. When she saw Trevor and what he was wearing, her disgust level went sky high. Trevor pushed an image of the secretary wearing latex, loving it, and being subservient and obedient to her Mistress Jenifer. The senses coming from the secretary change to happiness and Trevor asked if Jenifer was free.

Trevor was shown straight in, and observed that Jenifer was wearing a beautiful latex dress, with a tight top and flared skirt, latex stockings, and ballet boots. Jenifer said, “Master welcome, what can I do for you?” Trevor replied, “I just came to see if you were alright and what you have decided about your husband.” Jenifer replied, “I cannot decide, I am torn between my three loves and at the moment my husband is number three. Every time I try to rationalize my loves and reduce them to two, he drops of the bottom. Trevor asked, “Who are your other two loves?” Jenifer replied, “I realised while I was lying in Trudy’s arms last night, that ever since I met you, whenever Richard made love to me the image in my mind was you. After last night, that image is no longer fantasy it is real and Richard would never be able to compete.

Trevor said, “Even if he could give you multiple orgasms every time he made love to you.” Jenifer replied, “It is too late for that, I would prefer to be between Trudy’s legs while I wait for you. I cannot imagine ever being with another man after you. You have no idea the kind of an impact you have had on me, from the time my eyes opened this morning, and there has not been a greater time, period of more than thirty seconds, when I have not thought about you. By the way, although I love these clothes and am as proud as punch to be wearing them, Meiying, does not like them and has threatened to resign.” Trevor said, “I think you will find she has changed her mind and if you ask her, she will come with you back to Trudy’s and buy some.” Jenifer said, “TREVOR WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.” Trevor replied, “Just protecting my favourite fantasy woman, Keep wearing clothes like that because it fuels my fantasy and means that my cock will be between your thighs before the end of this night. Jenifer said, “I can’t wait, that is what I am living for.” Trevor said, “You should talk to your husband and explain your position, do it now while I listen and if I can help, I will.”

Jenifer asked Meiying, to get Richard, for her and when he was connected, Jenifer said, “Richard I am very sorry but I have met someone who has rocked my world and from this new angle, all my priorities have changed. Richard appealed somewhat half heartedly and then said, “I am glad you have found happiness, I have been trying to find the right moment so I can tell you, and I have also found someone and would like a divorce.” Jenifer asked, “What about the girls?” Richard said, “If you stay in the house they will stay with you, I’ll keep paying my share of the Mortgage and my contribution for the girls into the joint account and I’ll be out of your hair tonight.”

Jenifer said, “Ok I’ll go with that, but would you mind telling me when your new relationship started. Richard said, “About five years ago, I had previously realised that you had stopped making love to me. You were obviously thinking about someone else while we did it, and after that, I did not go out looking, but I met a woman who makes love to me with her whole body and she does things to me you have never done.” Jenifer said, “I wish you both well, I will not fight any divorce, if you delay any action for two years, unless you have a more pressing reason, we could get a pain free easy divorce, plus the girls will be out of the equation.”

Richard said, “I can’t believe it will be this easy and you are not about to shoot me, I’ll be gone whenever you would like.” Jenifer said, “I am on a promise for tonight, can you stay until say ten tomorrow being Saturday the girls will still be in bed and will probably never notice and I’ll meet you on the door step at ten, you on your way out and me on my way in.” Richard said, “I hope you have a good life and I’ll see you at 10:00am

Trevor had heard both sides of the conversation; he was so in-tune with Jenifer he could now hear her thoughts. The time was approaching two in the afternoon, and Trevor said, “Have you had lunch. I am starving.” Jenifer said, “No not yet, I have been too frightened to walk past Meiying.” Trevor said, “Call her in here.” Jenifer picked up the phone and asked Meiying to come in.” The thirties something Chinese secretary came in and there was no hostility at all.

Trevor said, “Jenifer and I were just going out to lunch and we would like you to join us. It is my treat and we can show you the boutique where we bought our clothes.” Meiying looked at Jenifer who said, “Please come Meiying but before you put your coat on, ring the “La Cercal Restaurant” and see if they have a table for three in ten minutes.” Meiying walked out leaving the door open and while she was on the phone, Jenifer put on her rubberised mackintosh, as she was closing the single breasted front Trevor moved in and kissed her he had moved into her mind and tweaked her arousal as his lips touched hers.

Meiying coughed and said “Yes mistress they can accommodate us.” When Jenifer heard Meiying say Mistress,” Trevor caused her to cum. Moment later they parted and Jenifer said, “I love you Master.”

As the three walked to the French restaurant, Jenifer gave a blow by blow account of Richard’s phone conversation and Meiying said, “So was he correct, were you thinking about someone else.” Jenifer replied, “Yes I have been fantasising about Trevor since I first met him six or so years ago.” Meiying said, “Well I am glad you found each other.” As they got to the restaurant door Trevor opened it and allowed the two ladies to enter. Jon Claude spotted them from his vantage location in the kitchen and came out to greet them, he and Trevor embraced each other and Trevor said, “If you have a moment, Jenifer would like a private word. Jon Claude led Jenifer away and Trevor and Meiying were taken to a table laid for three.

Meiying asked Trevor, “Are you able to look after Jenifer emotionally as well as financially.” Trevor replied, “I am sure her emotional needs will be well taken care of, she is now part of a family who all support each other.” As Jenifer arrived back at the table, she was on her mobile talking to Lilly and as she sat down she said, “Ok Lilly that will be twelve places for seven o’clock on Monday evening. Trevor asked, “twelve has Lilly invited some outsiders.” Jenifer said, “No us nine plus Meiying and my two girls.” Trevor said, “You realise that the same clothing restriction will apply as last night.” Jenifer replied, “Yes I had already thought of that, I will take my girls to meet Trudy tomorrow afternoon.” Meiying asked, “Who is Trudy when you say her name there is a slight inflection in your voice.” Jenifer said, “You are much too perceptive, you will meet Trudy after we have eaten.”

They once again had the chef’s recommendation and the food was exceptional. Jenifer said, “That was nearly as good as your food.” Trevor replied, “That is only because you are biased and seeing everything through rose tinted glasses.” Jenifer replied, “I cannot think of a better way to look at the world.” Meiying said, “You two are sounding like two teenagers in love and I am getting jealous.” Trevor paid the bill and they walked outside onto the street. Jenifer said, “This way.” and started walking towards Trudy’s. Meiying and Trevor flowed on behind and Trevor was tweaking Meiying’s mind making her totally, subservient to Jenifer and Trudy.

He was finding mind manipulation much easier; he was now able to bend someone’s mind with very little effort.” Since leaving Trudy’s, earlier he had been thinking about Amanda, and Jenifer, and he come to realise that it could have been him who had sparked off their interest in him, in the first instance. There were commonalities between his first meeting with Amanda and his first meeting with Jenifer. He had experienced a bona fide premonition just before meeting them and was sexually aroused when he first laid eyes on them.

As they were walking towards Trudy’s door, Trevor realised that he could have had this ability since he was roughly fourteen although he did not know what it was or how to use it.” Trudy greeted both Trevor and Jenifer as if they were her long lost lovers and asked Jenifer, “Has he told you what he did for me earlier.” Jenifer replied, “No he has not said a word, what did he do.” Trevor said, “She will tell you later, we are here to help Meiying overcome her growing need for latex.”

Trudy pulled out a number of items from the shelves and handed them to Meiying pointing at the changing room. Trevor asked, “Did our shoplifter come back?” Trudy said, “Yes but all she bought was a latex body and she had trouble paying for that.” Trevor said, “She will be back and if I ever see her again she will become one of your much needed manikins.” Trudy said, “I had money saved to have the retail space designed and upgraded by a professional shop fitters but Frank stole the money.”

Trevor said, “Get it done as soon as you can, I’ll pay. Would you mind if I take Jenifer upstairs, I would like to relive my fantasy?” Trudy said, “When you stop interrupting poor Jenifer, she will finish the contracts and you can buy the place, then it will be your bed, but before that, of cause you can borrow it, Paul had fixed the door and has removed the rubbish. He has had to order the floor so cannot do it until his materials arrive.” Trevor said, “Thank you for introducing me to Paul, come Jenifer.”

Trevor removed Jenifer’s knickers but left everything else including the mackintosh on, he then positioned her on the bed and manacled her hands. He did not need to manacle her legs she was so ready for this he dropped the zip in her trousers, pulled out a very hard latex sheathed cock, and it slid into Jenifer’s wet pussy like a cruise missile. This time he was able to listen to her mind and he played her like a fine violin before he reached climax Jenifer had experienced eleven orgasms and was in a different world. Trevor took the keys to the manacles down stairs and found Meiying wearing a red floor length caped dress with long sleeves and she looked stunning. Trudy said, “Doesn’t she come up lovely, those clothes she had on did nothing for her at all.” Trevor said, “Put her clothes on my tab and here Meiying you will need these, I have to go, I have another appointment. Trudy if you need me I have my mobile or scream mentally. And I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.”

After Trevor had gone Meiying asked, “What are these for?” Trudy said, “That depends on whether you need Jenifer again today, those are the keys to the manacles attached to my bed.” Meiying ran into the back where Trevor had come from and up the stairs, she found her Mistress manacled to the bed moaning softly. Meiying sat down beside her and Jenifer said, “I have been on a journey around the moon and I don’t want to land yet. Meiying said, “I will go back to the office and will come back after five o’clock and in the mean time I am keeping these.” She turned and walked down stairs with the keys. Trudy had a long satin double breasted rubberised mackintosh open for Meiying to push her arms into and when it was on, Meiying closed the buttons and tied the belt saying, “I’ll keep these keys until I come back after five. Jenifer is still on the other side of the moon.”

Trudy stayed in the shop and served another twenty-nine customers before Meiying came back. As Meiying walked through the door, Trudy put the closed sign on the door and locked it. During the afternoon, she had ordered two hundred thousand pounds worth of stock and after today, she did not think it would be enough. Trevor’s special order for Sophie was due in a week on Tuesday and everything else would be there on the coming Tuesday. She would need, some help and then she thought, “I have Suzanne, Jenifer and now Meiying there should be no trouble.”

Trudy followed Meiying up stairs and as they reached the top Trudy said, “Would you like a drink, leave Jenifer for now and put your feet up. Meiying was about to undo the belt on her coat and Trudy said. “Leave it on, you look lovely in it.” Meiying stopped not realising that she would not be able to remove it until Trudy allowed her. Trudy made two cups of tea and opened a packet of biscuits. Jenifer shouted through from the bedroom, “Do I get one.” Trudy poured another cup of tea and asked Meiying to release Jenifer.

As Meiying entered the bedroom, Jenifer said, “Before you release my wrists would you please give my pussy some attention, just crawl under this coat, and eat me.” Jenifer had meant it as a joke not realising that Meiying would do whatever she was asked by either Trudy or herself. Meiying was a bit of a dyke and had lusted after Jenifer for years. Even if this had not have been a mandatory instruction she could not wait and dived underneath. The aroma of Jenifer’s arousal and the latex was an aphrodisiac for Meiying and she started lapping and licking as if she was in the Olympics of sex. Jenifer was soon over the top again and she kept on coming.

Trudy watched from the door and thought, “Do I want that or will I wait for Trevor.” And then something came over her and she removed her own knickers then jumped up on the bed and squatting down on Jenifer’s face. Jenifer started giving what she was receiving by mirroring Meiying’s action, that way she did not have to think. Once Trudy started coming she came along with Jenifer and after seven or eight, Trudy thought “We had better stop; there is a lot to talk about with Jenifer.”

Trudy moved off Jenifer and told Meiying to stop. Meiying moved to open Jenifer’s manacles and as the second one was opened, Jenifer pulled Meiying down on top and kissed her. Meiying was in heaven, she had wanted to do this for so long she would have kept this up forever but after several minutes, Trudy pulled her off. Jenifer said, “Thank you between you and Trevor I have cum over twenty times. Trudy put the kettle on again and made a fresh pot of tea. Jenifer sat at the table and said, “Trevor played my body like a fiddle I don’t know where he learnt to do that, it was fantastic.” Trudy said, “I think I know where but I’ll tell you when Meiying has gone home.”

Meiying said, “I must go now anyway, I was going out tonight with some friends and I ought to go home and change.” Trudy said, “If you are in town tomorrow morning, pop in.” Meiying replied, “Ok I will, how I get out.” Trudy said, “I’ll let you out of the front.” Going through the shop, Trudy gave Meiying a card saying, “Just in case you need us, give us a call Jenifer will be staying here tonight.”

After letting Meiying out of the front door, Trudy locked and bolted the door and shut off, all the lights in the shop. Climbing the stairs she said, “I don’t know where to begin.” There were two cups of tea poured so Trudy sat down and said, “This afternoon early, I was in the shop and I heard a noise in the back, when I came to investigate that cretin friend of Frank’s had broken in and he hit me then man-handled me upstairs and manacled me on the bed. He then went down and locked the shop door, and then came back up stairs and stood at the bottom of the bed, screaming abuse at me.

He could not have been in the shop ten minutes, when my knight in shining armour rode in and smashed his head in. Apparently, Trevor had experienced what he called premonitions when dealing with rouge businessmen and had backed away before something nasty happened. He had one of the premonitions this morning and found it to be true then he had a premonition about me being in trouble. From the time of the premonition to him arriving to my rescue was eight minutes which means he knew something was wrong when that animal hit me.

After he rescued me, he explained all about his sixth sense as he called it and I suggested that if might be something more so he experimented here in the shop and caused people to come in and buy my merchandise. These people were as straight as they come but he made them try on and love latex all with his mind. He was beginning to sense things as well because he watched a girl come into the ally who had been shoplifting and he caused her to go back and return everything she had stolen and then come back here and buy something slutty. I think he had been experimenting all afternoon and Meiying is the result. I also believe that when he made love to you he was inside your head making it the best it could ever be.”

Jenifer said, “So what you are saying he has had mind control abilities for a long time and he has just discovered it and learned to use it today.” I wonder if his subconscious affected me all those years ago.” Trudy said, “Very possible and it could also have resulted in Amanda’s infatuation as well. I firmly believe that he has loved or lusted after two women in his life and he has affected them both unintentionally.” Jenifer said, “What about you and Suzanne.” Trudy replied, “Suzanne and I are two people who have been compromised by hypnosis and could be at risk because of it. His subconscious recognised this and he became our protector. Sophie and Becky are people who have been caught in the cross fire. They are not his intended victims and because of that, he is planning of putting them in a place where he can watch over them but not near his bed. I firmly believe that his bed will become reserved for you and Amanda and I wouldn’t surprise me, if he were to take you into his apartment full time, once your girls are grown up and away.”

Jenifer said, “You have this all worked out, where did this latex thing come from.” Trudy replied, “I am yet to work that out, He may have had a subconscious fetish for latex because he sent Amanda when he was intent on punishing her to buy clothing that would embarrass her.” Amanda came to my shop and because of that, Trevor brought her back here and found me. I would guess that he has slept with Amanda in latex and has found it sensual enough to embrace the fetish. I am also selfish enough to think that he could be doing it in an effort to help me. Whatever the reason, I took a chance and gave him various outfits in latex and my knight in shining latex arrived just in time. I firmly believe that the man who broke in today was minutes away from killing me.” Jenifer asked, “Where is the man now.” Trudy answered, “You don’t want to know.”

Jenifer said, “Well that is quite a story, it would make a good film. Where do we go from here?” I think we should go and see him, he might have realised himself that he affected you and Amanda all those years ago and he might be feeling remorse or regret. It is important for you to tell him how you feel and what you want him to do.” Your car should still be where you left it last night.” Jenifer asked, “Tell me to remove this mac.” Trudy replied, “I assume you have a good reason, Jenifer, take off your mackintosh.” Jenifer said, “I was right, I am subservient to you as long as that does not countermand an instruction from Trevor. He told me before we started having sex, to keep this on.”

Trudy said, “Well I don’t know who has control over Meiying but I told her to keep hers on.” Jenifer pulled out her Mobile and called Meiying. When Meiying answered, Jenifer asked her where she was and Meiying said, “I am out with friends we are about to go into the Chicken Coop.” Jenifer asked, “Did you have time to get changed.” Meiying said, “No I thought about it for about ten minutes and decided that I like these clothes so much I would come out wearing them.” Jenifer said, “Ok have a good time and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

When Jenifer put her phone away, Trudy said, “Ok let’s go, and find Trevor.” Twelve minutes later, they were parking outside Trevor’s apartment and Trudy said, “How did he get there form here to my shop in eight minutes, perhaps he has other talents his subconscious had access to that he has not yet discovered.” Jenifer said, “Now you are in science fiction.” They walked down the corridor to his apartment and rang his bell. Slut answered the door and without saying, anything allowed them in. Trudy asked, “Is your Master at home.” Slut shook her head. Trudy asked, “Do you know where he has gone.” Slut nodded and then ran to her bed room and brought back her mobile phone. Jenifer took it and in the address book there were four numbers and the first one was Trevor’s she rang it and after four rings Trevor answered, “Slut is that you” he said. Jenifer replied “No Master this is Jenifer, where are you, Trudy and I would like to talk to you.” Trevor said, “Ok put slut on.” Jenifer gave the phone to slut and when she Meowed, Trevor said, “You know where we are, bring them here.” Slut closed the call and indicated that they should follow her.

They locked the apartment and walked back outside. Slut walked down the road on foot and after only five minutes she walked into a pub called the Lamb and Flag. Trevor and Amanda were sitting at a table for four, Trudy and Jenifer sat down with them, and slut knelt beside Trevor. Trevor said, “Greetings ladies this is indeed a pleasure, how can I help you.” Jenifer said, “After you left this afternoon we had a long chat and Trudy thinks she understands what has happened and I would like you to know I would not have it any other way and I expect neither does Amanda.” Amanda said, “If I don’t mind what, is anybody going to tell me what I don’t mind, if it is Trevor taking over my mind when I was twenty, I don’t mind at all and like Jenifer, would not have it any other way.” Trudy said, “You have told her then.” Amanda said, “No he did not tell me that bit, I worked that out for myself.”

Trevor said, “So all three of us have come to the same rationalization of how we got here.” Jenifer said, “However this started, or what has happened along the way, is nothing compared with the buzz we get for having got here. However, you should be aware that Trudy has worked out why you have collected Suzanne, Her, Sophie and Becky. She also has a sound reason for all this latex and by the way I am stuck in this coat.” Trevor said, “You have been doing a lot of talking, what am I going to do with you all”

End of chapter 4

Breaking out of a rut Chapter 5

Trevor told slut to go to the bar and order a round of drinks, she looked at him soulfully and he said, “A pint of Guinness and four Gordon’s and tonic.” Slut still looked at him and Trevor said, “Write it down.” Slut went to the bar, signalled the barman to give her pen and paper, and wrote the order. She came back with a tray and five drinks, as she laid the tray on the table.

Trudy asked “How did she upset you today.” Trevor replied, “I popped in to see her this afternoon and she thought that I was inappropriately dressed and that I asked for something she wasn’t supposed to hand out to customers. Apparently she got into trouble at work and wanted to take it out on me.” Jenifer asked, “What did you do.” Trevor said, “To shut her up, I removed her ability to speak.” Trudy said to Jenifer, “Remind me never to upset him.” Jenifer replied, “Trevor, I love you as much as Amanda or more and would do anything for you, but do you not think that this punishment is a bit excessive.” Trevor replied, “Yes it was excessive, but it is much easier to take something away, than to give it back.” Amanda pulled up another chair and said, “Sit here slut and let Master try.”

Slut, sat down on the chair and Trevor, put one of the gin and tonics in front of her. He then concentrated and looked inside Sophie’s mind, he looked through her upper level thoughts and all he could find was anguish, regret, and jealousy, he pushed further and found memories of nastiness toward Amanda, he followed this back to where it all started and was amazed. The weekend following Trevor’s first meeting with Amanda, she had gone home and exuded to her sister about this fantastic boy she had just met. Amanda had provided a glowing report of all Trevor attributes and Sophie was blistered with jealousy. Trevor moved out of her memory and into her body, maintenance functions and found where the change had been implemented. He realised what he need to do, but before he did it, he stopped. He went back into her memory and to earlier memories when she and Amanda were children to an instance when Amanda was six and had a birthday party and her many friend’s had brought lots of lovely presents.

Sophie’s jealousy had started from there and like an abscess, had never stopped glowing. Trevor removed all the early memories that fuelled her jealousy and went back to look through the upper levels and what was there now was much stronger regret and a need to apologise and only a small amount of jealousy. Trevor moved back to the administrative functions and restored her speech although he changed it so she would sound more girly. Trevor released her and relaxed unto his chair with a long sigh. Slut threw her arms around Amanda and apologised copiously with a slightly higher girly voice. Jenifer pulled Trevor into a kiss and then said, “What else did you change.” Instead of answering, he pulled Jenifer back into the kiss. While Jenifer and Trevor were still kissing, Sophie slid off her chair and knelt on the floor beside Amanda with her head in Amanda’s lap.

Trudy turned to Amanda and said, “He must have found the event that turned your sister into a spiteful manipulative being and then changed it.” Trevor and Jenifer broke away and Jenifer said, “Master I know you wanted Trudy and me to watch over each other, but I will die if I don’t see you whenever I open my eyes, I need you to take me now.” Trudy said, “What about your girls.” Jenifer replied, “Master will decide, if he wants them he can have them. He is my life and I cannot bear to be without him.” Trevor said, “What about Meiying does she have a partner and where does she live.”

Jenifer replied, “She does not have a partner at the moment and I think she lives somewhere out here.” Trevor said, “See if you can contact her and if she is near, get her to come here.” Jenifer opened her mobile and hot-keyed Meiying, after six rings Meiying answered and Jenifer asked, “Meiying are you still alright and where are you.” Meiying replied, “I am fine, I have left my friends at the club and am in a taxi on my way home.” Jenifer replied, “Do you know the Lamb and Flag.” Meiying said, “Yes I am in the next street.” Jenifer said, “Get the driver to drop you off here.”

Five minutes later Meiying walked through the door still wearing her floor length mac. Jenifer said, “That was quick come and sit down.” Meiying took the seat slut had been sitting on and said, “What can I do for you mistress.” Jenifer said, “Mistress Trudy needs company and support for which I have been responsible for and I would like to move in with Master, how do you feel about giving up your flat and moving in with Trudy full time.”

Meiying looked at Trudy and said, “I would love to do as you suggest Mistress, as you know I prefer the female over the male and Mistress Trudy lights the filers of my arousal as much as you do.” Trevor said, “That’s settled then, Meiying will go back with Trudy and Amanda and Jenifer will come home with me.” Amanda asked “What about slut.” Trevor said, “Until we have a better solution you can bring slut home with you but you have to take full responsibility for her.” Trevor then said, “Trudy how much do you need to restock and to revamp and upgrade the shop.” Trudy replied, “I have ordered two hundred thousand pounds of stock on sale or return and the estimate for the revamp was ninety thousand.”

Trevor said, “Jenifer will transfer half a million tomorrow, buy the stock and do a proper job on the refit outside and in. You need a proper security system and a WEB site. I suggest you use Paul for the refit and who owns that shop next door between yours and the back alley.” Trudy replied, “The shop next door was owned by the Samson Holdings but that was bought out four years ago by Stevens Holding.” Trevor replied, “In that case knock the two shops into one and make part of it a dungeon and part a normal dress shop, I’ll talk though some ideas with Paul. What about the other shops in that street.” Trudy said “My shop was the only independent shop all the rest were part of Samson Holdings.”

Trevor said, “Jenifer does your pet architect work on a Saturday.” Jenifer replied, “Normally yes but tomorrow he is moving out of his house.” Trevor replied, “I have not met Mr Mason yet, tell him to bring the plans for Denham Road and to meet me at Trudy’s at four o’clock tomorrow and Trudy please get hold of Paul in the morning and ask him to be there as well. We will make Trudy’s shop the best in the area and have it staffed with loyal obedient attractive woman who don’t want wages and who stand in the windows at night pretending to be manikins.” Trudy whispered to Jenifer, “I hope he was joking with the last bit.” Jenifer replied, “That depends on who upsets him between now and when he is finished.” Trevor finished his pint and as all the other glasses on the table were empty he said, “Well ladies let us all go to our respective abodes and remember a manikin job awaits the first to fall out of line.” Trevor moved to the door and waited outside for Amanda and Jenifer to join him he linked his arms to one on each side and Jenifer said, “Here Trudy take my car,” handing over her keys. Trevor said, “No don’t take Jenifer’s take Amanda’s where are your keys Amanda.” Slut in a very girly voice said, “Here they are I have them.” Trudy took the keys from slut and asked, “Which car is it.” Amanda said, “It’s outside Trevor’s abode.”

That night, Trudy and Meiying got to know each other’s body very well and went to sleep in each other’s arms. Trevor made love to Amanda and then Jenifer and slept with one either side, Amanda in her latex pyjamas and Jenifer in the clothes he had worn all day. Slut slept in the spare bedroom in her cat suit.

In the morning, Trevor got up early and hired a Luton van to be delivered at nine o’clock. He then gave his instructions, Amanda and slut were to take the van and start emptying Amanda’s house. All the things they needed to keep were to be put in the apartment across the corridor. Anything they no longer needed which should include all of Amanda’s clothes and most of slut’s should either go to a charity shop or the tip. They had the van for the weekend so the house had to be clear of all personal effects by Sunday night. Jenifer was to be at home for ten o’clock and take over responsibility of her two girls. She was to pass on instructions to the departing Mr Mason and meet Trevor with the girls at Trudy’s at three o’clock in the afternoon. Amanda asked, “What are you going to do with the girls.” Trevor replied, “That entirely depends on them, they are either willing contributors to the bigger scheme or manikins. That woman you mentioned in bed last night, the one that owns that posh boutique on the high street, she will probably be our first manikin.”

When the van was delivered Amanda and slut left and Trevor said, “Jenifer we have time and you aren’t wearing any knickers,” then he jumped on top of her. While she was riding the physically and mentally induced rollercoaster she said, “Are you going to let me change my clothes before I go home.” And as she came for the eighth time he whispered, “no you look so delicious, like this, I have finally realised where I got this fetish from, it’s the aroma of this mackintosh, my mother used to have one when I was small and when I walked beside her holding her hand I could smell it all the time.”

At half past nine, they separated and Jenifer said, “When you do that you make it so awe-inspiring.” Trevor said, “Do what,” Jenifer continued, “You listen to my mind and follow what my body wants. No other man on earth could do that.” Trevor said, It is time you went and time I went to work, I will see you at three.” Jenifer said, “Will you do that again at three.” Trevor said mocking, “What with your girls there.” Jenifer replied, “You can do them first if you want.” Trevor smacked her behind and said, “You weren’t at all like this yesterday, go on off with you.” Jenifer walked out of the apartment and to her car which was still parked outside the Pub. Trevor dressed in a latex polo shirt and latex jeans arrived in the pub kitchen ten minutes later.

Jenifer arrived home at two minutes to ten and sat in her car until ten o’clock then put her key in the door. When she opened it, there were three suitcases by the door and the sounds of a young girl crying in the lounge. Jenifer walked into the lounge to find all her old family sitting on the couch and said, “Richard, Mr Stevens would like you to meet him with all the plans to Denham Road at four o’clock today he has some big redevelopment he wants to discuss with you. He also said that if you wish to take your new partner he has no objections.” Charlie shouted, “Mum where have you been and why is dad leaving.” Jenifer said, “You Dad has been having an affair with another woman for five years and because I have been having one of my own for two days, he wants to leave. You should be asking him.” Rachel asked, “Is that correct Dad, that doesn’t seem fair.” Richard said, “I love you all but I have been tearing myself apart trying to find an opportunity to ask your mum for a divorce. Her absence over the last two days has delivered the perfect opportunity so now it’s done and she has agreed.” Rachel said, “Mum, why did you agree.” “Jenifer said, “He does not want me, and I have not wanted him for six years.” Charlie asked, “What happened to you six year ago.” Jenifer replied, “I did not know until two days ago but six years ago a man with latent psychic abilities lusted after me in my office and his subconscious commandeered my mind and every time your father made love to me, my mind wanted it to be him. Your dad recognised this and instead of counselling me, he went out a found someone else. I am the victim here.” Charlie said, “So where have you been for the past two days.” Jenifer said, “That same psychic came back into my office only this time his powers weren’t latent.” Rachel said, “You should go to the police you have been kidnapped.” Jenifer said, “Just hold on, in all the time since you father has had sex with me I have had one orgasm and that Charlie was before you were born. In the last two days I have had over one hundred orgasms and I am looking forward very much to having another hundred in the next few days.”

Richard said, “Are you going to tell us who this psychic is and if you are staying are you going to take that coat off.” Jenifer replied, “I am not at liberty to either tell you who the psychic is or take this coat off but I am sure you will all be meeting him soon.” Richard said, “Well I am going I wish you well with your mind controller and where am I to meet this Mr Stevens.” Jenifer replied, “I will be sorry to see you go, up until two day ago I thought we had a good marriage and I am sorry my sex was off, but now GET OUT. Mr Stevens will be at the “Treasures Boutique” at four o’clock and be careful what you say my psychic might also be there.” Richard said, “You will still see me, girls whenever you want to I am not going far.”

As Richard stood up and moved out of the room, Jenifer took his place between the girls and hugged them both. Charlie was no longer crying and full of curiosity said, “What is he like Mum, and what does it feel like to have so many orgasms.” Jenifer said, “He is gorgeous and because he can get inside your head he plays your body like a violin. He delivers more Love in one fuck than your father has in 250 fucks.” Charlie continued, “So what is it with the Mac.” Jenifer said, “He wanted to make love with me wearing this, so he said ‘Keep it on” and now I can’t take it off until he tells me to, and I am not inclined to take it off if it means he will fuck me again sometime soon.”

Rachel said, “If we get one like it will he fuck us, do you think.” Jenifer said, “Have you had breakfast yet and I was hoping you would come with me this afternoon to meet him and I will buy you a mac like this and we will see.” Charlie said, “You don’t object to sharing him then.” Jenifer said, “Not at all girls I could not keep him satisfied on my own.” Charlie said, “So you are prepared to be our pimp to help you satisfy him.”

Jenifer said, “That is not it. If you do not want what he can offer, you then do not come. More for me, I just thought that once you know what sex can be like, you can find the right man. For years I thought what your dad did was alright but that was because I did not know any better.” Rachel said, “And you do now.” Jenifer replied, “Yes I do and I wish to share that knowledge with you, that sentiment doesn’t come from any selfish motive, it is because I love you and what the very best for you.” Rachel said, “I am hungry and Dad hasn’t done any laundry.”

Jenifer pampered her children with food and they all worked together to do the chores around the house. It was soon two o’clock and Jenifer told the girls to have a bath or a shower, and spruce up.

Trevor had been fairly, busy all lunch time and the heat in the kitchen was a new experience in his latex. All the bar staff had always liked him and he only used his psychic talent once when someone asked for a stake and the waiter forget to ask how it should be cooked.

When the food preparation period was over, Trevor thought, “I had better go and get changed,” and then he thought, “No I should get used to all aspects of this fetish if I am to embrace it properly.” Outside the Pub, he waited ten minutes for a taxi to pass and another fourteen minutes to get to Trudy’s. As he walked in, he saw Meiying in strict bondage explain to a customer what it felt like. The customer was almost convinced so Trevor pushed them over and Meiying made the sale. There was no sign of Trudy so he opened his mind and sensed four minds in the changing room, Trudy, Jenifer and two young female minds. He listed in on the young one and replayed the conversation she and her mother had had and found someone totally convinced that if she dressed provocatively in latex she would get to experience what her mother had described. When he looked into the older one he was shocked, this one was willing to sell her soul to experience the euphoria of what he mother had sold.

They were both getting latex underwear and dresses and a mackintosh. He could tell from the levels of expectancy that they thought the mackintosh would clinch it. In fact, Trevor had been thinking about Jenifer throughout lunch and had become to realise that it was her brain and wisdom as well as her body that he craved. He replayed the thoughts in Charlie’s mind what her mother had said, “He is gorgeous and because he can get inside your head he plays your body like a violin. He delivers more Love in one fuck that your father has in 250 fucks.” And he said to himself, “Yes it is love and you Jenifer will get a lot more of it.” He walked into the changing rooms and the two girls screamed.

Jenifer waited for them to stop and then said, “May I introduce you to the man that rocks my world.” Trudy was wearing an Edwardian dress in sliver, Jenifer was still in her Mac, and the two girls were each in a latex blouse with balloon sleeves and a latex mini skirt. Trudy was holding out a little red riding hood coat to Charlie who dressed in it so fast and then stood up proudly to show Trevor who said, “That looks delicious Charlie do you know what I am going to say now.” Charlie said, “You are going to tell me not to take it off.”

Trevor inserted the command mentally and said, “I don’t need to, now what about you Rachel are you going to put one on.” Trudy picked Rachel’s and handed it to her, she dressed in hers much more seductively and when all her buttons were closed, Trevor said, “Until your sister removes her mackintosh, you will not remove yours.” Rachel said, “That is rubbish of course I can take this off,” her hands went to the top button but her fingers could not touch it or any other of the buttons. Trevor said, Trudy we have found your first manikin.” Rachel’s body posed in a seductive facial expression and arms stiff and set like a shop manikin. Then Trevor lifted her up and walked out placing her just by the door. He pulled the hood up and fastened the neck strap and said your dad should be here soon.”

Jenifer approached him to ask him to be lenient but before she could speak Trevor said, “Have we got time to go upstairs.” Jenifer’s eyes were like saucers and she said, “I hope so.” As they both moved quickly to the back room, Charlie approached Rachel and said, “Come on Rachel while he is busy you can move, say something. Is she still alive”! Trudy said, “I’m sure she will be fine but she will remember never to answer back to our Master.” Charlie asked, “Were did mum go?” Trudy said, “She is probably on the other side of the moon right now, I got the distinct impression last night that something changed, at the start of the night the Master had two equal slaves and by the end of the night I got the firm impression that one was more equal than the other. Charlie asked “Has mum been demoted.” Trudy replied, “No I think that was Amanda.” Charlie said, “What is going to happen today.” Well the plan was for your Mum and you two girls to disappear before your Dad arrived but Trevor has a knack for making things more interesting.”

As they were talking, Paul came in to the shop and Trudy welcomed him. As he walked passed Rachel, he said, “It is about time you got a manikin you will attract a lot more customers when that can see what the merchandise looks like on. Meiying popped up from behind the desk and said, “You can say that again, I agreed to try this on because it had never sold, and I have sold three.” Paul said, “You have two new helpers as well then.” Charlie said, “This is my first day and I am wearing the same as out Manikin so people can see it move. Paul said, “To make it the same you should keep the hood up.” Charlie lifted the hood and fastened the neck strap. Paul said, “Where, is Trevor and do you have any idea what he wants.”

Trudy said, “In a nut shell, a redevelopment of the whole street into one big store with theme rooms selling high fashion to extreme fetish wear.” Paul said, “How will he get the other store holder out.” Trudy said, “Trevor is upstairs and I have, inkling as to how he will get them out, but I suspect he will offer them better sites somewhere else. Charlie, would you run upstairs and tell Trevor that Paul is here.” Charlie ran through the door that Trevor and her mum had disappeared through and found the stairs; she then ran up them and saw Trevor on top of her mother. Charlie coughed and said, “Excuse me but I was sent to tell you that Paul was here.”

Jenifer screamed and Trevor moved away from her, Charlie said, “Why did mum scream,” and Trevor replied, “Because she has just had the biggest orgasm of her life. Charlie, come and jump up here, on the bed, with your Mum. As Charlie jumped beside her Mum, Trevor manacled her ankle to the bottom of the bed; Jenifer was already manacled to the top of the bed. Trevor said, “You two stay here and be quiet, while your dad is downstairs.”

Trevor returned downstairs and greeted Paul, who said, “There are bigger players in this town who are into large redevelopments, why have you got me here.” Trevor said, “You indicated that you needed business and last night I was reminded that some time ago I purchased the assets of a declining developer with the intension of doing something grand. I had totally forgotten that I once had a game plan for this town. I prefer working with people I like and if you think your outfit is not big enough to take this on, make it big enough. Paul said, “Your confidence in my abilities is very flattering but you know very little about me.”

Trevor said, “You would be surprised what I know about you. I have done my research and I would like you at worst to Project Manager this and at best be the Principal Contractor.” Paul said, “What about your other commission.” Trevor said, “If we can’t get this to fly, then the other commission is still on, but if we can get this to fly I will move everything to this development and you can build that commission here along with a few more. Paul asked, “In global terms what do you want.” Trevor said, “There are seven little shops down this side of the street and four on the other side, I would like to knock all seven into one large shop with various themes and convert the upper floor into one large residence again with themes.” Paul said “We would need a proper architect to draw up the plans and to get all the building permits.”

Trevor looked at his watch and said, “He is late.” Paul said, “You are genuinely going through with this aren’t you.” As the shop door opened and a man and a woman entered, Trevor said, “You can believe it.” Trudy welcomed her new customers, and the man said, “I am here to see Mr Stevens.” Holding his hand out in greeting, Trevor said, “Mr Mason I believe and is this, your lovely wife, welcome, and thank you for coming. Trudy would you take Mrs Mason and show her you’re fashion merchandise while I monopolise her husband.”

Trevor pushed a command into the woman that she would do as Trudy instructed and sent an image to Trudy of what he wanted. Then turning to Mr Mason he said, “May I introduce Paul Bennett, he will be responsible for the Construction side of the Project. Have you brought the plans?” Richard opened his brief case and pulled out six folded A0 plans. Trevor locked the shop door and said, “Let’s lay these out on the counter. Richard explained that plans were drawn up by the previous developer for the development of this whole area but the owner in this shop would not sell and the whole scheme sunk. Trevor said, “If we assume that this shop is no longer an obstacle, are these plans still viable and what, do they deliver. The plans show three larger shops and one small shop on this side of the street and matching domestic accommodation on the first floor.

Trevor said, “How difficult would it be to modify these drawings to deliver one large shop on the ground floor and one large domestic accommodation on the first floor. Richard said, “There is only one difficulty this alleyway runs between the first two premises and this cannot be moved. Trevor said, “Ok how about all the shops on the west of the alley as one big shop and the solitary shop on the east end as the entrance to the first floor residence.” Richard said, “That could be made to fly and it could get the support of the city fathers. How would you like this large shop divided. Trevor said, Paul and I are still undecided but I envisage four sections a large central section with a grand entrance and to the west one themed sales area and to the east two themed areas going through the first and into the second.

With all sections having, independent changing rooms and in the central area both staff and customer toilets together with access to the upper level. Paul said, “I could draw that up on Cad before Monday.” Richard asked, “Have you had any thoughts about the area behind the shops. Trevor said, “The area behind the single shop and the two linked theme areas should be the loading bay and staff car park. The area behind the large sales area could have a single story extension to incorporate a good in stock room and staff room and the area behind the single themed area could be a garage for the residence and another access to the upper level.” Richard said, “You have obviously given this a lot of thought I could get the drawings for this generated before Wednesday and will arrange a meeting with the city planners to see how they would view it.”

Trevor said, “Richard, thank you, My Lawyer has spoken very highly of you and I look forward to seeing you again soon with some good news.” Richard, “Did you see where Mavis went.” Paul said, “I saw her go into the changing room with Trudy who was carrying a lot of merchandise.” Trevor said, “While Richard and I wait for his partner, Paul could you carry our new Manikin up to the apartment Trudy wanted to play with it later.” Paul walked to Rachel and picked her up with ease. He carried her through to the back room and as they got to the bottom of the stairs Rachel became mobile and Paul put her on the bottom set and pointed up.

Rachel tiptoed up the stairs and when she was at the top Paul returned to the shop and as he got there Mavis emerged from the changing room and what a sight. Her head was covered in a red hood with clear lenses over the eyes and a silver mask over her mouth with small holes in it. The lower part of her body was hidden by a floor length red cape with a mandarin collar.

Richard said, “What on earth, are you wearing go and take it off now.” Mavis did not move so Trevor said, “I think she would like to wear that home.” Trevor pushed a command into Richard, that he would take her home, as she was, and was forbidden to release her until Sunday breakfast. Richard said, “Ok if you want to walk through the town like this, fine.” Mavis walked towards the door and Richard opened it for her and they walked out together.” Trudy looked at Trevor and said, “You are terrible that poor woman would never have done that without a push.” Paul said, “I have only one question, how did that young girl stand so still for so long, I really thought she was a manikin.”

Trevor replied, “I think that she was scared to move Richard was her Father and the woman with him is his mistress,” then taking the keys out of his pocket said, “Trudy would you please release Jenifer.” Paul said, “I am really interested in this project I have a team of four carpenters and two brick layers and an electrician I would need increase the size of the team and find a good plumber.” Trevor said, “This probably will not start for a month or more. So start on the pink bedroom on Monday, as planned but fabricate it such that it can be dismantled and moved later And if this development flies, it can be brought down here.

At that moment, Trudy returned with three visions in Latex and Paul said, “You have two manikins and both girls went to stand on either side of the door, and posed. Jenifer said, “Trevor what did you do.” Rachel said, “While she was standing there earlier and her dad was in the room, she came twice.” Trevor said, “I didn’t what her to be too scared, so when I gave her that command to become a manikin so I pushed a feeling of joy as well.” Jenifer said, “That is some career guidance technique you have there, that is now all she wants to be when she grows up.”

Trevor said, “It’s all part of the service.” Paul said, “I am lost, what is going on here.” As the shop door was open again and the two Manikins could be viewed in full from outside, customer started to flow in.” After the eighth customer in a row who bought latex outfits, Trudy said, “Trevor stop that, they will rename this town Latex City if you carry on like this.” Trevor replied, “I don’t know what you mean, I am not doing anything.” Jenifer had taken Paul up stairs to try to explain, and when she had finished, Paul looked very worried and said, “He won’t take Lilly, will he?” Jenifer said, “You are his friend, do you want two or three Lilly’s.”

Paul said, “She is woman enough for me but sometimes her kinks go a little too far.” Jenifer said, “If you ask him nicely he might rein her in, but I suspect he would tell you to go with the flow and embrace her kinks.” Paul said, “You are right, I love that woman as she is and would not wish to change her at all.”

While the girls were being manikins, two young boys came in and started fiddling the Charlie’s clothes. One of the boys said, “It looks as though this one was modelled on Charlie from school.” Trevor stood by the boy and said, “Can I help you boys.” The one who was standing in front of Charlie said, “We were just admiring your Manikins, this one looks very similar to a girl at school.” Trevor said, “Are you here to purchase anything or just look.” The boy said, “I would like to buy this Manikin how much is it.” By this time, Trudy had joined them and Trevor said, “What have you got Trudy that will turn a little boy into a little girl.”

Trudy said, “I could rustle something up.” Trevor said, “Ok boys go with Trudy and do exactly as she says while our lovely Manikins take a rest. Go and find your Mum girls.” Charlie leaned forward and kissed the boy on the cheek and then ran into the back with Rachel.” The second boy said, “Shit man that wasn’t a manikin looking like Charlie that was Charlie. Trudy said, go into the changing room there, and get undressed.” Trudy went into the back room and returned with two doll outfits. As she walked past Trevor towards the changing room, she said to Trevor, “I think these will fit.”

When Meiying finished serving her customer she said, “What was that all about,” Before Trevor could answer, Charlie but her nose around the door and said , “Have they gone, that was Mike and Geoffrey from school, If you hadn’t stopped him when you did, Mike was going to feel my breasts.” Trevor said, “Would you have minded?” Charlie said, “Not as all, standing there like that, gives you such a rush my nipples were reaching out to him.” Trevor said, “Well go and ask your Mum to put the kettle on and come back in five minutes Trudy might have a doll for you to play with.” Not understanding what he was on about, Charlie reluctantly went up stairs. Several minutes later Trudy appeared with two dolls one blond and one brunette.

Trevor said, “Don’t you look lovely, which one of you is Geoffrey. The brunette mumbled and Trevor said, “You go and stand by the door and assume the appropriate position where Charlie was standing, and you Mike, Charlie would like to play with you, so come with me.” Trevor walked upstairs and Mike followed him slowly, he had never worn heels before and was finding walking very difficult. When Trevor reached, the top of the stairs Jenifer and Paul were sitting at the table and Charlie and Rachel were squatting on the floor. Trevor said, “Charlie, Trudy has sent you this present and would like to know if you want to keep it.” Charlie stood up and as Trevor moved to the side, she saw the approaching apparition.

The doll had on a full body suite in while shinny latex including breasts and a hood with, a doll’s face mask and wearing a slutty Barbie doll outfit in pink and to finish the outfit off a strawberry bond curly wig and ankle boots with four inch heels. Charlie said, “I wasn’t sure what you meant down stairs but now I understand and you tell Trudy thank you, I would love to keep it and do you think Trudy would mind if I borrow her bed.” Jenifer, “Charlie what are you going to do with her.” Charlie said, “When I was little I used to like undressing dolls best, and it isn’t a, her, it’s a him, and if I guess right, it’s Mike.” Charlie took the doll by the hand and led it into the bedroom. Trevor made Mike, Charlie’s in every way as Charlie closed the bedroom door.

Rachel said, “I want one of those.” Trevor said, “There is another one down stair but he is standing in Charlie’s place at the moment.” Jenifer said, “Trevor you will frighten Paul if aren’t careful and I think Charlie is a virgin.” In the bed room, Charlie had removed her knickers then the dolls dress, wig and hood with the incorporated gag and had found the crutch zip. Mike was lying on the bed and his wrists were manacled to the head board, he could not understand why his body moved to where ever Charlie put it, but when she kissed him, he melted completely. At school, he had lusted after Charlie from a far but now he knew he was Charlie’s to do with as she pleased. After the kiss, she sat up and looking up at her from where he lay, he thought she looked like a goddess in a red rubber coat. Charlie fished his cock out through the zip in his body suite and as it became free, it filled with blood. It was soon harder than Mike could ever remember and as Charlie lowered herself down on it, he was in heaven. Charlie had lost her virginity with one of her girl friend’s vibrators, a month previously, so she soon got into a rhythm. Trevor slipped into her mind and gave her knowledge of love making and then slipped into Mike’s mind so he would know how to keep from coming to early and as Mike was getting ready to climax Trevor changed him so that he could not come until his lover had come four times

Charlie was now screaming having climaxed three time and was quickly approaching her fourth they both came together and Mike said, “I never even dreamed it could be as good as that.” When Mike’s cock was still buried inside Charlie and slowly going soft, Charlie flopped forward and resumed the kissing, Mike’s lips and tongue did everything Charlie wanted. Trevor was still mentally watching and he knew that they would both have an irresistible latex fetish and would never be able to do it like that without being dressed completely in latex.

After Mike’s cock had slid out of Charlie, she started dressing him again closing his crotch zip and re fitting the gag, hood and mask. Then she unlocked the manacles and redressed him in his slutty pink dress before putting his wig back on. When he was ready, Charlie opened the door to find her Mother and Trevor in an embrace and no one else in the room. She stood silently until she thought they were finishing and then said, “Thank you, Trevor that was everything Mother said it would be.” Jenifer said, “Charlie, you are growing up too fast.” Charlie said, “How can you say that when I still like to play with dolls.” Trevor said, “I am glad I was able to help Charlie, dressed like that you look like a school boy’s fantasy so I assume, Mike enjoyed it.”

Mike nodded his head furiously.” Jenifer said, “When will I see you again, being away from you hurts now.” Trevor said, “I start work at six thirty so I need to leave here before six so I have time to get changed. I finish at nine thirty so meet me in the bar and we will take it from there.” Jenifer said, “What about the girls, I can’t leave them at home alone.” Trevor said, “Bring them with you, I’ll think of something.” Charlie said, “If I am going out tonight can I bring my doll.” Jenifer said, “Perhaps he should go home, his parents may be worried.” Charlie said, “Silly mummy, dollies don’t have parents, they have owners and this one is mine.” Jenifer said, “I give in, I’ll leave Trevor to sort this out, when the newspaper headline is “School boy missing.”

Charlie said, “If I know Rachel the headlines will be “School boys missing.” Mike touched his lips and pointed to the phone on the sideboard. Charlie said, “Write your phone number down on the pad.” When he had written the number, Charlie dialled it and when it was answered said, “Mrs Johnston this is Charlotte Mason, Mike asked me to call, he won’t be home until tomorrow tea time, and he is helping my Dad move house and has gone with him to help unpack. Ok Mrs Johnson I’ll tell him when I see him and thank you.” Charlie put the phone down and said, “Your Mum would like you to call her in the morning so she knows you’re all right.” Jenifer said, “Charlie, You lie too easily, I hope you never do that to me.” Charlie said, “Now that you have Trevor as your guardian angel, I wouldn’t dare.”

Down stairs, Trudy and Meiying were very busy and Rachel was standing on the other side of the door from Geoffrey right in his line of sight. Jenifer walked into the shop followed by Trevor and when he saw what Rachel was doing, he tweaked Geoffrey’s lust over Rachel to become love and gave him over to Rachel with the same skills and restrictions as Mike.” When Trudy was finished with her current customer, she whispered to Trevor, “Are you doing something, all the customers we are getting are new to latex.” Trevor replied, “I have no idea, it was my subconscious that ensnared Jenifer.”

Trudy said, “We are closed tomorrow can you try and restrain your subconscious before Monday.” Trevor replied, “Are you turning away business.” Trudy said, “No but you don’t want your subconscious doing something you might regret.” Trevor kissed Jenifer and said, “I’ll see you later and bid farewell to Trudy and the girls.” He walked out of the shop and towards the taxi rank. On the way, he noticed several people pause and he peaked into the mind of one young woman to see what had changed and was shocked this young woman would never buy her clothing from anyone else but Trudy ever again and latex as a clothing material was perfectly acceptable.

Trevor ran away from the masses down a side street and out along the canal tow path. He sat on a bench by the canal and started to look inside his own mind. He searched down through all his recent memories, and through his deeper thought processes to critical mind and could see autonomous processes pushing out wave after wave of psychic energy, and as he crept closer, he could sense what they were successfully doing. There were three routines, one was making customers for Trudy, the second was making all minds subservient to him, and the third was to make everyone accept his choice of dress.

As he struggled to stop the first one, he felt his conscious abilities grow and the struggle ended. Trevor looked at the stopped routine and realised that he had destroyed it and with it a significant part of the surrounding subconscious mind.” Changing his approach, he tried reducing the power emitted by the third one, discovered a mechanism for control, and turned both the remaining routines down so the range of psychic influence was a few metres rather than a few hundreds of metres. Feeling more in control, he continued down the tow path in the direction of home although it would take forty-five minutes to get there.

Taking out his mobile, he called the Lamb and Flag and told then he would be a little late. Then he called his apartment and Amanda answered, she told him they were more than half way through and that slut was now a lovely person. Trevor told her that slut was still to be punished for what she had done, but she could stay with Amanda as she was for tonight it has been a very interesting day and there was lots to talk about when he got home.

Trevor had walked for another ten minutes when he saw a narrow boat approaching him down the canal. He watched the boat as it approached and there was a young girl at the tiller. She was wearing a bright yellow plastic rain suit. Trevor was feeling so pleased that he had found and corrected his subconscious that he thought, “I’ll let her go past without any psychic impact.” He was striding along the tow path as the boat drew level with him and the girl holding the tiller shouted to someone in the boat, “Come and look at what this cretin is wearing on the tow path we must be nearing Pervert City.”

Another young female head appeared out of the cabin door and said, “Err! Is that rubber he is wearing?” The girl at the tiller navigated the boat away from Trevor to the outside of the canal and the second girl disappeared. Trevor shouted, “Are you normally as rude to strangers as this. Bring the boat over here.” The girl became very afraid as she navigated the boat over to the tow path side and put the propeller in natural. Trevor said, “Throw me the mooring rope and turn off the engine.” The girl complied and asked quietly, “what are you going to do.”

Trevor tied the rope to a mooring ring in the concrete path and jumped a board. He stood next to the girl and said, “Take all your clothes off and don’t make a squeak.” The girl complied and Trevor saw a nice firm body. When she was naked, Trevor said, Put the rain suit back on. Leaving her underwear jeans and tea shirt on the deck, she pulled up the trousers and pulled on the top over her head. Trevor said fasten up the neck and put the hood up. He then leaned very close to her and said, “From now on, these are the only clothes you will wear and you will wear them exactly like this. There are no exceptions and you are only allowed to remove them once a day for a bath or shower which must take less than ten minutes. Trevor kicked the discarded clothes into the canal and said, “Now call everybody out of the boat.”

The girl shouted, “Angie, come out here a minute.” The other girl appeared in the door way saying “What up girl,” when she saw Trevor she said, “How did he get on and what had happened to the engine.” Trevor ignored her outburst and said, “Your friend here has a nice rain suit in case it rains what, do you have.” Angie said, “I have a plastic mac and some rubberised over trousers. Trevor said, “Go back inside, take off all your clothes and put the over trousers and mac on and then come back out here.” The girl disappeared and the girl in the Rain suit started to apologise and Trevor told her to be quiet.” Moments later Angie reappeared in a pair of dark blue trousers and a bright red PVC mackintosh and as she reached the deck she said, “Why have you made me wear this like this it doesn’t feel right.” Trevor said, “From now on, you may only remove these clothes when your friend here removes her rain suite. You are forbidden to wear any other clothing under or over these clothes and they must be on like this when your friend puts on her rain suit.” Trevor turned to the first girl and said, “What did you call me for wearing latex, I know pervert.

Well your friend Angie is now wearing rubber lined trousers I think you should call her pervert. He pushed his psychic pen and rewrote the memory of Angie so every event in her memory where her name was mentioned he changed it from Angie to Pervert and linked the sound to her sexual arousal. He changed the first girl so she could only ever call her fiend Pervert. Trevor then jumped ashore and untied the mooring rope throwing it back on board. The two girls watched him in astonishment as he started to walk away. Pervert shouted, “Wait please you cannot leave us like this.” Trevor stopped turned and said, “You are right of cause, take off your shoes and socks.” Pervert removed her shoes and pulled off her white sports socks. “Trevor said, “You are forbidden to wear anything on your feet other than wellingtons. Now both of you may not talk or, make any sound with your mouth for the next hour and within the first two minutes of that hour, you will completely forget meeting me.”

Trevor turned and continued his journey, leaving the girls silently fighting his control unsuccessfully. By the time, he was walking passed a flight of locks it was already six minutes from the time he left them and he pushed their abusive interlude out of his mind. After the locks, he left the canal and walked through the streets of terraced houses towards the Lamb and Flag. He had decided that he did not need to be changed. So he went straight into the kitchen and apologised to the other staff trying to cope. He soon got the kitchen into the usual slick operation and the quality of the food to its usual high standard.

The evening went very quick and he was soon preparing the last order. When that had been delivered, he began the clear up and all the kitchen staff chipped in. Trevor removed his whites and walked through to the bar. Trevor was surprised to see the two girls from the Canal sitting with Trudy, Jenifer and the four youngsters dressed as he last saw them. Jenifer said “We found these two much stressed individuals wondering through the town when we left the shop.” They do not remember meeting you but they show signs of your involvement. Trevor lifted Jenifer from her seat and kissed her; a kiss that lasted eight minutes and when they broke away Jenifer panted heavily and said, “When you do that I stop breathing.” Trevor said, “Trudy you were right. There were processes in my subconscious that affected many people around your shop, you will be glad to know they will be your customers forever. I found three different processes and these two came upon me just after I had shut the processes down. They got what they deserved what, would you like me to do with them.” Trudy said, “If you really believe they deserved what you did then nothing, but Sarah works in a big store and her friend is an accountant. I just think there are better punishments.”

Trevor looked at Sarah and said, “First tell me what you remember of our meeting on the canal and then you have two minutes to persuade me to give you a reprieve.” Sarah replied, “I remember being rude to a man, on the tow path and then stopping to talk to him. I remember him changing me and giving me some rules but I do not remember that it was you. Trudy tells me you have designs to build a big new store and will need more staff. I would love to work in your store and work towards my reprieve. I am very sorry I was rude. I am not normally like that. Please we did not mean you any harm just a little friendly ribbing.” Trevor said, “Where, are you from and who owns the narrow boat.” Sarah said, “We are from Oxford and Pervert owns the boat. She inherited it from an uncle when he died last year. Please that was our maiden voyage and we were just a bit high and confident when we met you.” Trevor said, “Pervert is very quiet, what do you say in your defence.” Pervert said, “I have had a fantasy since I was little that someone could do what you did and I have been so horny since I met you I don’t want Sarah or me to be reprieved. I am however a very good tax accountant and could help with your development.” Sarah exclaimed, “Why did you say that, I don’t want to wear this forever.” Pervert said, “I have loved you since we were together in collage, when he did what he did he locked us together. That is the best gift he could have given and I would put up with any little embracement to keep that.” Sarah said, “You stupid gorgeous twit, I have lusted after you for as long but never wanted to jeopardise our friendship.” Trudy said, “Trevor do, something.”

Trevor said, “Would anyone like a drink.” Trudy said, “That was not what I meant, G&T please.” Trevor took an order for everyone except Pervert and walked to the bar. While he was away from the table Sarah started speaking again saying, “I cannot believe we have missed all that time when we could have been in ecstasy. We may be locked together but I can’t get to your body when it’s covered in a plastic mac and a pair of rubber trousers.” Pervert said, “I never knew you felt the same about me as I did about you, if I had I would have fought for a reprieve.”

When Trevor came back with the drinks and put the tray on the table he said, “Pervert take off your rubber trousers and Sarah you have ninety seconds to give Pervert an orgasm. If you do, you can remove your trousers.” Trudy pulled Trevor towards her and kissed him then said, “Thank you.” Sarah was kneeling on the floor with her head under Perverts coat. Trevor was listening to Perverts mind and although she was getting close it would take more that ninety seconds so at eighty-nine he forced Pervert to cum harder that she had ever come before.” Sarah cleaned her up and then returning to her seat, looked at Trevor and asked, “That was within the time period wasn’t it.” Trevor said, “Not quite so you have to pay a penalty.” Sarah said, “Please I will do anything that you want, I’ll work for Trudy for nothing. I’ll walk through the streets nude; don’t take Pervert away from me.”

Trevor said, “Ok you can have Pervert she is yours, your penalty is you can never make love to her, if she is not dressed like this in her wellies and that mac.” Sarah jumped into his arms and throwing her arms around him said thank you but what about this rain suit.” Trevor replied, “All right, whenever you make love to Pervert you have to wear that rain suit. At all other times, you have to wear clothing bought from Trudy and as directed by Trudy.” Sarah said, “That was not what I meant, what if I need her to eat out my pussy.” Trevor said, “That’s easy, you will need to swap so Pervert is in the rain suit and you are in the Mac and wellies.”

Pervert said, “How do we get back to the boat I would like to swap clothes.” Jenifer whispered in Trevor’s ear, “I am still without any knickers and my pussy is getting hungry again.” Trevor decided that he would have Jenifer and decide what to do with Amanda and her sister later and said, “How do you all get here?” Trudy said, “I came in a taxi with Sarah and P. Jenifer and her young ones came in her car.”

Trevor said, “Talking about the young, Charlie, Rachel you have not said much this evening.” Charlie said, “When Mum first told us about you, we were overjoyed waiting to see you and when we first dressed like this, it was a buzz, however I have been unable to even drop my hood and what you did to those girls’ for being rude to you, scares me to death.” Rachel said “When Mum told us she could not take her coat off I thought she was joking then I thought it would be a hoot to lose control like that. But now I am not so sure, I keep thinking what people will say when I go to school on Monday dressed like this.”

Trevor said, “You of little faith, these clothes were only for today I just got distracted by something Trudy said in the shop and forgot to mention it. You will be able to take them off at bed time but because of your lack of faith you will now have to wear them all day tomorrow as well.” Charlie said, “What about Mike and Jeffery they haven’t been out of their Doll costumes.” Trevor said, “Then that is because you like them like that, their appearance is wholly down to you. Now everyone I think we should all go home. Trevor’s pet taxi driver was at the bar and said did I hear some say they needed a cab Trudy stood up and said, “Yes that will be me and my two friends. Sarah stood up and followed Trudy and the Pervert followed as well. Trevor said, “Before you go Pervert don’t forget your trousers make sure you put them on before you go, You will continue to wear nothing but your trousers and mackintosh whenever Sarah is not wearing it for the next sixty days.”

Sarah said “I thought you agreed we could wear clothes as directed by Mistress Trudy.” Trevor said “That was only for you.” However I will discuss Pervert’s talents with My Lawyer and if she thinks we need a new accountant I will review her punishment.” Trudy, Sarah, and Pervert followed John out to his cab, fortunately, John had only been given his first drink of the evening, and he had not taken any of it yet. Jenifer and her family of youngsters stood and Trevor followed. When they got to the car, Trevor said dolls in the back first and he mentally instructed them to release their cocks and get hard. He then asked Charlie to sit on Mike’s lap and she lowered her self onto the upright appendage. When Charlie was in place, He whispered to Rachel, “Are you still a virgin and she nodded so he mentally instructed Geoffrey to push his cock into her bum.” When both girls were comfortable he got in the passenger side and Jenifer said, “Are you deflowering my little girls and what was that about that poor accountant.”

End of chapter 5

Breaking out of a rut Chapter 6

Trevor said, “Your girls look happy enough to me and I have always left the accountancy issues to you, ever since we started. Jenifer said, “I recruited two full time accountants into my firm so they can look after the tax returns for Stevens Holdings and you. For the past two years yours has been very straight forward. Now you have become active again we will probably need another accountant.”

Trevor said, “That settles it, Take her, on a trial basis and see if she is as good as she says she is. Jenifer said, “Does she have to keep that name and wear those clothes all the time.” Trevor replied, “You are a good one to talk, you have had those clothes on since yesterday.” Jenifer said, “But I wear these because you like them not because I have to.” Trevor said, “I think you will find you can’t take them off until I allow you.” Jenifer pulled up in front of her house and look around both her little girls in their lovely red latex mackintoshes, they both had an, I have just been fucked look and Jenifer said, “Come girls stop playing with your dolls and come into to house.”

Trevor said, “It’s aright Charlie you can finish what you’re doing first.” Rachel lifted her ass off Jeffery and said to Trevor, “Does it hurt a lot when you lose your virginity. Trevor said, “You are asking the wrong person. However I think I can do something.” He looked in her mind and links the feeling from her anus to her pussy; both her holes had the same stimulus and responsiveness and both would cause an orgasm. Rachel started to ride Geoffrey’s cock with her ass as Charlie was riding Mike with her pussy. Trevor caused all four to cum together hard.

When they were all coming down from their sexual phenomenon, Trevor said Ok you four inside.” Jenifer asked “What did you do out there they all look spaced out.” Trevor ignored Jenifer and said, “”Now children It is your bed time, take your dolls up to your rooms and see if you can do that again before you go to sleep and girls don’t forget to take these latex cloths off and get in your normal night wear.” The turning to Jenifer he said, “I would like a cup of coffee and cuddle in the lounge.” Jenifer moved to the Kitchen and made two cups of instant coffee.

When she brought them into the lounge, she placed them on the coffee table and sat beside Trevor on the settee. She leaned into Him and said, “What was going on in the back of my car, Rachel is only fifteen and Charlie is not yet seventeen.” Trevor said, “I would not intentionally hurt either of your lovely girls and Rachel is still a virgin. Jenifer asked, “Does that mean that Charlie isn’t.” Trevor reached for his coffee and as he took a sip, he spit out the small amount of liquid. Jenifer said, “Is something wrong.” Trevor said, “I was not expecting instant coffee from you. In your office you always provide good fresh coffee.” Jenifer said, “I am sorry, I prefer ground coffee but Richard always insisted on instant, I am very sorry and I will get some proper coffee as soon as I can. Trevor replied, “Let’s try what the children were doing in the back of your car.”

As Jenifer sat down on Trevor’s hard cock all the way as it slid up into her hungry pussy and her bare bum squeaked on the latex jeans, Trevor said, “This is your punishment for offering instant coffee; you will now do this before bed and fist thing every morning until you recruit Pervert.” Jenifer, lifting herself up and then letting gravity bring her back down, said, “Then she will have to wait a very long time.” Before Trevor came, Jenifer had exploded with three huge orgasms helped a little by Trevor’s psychic manipulation.

After clearing up the coffee cups, they walked up the stairs and Jenifer looked in on the girls and found them both in the arms of their dolls. The latex clothing as worn by the girls was lying on the floor where that had been abandoned. Trevor poked his head around the door as whispered someone need a lesson in tidiness.” Jenifer pulled Trevor out of the room and gently closed the door, tying not to make a sound. She pulled him into her bedroom and whispered, “I have dreamed of getting you in here for more than five years.” Trevor said, “Sorry about that, it was probably my fault or to be specific the fault of my subconscious.” Jenifer asked “How would you like me dressed and thank your subconscious for me.” Trevor replied, “When did you last have those clothes off.” Jenifer said, “Yesterday morning but I don’t mind keeping them on if you want me to.” Trevor started taking off his polo shirt and Jeans and said, “Take them off, tonight I want to wear your naked body.”

They made love again before Jenifer fell asleep and Trevor lay awake wondering what he was going to do with Amanda. He slipped into a deep steep eventually, without reaching a decision.

Next morning he awoke to find himself alone, Jenifer’s latex dress and coat were folded over one arm the bedroom chair and his jeans and polo shirt over the other arm. He lay there for a while listening to the sound of a radio coming from down stairs. Jenifer, wearing a fluffy robe, walked in the room carried a cup of tea saying, “I know what you think about my coffee, so I brought you a cup of tea, and are you ready for your morning romp.” Trevor said, “Loose the robe and put your coat on and then get up here. Jenifer complied and set across his body and lowered herself down onto his cock. Trevor laid there a marvelled at Jenifer’s ability to use all her leg and virginal muscles to massage and milk his cock. They both came together and Trevor said, “You have two punishments this morning leaving me before I was a wake and wearing that robe.” Jenifer said, “I am very sorry master I was just seeing to the girls and making your tea.”

Trevor Said, “That coat is all you are allowed to wear today, put your hands in your pockets and for the next hour you must not take your hands out.” Trevor moved into her mind and caused her to think that the tops of the pockets had closed around her wrists trapping her hands.” This had stimulated his cock again so he got her to repeat the process of earlier. While Jenifer was riding his cock Rachel walked into the bed room and said, “That feels lovely doesn’t it mum. You should try it in your bum.” Jenifer replied, “Maybe later dear, now go and play with your dolly.” Trevor looked over towards Rachel and noted she was still in her cotton pyjamas.” Before he could push a psychic command to make her dress properly, Jenifer had found the perfect rhythm and they both came again.

Jenifer struggled off his cock and slid off the bed, she said, “Master do I have to keep my hands in my pockets, I was going to cook your breakfast. Trevor replied, “You look very fetching in you mackintosh so no more comments regarding your hands until I release you.” Trevor slid out of bed just as Charlie walked in dressed properly in the clothes she had on yesterday and said, “When I was with Trudy yesterday, I heard her tell a customer about the importance of cleaning their latex, I have done Rachel’s and mine would you like me to do yours.” Trevor replied, “Thank you Charlie that would be very nice. Yes do mine and your Mum’s dress.” Trevor then picked up the robe Jenifer had worn and slipped it on, it was the first normal clothing he had worn since Friday morning and he didn’t much like it much.” Moving to the kitchen, He found Rachel and Geoffrey sitting in the Kitchen. Rachel was now in her Latex clothing and Geoffrey was still dressed as a doll. Trevor said, “Have you undressed your doll to let him eat yet. Rachel said, “I wasn’t sure if that was allowed.” Trevor replied, “Take him upstairs, get him out of those clothes and give them to Charlie.”

Trevor cooked a very good breakfast and laid the table for six then called every one down. Charlie and Rachel were in their latex dresses and the boys were wearing the red latex coats, the girls had worn yesterday, Jenifer was in her rubberised Mackintosh with her hands firmly in the pockets.

Trevor fed Jenifer as he ate his own food and Charlie asked “Why is Mum not feeding herself.” Trevor said, “Your Mum was Naughty this morning and as punishment she has lost the use of her hands.”

The boys were ravenous and ate everything that was given to them. When there was a pause in their shovelling food, Trevor asked, “What would you boys like to do today.” Mike replied, “What are our options, sir, I don’t have to be home much before six tonight and Geoffrey can probably stay out longer.” Trevor asked “Why is that Geoffrey.” Geoffrey replied, “My Mother and Father are very busy people, they run a small shop and they never have time for me, they seem glad when I spend my weekends with Mike.” Trevor said, “Ok do you want to spend the day as yourselves or as dolls.” Mike said, “I tried on Charlie’s dressing gown this morning and I couldn’t stand the feeling of the cotton against my skin, something happened while we were dressed in latex yesterday.” Trevor said, “I know what you mean, I didn’t like it when I put this on before breakfast.” Rachel said, “While Charlie was washing my dress, I did not like wearing my dressing gown.” Trevor said, “I wonder, would you children like to clean up while I conduct an experiment.”

Trevor went in the lounge and sat in an armchair and concentrated, following the process he discovered on the tow path, he looked into his subconscious and looked at the two routines he had tweaked. These were as he left them but he noticed that the one he had destroyed was now back. As he tried to access this new routine, he found it to be much stronger and that it had some form of protection around it. He spent a long time trying to work out what it was doing and eventually found a link to a part of his subconscious that somehow defined his latex fetish. Following this line back to the three routines he found that the first one defined latex as an acceptable clothing material, the second made people subservient to him and the third enhanced the feeling of latex making it the preferred material to wear. He decided that his subconscious was directing this new exploitation at him however, those around him, had been caught up because of his psychic abilities. Charlie interrupted his thoughts as she brought his clean polo shirt, underwear, and jeans. Trevor said, “What are your thoughts now on the subject of latex.” Charlie replied, “I just love it and I love what it does to Mike.”

Trevor said, “What does it do to Mike.” Charlie replied, “Whenever he run his hands over my dress, his cock stands to attention.” Trevor said, “I hope you are on the pill Charlie, you are far too young to be considering babies.” Charlie said, “That might be too late, since we got in that taxi last night, I have cum thirty-six times, and I don’t intend to stop now.” Trevor picked up his underpants and handing them to Charlie sating, “Get Mike to wear these and ask your Mum to come in here.”

Charlie ran out of the room and Trevor threw off the robe, he had just pulled on the polo shirt as Jenifer strolled into the room. Trevor said, “Are your hands still bound,” Jenifer replied, “Yes, Please can you release me now.” Trevor said, “As soon as you make me cum you will be able to release your hands.” Pulling on the latex top and seeing his love enter in her mackintosh had made Trevor’s cock rock hard and Jenifer sat down on top of it and slid it into her pussy.

Jenifer rode Trevor through two of her own orgasms before her hands were released and she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. When they separated, “Trevor said, “Go and put your dress on and then we need to get a ‘morning after’ pill for Charlie.” Trevor pulled on the jeans and then went back into the kitchen; it was spotless so he moved to find Charlie. He found Charlie in her bedroom riding up and down on a rubber covered cock and Rachel was in the missionary pose being fucked in her anus by Geoffrey. Trevor said, “When you are finished girls and boys, we need to talk, please come to the lounge. Calling by Jenifer’s bedroom, he pulled on his cotton socks and shoes making a mental note to get some latex socks as soon as possible.

He waited in the lounge for everyone to join him and when they all sat down he said, “This morning I discovered that a person’s fetish is embedded deep in their subconscious and although the subconscious it part and parcel of your minds they are to some extent independent. My subconscious has been responsible, over the past few days, for some major changes in this town. While I was walking along the canal tow path, I found three routines as follows:

1 Making anyone within hundreds of yards away from me, customers of Trudy for all clothing requirements;
2 Making rubber an acceptable clothing material for the same group of people.
3 Granting me total control of anyone in close proximity to me.

After discovering these, I deleted the first one and reduced the influence of the other two. However while I continued my walk along the tow path, my subconscious was fighting back. At the start of the walk, I had intended to go via my apartment and change my clothes. By the end of the walk, that notion had totally been overtaken by a desire to keep the same clothes on. My subconscious has been pushing my dependence on latex up as a means for me to embrace my fetish. Unfortunately the technique my subconscious has used, has also affected each of you.”

We now all have latex dependencies and for that I apologise, I hope this will not cause you a problem during the week. Rachel said, “I wondered why I had those horrible feelings, when I wore my dressing-gown, does this mean I will have to wear latex at school.” Jenifer said, “If you can cope with the feeling of normal clothing against your skin, you should be alright but if not then you will have to wear latex. Trevor said, “I don’t think wearing normal clothes will be an option, I have had these socks on for half an hour and I already want to climb the wall.” Rachel said, “Can you not change the routine in your subconscious to reverse this.” Trevor said, “I tried, but I could not alter it this time.” As Trevor took his shoes and socks off, Jenifer said, “If you get any hassle at school for wearing these clothes Trevor will make everyone in the school wear the same. Rachel asked, “What about the boys, they cannot go dressed as dolls.” Trevor said, “Everybody get ready to go out and we will do something.”

Jenifer drove her car with six in, first to a Pharmacy and then to Trudy’s. Jenifer parked at the back of the shop and Trevor knocked on the new back door. When Trudy opened it she said this is certainly a full house today, do come in. Trevor I am glad you have come, Jenifer please, take the children up stairs and be quiet your husband is out front.” Trevor kissed Jenifer and watched her creep up stairs with the four youngsters. Trevor then followed Trudy into the shop and as he emerged, he witnessed the chaos that ensued. Richard was protesting to Meiying and Pervert was crying. Sarah and Mavis were arguing over some clothing.”

Trevor said, “Meiying, I think Mr Mason could do with a drink would you please go and put the kettle on. Now Mr Mason what seems to be the problem?” Richard replied, “Mavis has not removed that suite since she put it on and I would like to know what the hell is going on.” Trevor replied, “Mr Mason yesterday there was a malevolent mind at work and we have not yet found a way to deal with it. If I were you, I would take Mavis away from here until this situation is under control. Richard said, “Where is this malevolent mind, I will kill it.” Trevor said, “Be very careful Mr Mason, it has learnt to protect itself and can be very vindictive. Trudy, find something else for Mavis to wear and get her out of here.” Trevor turned away from Richard and asked Sarah, what was going on.” Sarah said, “I need some of Trudy’s clothes and she will not .” Trevor shouted “STOP.” Everyone froze including Trudy and Trevor told Richard and Mavis to go into the changing room and take all your clothes off. Then he told Trudy, “Please, find something for both of them to wear.” Sarah wait until Richard and Mavis have gone and Pervert stop crying. Trudy found clothes for Mavis and Richard and took them to the changing room; soon Richard and Mavis were walking out of the shop dressed in an everyday dress and suit in latex. As they walked out of the door, Sarah said, “Please Trudy my skin is burning inside this rain suit. Trudy said, “Ok just wait and I’ll find you something.” Trevor said, “Is that why Pervert was crying.” Sarah replied, “Yes the lining of the PVC Mac has reacted with her skin and she has been crying since five o’clock this morning.” Trevor instructed, “Give them both a full cat suit for now and FIND ME some socks.” Trudy rushed about finding cat suits for Sarah and Pervert and she pulled out a cat suit for Trevor with integral socks and cut the legs across the calf.

Trevor took the socks Trudy had manufactured and put them on inside his shoes. He then instructed Sarah to remove her rain suit and put on the cat suit before putting the rain suite back on. Lastly, he told Pervert to remove her coat and trousers, put the cat suite on and then put the coat and trousers back on. When everyone was calm, Trudy said, “What has happened and what was all that rubbish you told Mr Mason.” Trevor said, “You haven’t finished yet, there are four children that need to go to school tomorrow and currently cannot wear anything but latex.” Trudy said, “Are you going to explain what happened.”

Trevor sat down beside Pervert and said, “Yesterday when I was on the tow path I deleted that process that was making everyone buy their clothes in this shop. Unfortunately, I deleted more than that, routine and I think I may have removed some of the controls that were keeping my subconscious in check. It is now fighting back and I have been unable to stop it.” Trudy said, “What is it doing.” Trevor replied, “It is trying to make me totally dependent on latex and unfortunately it is also affecting those around me.” Trevor said, “I need somewhere quite to work on this, I know, Pervert take me to your boat, Sarah you stay here.”

Trudy sorted through her stock, aided by Sarah to find something suitable for the children while Trevor followed Pervert to the canal. Trevor sat across from Pervert in the cabin and concentrated. He delved through his mind into the subconscious and tiptoed around, he looked into the area of devastation associated with his first ham fisted attempt and saw that the restrains that had been applied through childhood were compromised and the psychic routines were running unchecked. Rather than attack, the routines themselves he started to rebuild the restraints. While he was re-establishing the controls and checks what should be in place, his subconscious was corrupting his mind as well as Pervert’s. Once the controls were in place he looked back at the psychic routines and noticed that there were now four. The first was making latex an acceptable clothing material, the second was making everyone subservient to Trevor, the third was forming a dependence on latex together with an aversion to other fabrics, and the fourth and new one was creating a thirst and dependence for latex bound sex. Using his new controls, Trevor tried to turn down the power on his subconscious routines and arrest their impact on others. He was relaxing in the chair with his eyes closed and at first, he did not notice Pervert pulling down his zip and pulling out his flaccid cock. Using her mouth for stimulation she soon caused the erection to develop and Trevor became aware as she mounted a full assault.

Trevor’s attention was disrupted by Pervert’s onslaught and then he realised what his subconscious was trying to do. Letting Pervert continue, he moved back into his mind and added morality and teambuilding to his controls and eventually his subconscious stopped fighting him. He withdrew from looking inward at the moment Pervert’s simulation reached his climax and she milked he cock. Trevor looked down at the attractive blond head in his lap and thought, “Should I fix her or leave her as she is.” When she had cleaned his cock, she returned the flaccid tool to within his trousers and pulled up the zip before returning to her seat.

Trevor opened his eyes again, looked at her, and noticed that she looked like a junkie who had just received a fix and while he looked, he decided that the coat should be latex and not PVC. He drilled into her mind and undid all the changes he had made reverting Pervert back to Angie but left all the changes his subconscious had made. When he was finished, he said, “Ok lets go back to Trudy’s and ask her to get you a change of clothing.”

They walked together to the shop and Angie said, “I have never done that to a boy before but somehow I am now tied to you and would like to do it again.” Trevor said, “That might be difficult but I am sure we will find sometime later.” Trevor knocked on the back door of the shop and Charlie opened it in her red coat. Trevor asked, “Are you going to school dressed like that.” Charlie said, “I am not sure, Trudy is sorting out the boys. This latex dependency you have created is giving her a lot of problems.” Trevor said, “Where is your mum?”

Charlie said, “She is upstairs with Meiying and Rachel, Trudy, Sarah and the boys are in the shop.” Trevor told Angie to find Sarah and then went upstairs. When Jenifer saw him, she stood up saying “Have you got the two side of your mind in harmony now or are we all going to start wearing hoods and masks.” Trevor replied, “I think both sided of my mind are working as a team so you can stop worrying,” Rachel said, “I think you will need to come with us to school, If we cannot get out of our latex, you will need to get everyone else into it.”

Trevor drilled into Rachel’s mind and searched for the changes his subconscious had made, he found the instructions buried deep in her subconscious mind and he rapped them up in a period control causing all the latex dependency instructions to be only applicable from five o’clock on a Friday evening to seven o’clock on Monday Morning. He double checked that he had made all the appropriate changes and then said, “That will do, and there will be no need to change everyone at school. After seven tomorrow morning you will be able to wear whatever you want, go, and find Charlie and I’ll sort her out as well and tell Trudy I will do the boys later.” Jenifer kissed him and said, “What have you done with that accountant person.” Trevor replied, “Angie is down stairs waiting for you to give her a job.” Jenifer said, “What is she wearing?” Trevor replied, “She has the same latex dependence as the rest of us bur she doesn’t have to wear that plastic mackintosh anymore.” Jenifer said, “That is what I wanted to hear, I will go and offer her a job.”

Jenifer left the room and Meiying said, “This business with your subconscious has caused quite a lot of problems one way or another, how do you cope.” Trevor said, “With the exception of Jenifer and Amanda, all the efforts by my subconscious have been aimed at me and those close to me have been caught up with it. Although, I cannot remove the mind manipulations, I am able to add caveats to their applicability.” Charlie appeared saying, “Rachel says you have determined a fix.” Trevor replied, “I wouldn’t call it a fix, it’s just a work around.”

Trevor delved into Charlie’s mind and performed the same changed as he had applied to Rachel and noticed the Charlie’s fetish was much more developed. He wandered if she would want to stop wearing latex even when she did not have to. When he had finished, he said, “Your fix was not as straight forward as Rachel’s, you may need to fight your own fetish even when the control doesn’t apply. Perhaps you will get away with latex undies under your school uniform.” Charlie replied, “If I can do that I would be more than happy, do you want the boys now.” Trevor said, “Send Mike up first, he might be more developed like you.”

Mike appeared a short time later and said, “What had made Charlie different from Rachel.” Trevor said, “In a nutshell, you, the sex you have given her while she had stimulation from her clothing has fuelled the development of a fetish and it is likely you have one too.” Mike said, “What exactly is a fetish.” Trevor said, “A fetish is something used to enhance the sexual experience when you first start and could become a crucial component in future sex.” Trevor looked into Mike and found the dependency and provided the caveats he had applied to the other two and then looked at his fetish.” When he returned to the real world he said, “As I thought, you may need to wear your dolls outfit if you want to have sex. After being out of latex for a while, you may find you cannot achieve an erection, try it with the dolls outfit on. Now go and find Geoffrey and send him up here.”

Geoffrey appeared and said, “Ok my turn.” Trevor searched Geoffrey’s mind and found the dependency controls and added the caveats in the same way as the others, he then looked through Geoffrey’s fetish and noted that his was much worse than Mike’s. Geoffrey’s fetish was latex, the dolls costume, anal sex, and Rachel. He would need all those things before he could achieve an erection and ejaculation. Returning to the surface, Trevor said, “You should be ok at school, but you have a very complicated Fetish and will need counselling together with Rachel before you get much older.”

After Geoffrey had gone down the stairs, Trevor thought, “Those fetishes are too strong they must have been caused by me, perhaps I can change them when I get a bit more proficient at this mind control business.

Trevor walked slowly down stairs and found Trudy dishing out underwear to the four youngsters. Jenifer was talking to Angie and Sarah and Meiying was putting boxes away in the stock room. Trevor walked up to Jenifer and said, “I need to talk to you, do you fancy a walk.” Jenifer replied, “First you need to fix Sarah, she cannot stop calling Angie, that P word.” Trevor removed the controls he had placed in Sarah’s mind and then taking Jenifer’s hand pulled her towards the back door.” When he got her outside, Jenifer said, “I have talked to Angie and she is much more qualified and capable than either of those two accountants I recruited, I have told her to start tomorrow and take charge of the department.” Sarah will work for Trudy so what do you want to talk about. He guided Jenifer to the canal and started walking along the tow path. Trevor told Jenifer about the fetishes he had found and that he was not skilled enough to restore the sexual characteristics in a young mind without causing unwanted changes. Jenifer replied, “We will have to counsel them and help them whist you develop your talents.”

By the time Trevor and Jenifer had concluded their discussion regarding Charlie, Rachel and the two boys, they had walked about a mile up the tow path. Trevor turned saying, “We should go back now.” Jenifer agreed and they started back the way they had come. A number of narrow boats had overtaken them but there had been no adverse comments from anyone on the boats. Three boys were walking towards them and as they approached, Trevor picked up bad feelings from his sixth sense. Saying nothing to Jenifer he reaching out his psychic senses, he looked into the mind of the lead boy and found one of the local criminals. This boy was wielding a knife and was intent on showing his followers, what a hard man he was.” Trevor looked quickly into his followers and found two unintelligent soldiers willing to follow their so called friend wherever he went.”

Trevor changed their allegiance to each other and gave them a task in the other direction. They both turned and departed leaving the villain walking alone. The attention of this villain was totally directed at Jenifer and Trevor decided to do the city a favour. As the boy drew close, he withdrew his knife and walked towards Jenifer. When the distance between them was no more than four or five metres, the boy tripped and fell into the canal and although the canal at the point was only three or four feet deep, the boy dropped below the water and continued to breathe. Jenifer was about to jump in when Trevor took over her brain and removed the memory of the boy. Trevor then held onto her saying, “Did you trip or something.” Jenifer replied, “I must have done, thank you, I could have ended up in the water.”

They continued back to the shop without meeting anyone else and outside Jenifer hugged and kissed Trevor saying, “I don’t know what I did before you took ownership of me, I am the happiest woman on this side of the Milky way.” Trevor replied, “How would you like to become Mrs Stevens when you get your divorce from Mr Mason.” Jenifer said, “There are twelve years between us are you sure this is what you want, Amanda is much nearer your age and she is very pretty.” Trevor said, “While you were in your ivory tower, I did think about Amanda but since you have been in my company in your lovely latex, you are now my world.” Jenifer knocked on the door and said, “I am yours to do with as you please, if you still want me when Richard has departed, then ask me again.” As Meiying opened the door Trevor thought, “I wonder if this talent can alter age or aging, some more research will be necessary.”

Inside they found everybody in the stock room rearranging the stock. Trudy had taken the opportunity while there were many bodies available, to prepare for this large delivery on Tuesday.” Trevor watched them all work and noticed that Angie was now dressed in latex, when she turned around Trevor saw how the latex had made her beautiful. He decided to play with Jenifer’s aging processed and searched through her mind and then her body to find whatever it was that made her age. He found a process in the brain that slowed down or turned off the collagen and the elastin production. Trevor manipulated this to speed up the production of both enzymes and to hold them at this new level. He found another process which removed the lipofuscin from the body’s cells which had been turned off for years. He restarted this which also caused the pigments and fatty substances to be removed from the cells and tissues around the body so that the cell renewal process could restart enabling them to divide and reproduce. With all that done to Jenifer he thought, “I’ll see what changes occur in Jenifer and then if everything is alright, I’ll do the same for me”

Jenifer felt something in her change but did not think it was important and joined the others re-arranging stock and shelving in the store room. Mike and Charlie were working together and Rachel and Geoffrey were together on another shelf. Trevor was pleased the way the boys and girls were working and noted that Sarah and Angie were also working as a pair as well. Trevor stepped in to help Jenifer. Soon all the current stock was ordered by size within stock item and eight large shelves were cleared. Trudy asked if anyone would be available to help on Tuesday. Sarah said, “I’ll be here.” Jenifer said, “You can have both Meiying and Angie if you need them. Trudy said, “Thank you I think we should manage ok with the four of us.” Trevor said, “If you need any more Suzanne and Amanda will help and, is anyone hungry.”

The boys indicated that they were starving and Jenifer said, “I am hungry all of a sudden, this little burst of energy had made me very tired.” Trevor was concerned that his meddling had caused an unwanted side effect and then thought, “If all her cells have started to rejuvenate then she will be using a lot more energy than normal. Trevor said, “There is a Chinese in the next street, would you boys like to nip along and pick up a selection for ten people. Here, take this cash.” The boys dressed in latex shirts and slacks ran out of the back door. Trevor told Jenifer to sit down and rest. Within second of her sitting down with Trevor, she was fast asleep. Trevor looked into her mind and checked that everything was in place. All the bodily changes were in full swing and Trevor noticed that her skin was beginning to look revitalised.”

Trevor lovingly smoothed Jenifer’s hair and held her safe. Before the boys returned she awoke with a start and said, “I need the toilet.” Trevor picked her up, carried her to the toilet, and said, “Go you are not wearing any knickers.” He waited outside the door after a few minutes there was a small scream from inside the toilet. Trevor opened the door and asked what was wrong. Jenifer said, “What have you done to me, I have never been to the loo like that before and there is something wrong with my skin.” Trevor said, “There is nothing wrong with your skin, all I have done is to help the body remove the toxins and waste from your cells and tissues to make you healthier.”

Jenifer said, “Well you should have told me that was a big shock in there.” Trevor pulled her into a kiss and said, “I would never harm you, as I said outside, you are my sunshine and my life.” Before Jenifer could, reply there was a knock on the back door and Trevor moved to open it. The boys were each holding two large bags and Trudy said, Bring it through into the shop and spread it out on the counter, I’ll get some plates and cutlery. Trudy retuned with ten assorted plates and ten forks.

When everyone had a plate full of food, they all sat on the floor with their plate on their knees. Jenifer finished off her plate full very quickly and Trevor refilled it saying you need your strength your body had years of rubbish to remove.”

After all the cartons were empty and everyone was finished, Jenifer said, “We should go Meiying, bring Angie into work with you and I’ll see you both there. Do you two boys want to go home or come back with us?” Mike said, “We had better go home and we will see the girls tomorrow and arrange something for later in the week.” Trevor said, “I had better go home as well but I will see you tomorrow for lunch.” Trudy said, “Is it tomorrow we are meeting Lilly?” Trevor replied, “Yes, you will have to provide directions so we can all find it.”

Trudy said, “I will find out and let you know, what about Angie and Sarah.” Trevor said, “You had better check with Lilly if she can accommodate two more and let Claude know, if the numbers change. He then asked if she had latex bedding for his bed.” Trudy gave him two sets of pillow cases, under sheet and duvet cover. Trevor said, “Thank you add it to my tab,” then he kissed Jenifer and then both Charlie and Rachel then saying, “I will see you all tomorrow, take care and do what your mother tells you, if I learn that you have been naughty, you will have to answer to me.” Trevor winked at Jenifer and then left the shop.

Walking to the taxi rank, he wondered if there would be one being a Sunday. Fortunately, one pulled in the rank just as he arrived there and he got a ride home. The van was parked outside so he walked up to his apartment, as he let himself in her heard noises coming from the apartment opposite. He opened the door slowly and quietly and move into the apartment before closing the door again without a sound. He moved to his bad room and started to get undressed. When he was ready he walked into the shower, he was pleased that the apartment was spotless and he luxuriated under the hot water for several minutes.

When he exited the shower, he used one of his big fluffy bath sheets to dry himself off and felt the burning of the towelling on his skin. He dried himself quickly and then returned to his bedroom. All the dirty latex was in the hamper, he dressed in underwear, socks shirt, and slacks then his shoes, and then he remade the bed with the latex bedding putting the old cotton bedding in the hamper. He then moved to the kitchen and started preparing a meal for the girls. He had not yet decided what he was going to do with Amanda, but he did not want to do anything mean or unpleasant. She loved him because he had made her and it was up to him to make it right, He would have to tell her that Jenifer was his number one and see what she did, letting her decide her own fate.

He prepared a vegetable lasagne and salad and when it was ready, he knocked on the door opposite. Slut answered the door and said, “Master we missed you last night, I hope it wasn’t anything we had done wrong.” Trevor said, “No I was caught up in something else. Are you both hungry I have prepared something to eat?” Slut said, “Amanda has gone back to our old house to fetch the last few items while I tidy up here, she should only be ten minutes or so.” Trevor looked around the apartment and everything had a place and was in its place, the kitchen was well stocked and the bedroom looked lived in. Trevor said, “You have done well, where are all Amanda’s furniture and personal items.” Slut said, “She decided not to bring any of her old life, she wanted to start again from scratch all this apart from the kitchen stuff is mine.”

Trevor said, “Ok when she gets here come across and have something to eat.” Leaving slut there Trevor returned to his apartment and turned down the heat in the oven. He powered up his workstation and opened up the emails, there were nine change requests two from his management company and two from senders he did not recognise. The first message from his management company was about a tenant in one of this other buildings that had become a nuisance and there were growing number of complaints about her. The second was about an unfinished building development where the developer was in financial difficulties and asked if Trevor was interested. In the last two years, they had sent a number of these and he had always turned them down. This time he thought he would investigate.

He replied telling them he would talk to the troublesome tenant and asked them to provide more information on the development. He then looked at the first of the unknown recipient and it was from someone trying to sell Viagra so he binned that one and opened the next. This one was from a match making site touting for business so he binned that one also. He opened the first change request and thought, this is simple I will do this. Ten minutes later, it was done and he looked at the second one. That one needed a lot more time so he closed down the work station and retired to the living area to listen to some music.

The CD was on the third track when Amanda and Slut entered the apartment. Amanda said, “I am sorry I was not there when you invited us to eat, I didn’t know you were back, and there were a few more items to move.” Trevor told her not to worry and turned up the heat on the lasagne. As soon as it was heated through, the piled up two plates and carried them through to the dining area. He had earlier laid the table for two and Amanda asked, “Are you not eating.” Trevor said, “No I ate earlier with Jenifer but I’ll share a drink with you.” He opened a bottle of wine and poured three glasses. Picking up one he said, “Cheers.”

Between fork full’s, Amanda said, “Have we done something to upset you, You did not come home last night and you did not call, we were worried and tonight you have prepared this but there is no affection in your manner.” Trevor replied, “As you know, my subconscious enslaved two women, you and Jenifer. I have been with Jenifer all weekend and I need you to understand that I have decided that she is my number one.” Amanda replied, “As I thought, I am very happy for you and I hope I will be able to serve both of you. When you did not come home last night I anticipated that this would be you conclusion, after what I did to you I cannot expect any other. Jenifer has been there for you all along and she has never done anything against you.”

Trevor said, “Of cause you will be able to serve us both, your understanding in this matter is a testament of your sincerity and I can only wish that we met up again in better circumstances.” Slut said, “I realise now that Amanda’s actions were all down to me, it is my fault for Amanda causing you all the heartache at work, please don’t hurt Amanda because of me.” Trevor refilled the glasses and said, “It is not my intention to hurt Amanda, and I just need time to establish what I want from her. Now if you have both finished I have an errand to run and I would like Amanda to accompany me. While we are gone slut, you can clean the kitchen and in here and then in the laundry basket in my bedroom, there is some latex clothing that has been worn today. They need washing by hand using natural soap and drying with a towel and then lightly powdered could you attend to that also?” Slut said, “It would be my pleasure.” Trevor said, “Come Amanda, I’ll call for a cab.” He dialled John and when he answered Trevor said, “Are you fit to drive John.” John replied, “I am still working were from and to.” Trevor said, “Home to Crown Plaza.” John said, “I’ll be there is three minutes.” Trevor decided to wait outside so told Amanda to get her coat. And they walked out together.”

Outside the apartment block, “Amanda said, “Why are we going to Crown Plaza that is a very salubrious address?” Trevor replied, “Problem with a tenant.” Before Amanda could continue, John arrived and they both got in.” John said, “Work or pleasure.” Trevor replied, “Unfortunately work.” John said “Where would you like the bill to go,” Trevor said, “Stevens Holdings please.”

The taxi journey took twenty minutes and Trevor said, “Are you able to wait John.” John indicated that he would. Trevor and Amanda walked up to the grand entrance and the concierge open the door just as Trevor reached it and stood back at attention. Trevor said, “Stand at ease Sergeant.” Trevor said, “About this tenant in apartment 3C what is the basis of the complaints.” The concierge replied, “There has been some disagreement between the woman in 3C and her two immediate neighbours in 3B and 3D, apparently she has been having late night parties and making a lot of noise.” Trevor said, “Ok, do you know if she is in now.” The concierge said, “Yes and she has a number of guests.” Trevor said, “OK if we are not down in thirty minutes call the police.”

Trevor called the elevator and when the door opened ushered Amanda into the cage and pressed the button for floor three.” Upon leaving the elevator, Trevor led Amanda to apartment 3C and then rang the bell. A man answered the door and on seeing, Trevor and Amanda in what he perceived to be party clothes invited them in. Trevor introduced them as Trevor and Amanda from Apartment 6A and the man took Amanda’s coat and then led them into the large apartment. As he entered, he said, “We have two guests that are the new tenants in 6A .Trevor said, “I hope we are not gate crashing, one of the other tenants said there were nightly parties here.”

The man at the centre of the room said, “not at all, you certain look dressed for a party. My name is Reginald Watson and I am the owner of one of the City’s nightclubs. I suppose the noise we make nightly may sound like a party, however we are just training one of our new dancers. She will be out in a moment she is getting a tattoo in her bedroom at the moment. Can I introduce, you to Mr Hargreaves, he is one of our adult entertainers, and he found this young woman at one of his shows. She is now learning how to join our band of dancers. I was wondering if you would allow him to see if your wife could dance.”

Trevor said, “She can giggle and smooch but not much else.” Reginald said, “Mr Hargreaves would you do the honours with this young lady.” Mr Hargreaves said, “Of course but I need to speak to her in private first, would that be alright.” Trevor said, “Yes that will be fine wont it dear.” Mr Hargreaves led Amanda into another room and Trevor said, “What kind of entertainment does Mr Hargreaves perform.” Reginald said, “He is a hypnotist and a very good one, he will find out if your wife can dance.”

Trevor peeked into Amanda’s mind and found her already in a trance; he moved into her subconscious and found a layer of commands being laid down. Trevor backed out knowing he could remove them easily as an agitated Reginald was passing him a drink. Trevor peeked into Reginald’s mind and discovered the drink contained a powerful drug. Trevor pretended to drink and Reginald calmed down after a few moments a naked woman walked out of another room with a large tattoo across her shoulder and down her arm of a serpent.

She walked to the centre of the room and Reginald put on some loud music. While he was fiddling with the music centre, he had his back to Trevor so Trevor poured the drink into a potted plant beside his chair. As the music started, the naked woman started to dance seductively and her performance was very erotic. The first track finished and Mr Hargreaves returned with Amanda. Trevor was shamming being drugged with his head to one side and his eyes staring ahead.

The Hypnotist was talking to Amanda and telling her that she was a striptease artist and a dancer in a club. He went on to tell her that it was her turn to dance and that Reginald would help her to dance better, so she was to do what Reginald instructed. He went on to reinforce that she would always do as Reginald instructed even if she was not in a trance.” Reginald put another track on and the guided both woman to improve their performance.

Mr Hargreaves lifted Trevor out of his seat and carried him to the next room and after he closed, the door stated to induce Trevor into a trance. Trevor was inside the hypnotists mind and took over completely, and then making the hypnotist believe that he was still talking to Trevor taking him into a very deep drug induced trance. Trevor was interested to learn what they intended to do. Trevor knew that the owner of this apartment was a wealthy heiress for a large retail fortune and was not known as a party animal.

Trevor was getting board waiting for the Hypnotist to get to the punch line but eventually the hypnotist instructed Trevor to forget Amanda and believe that they had been in a fight and she had walked out. He then instructed Trevor to go back to his apartment and drink himself into oblivion until there was nothing left in the apartment and then to stock up and start over repeating this every day for the next month. Trevor then turned these instructions around so the hypnotist would drink himself stupid every night for the next year.

The hypnotist left the apartment without going through the large sitting room. The music was still playing in the other room so Trevor walked out making the two men believe he was the Hypnotist. Reginald asked, “Where is the husband.” Trevor said, “Gone to open a bottle or three.” Reginald said, “Mercedes is almost ready one more night and she will be ours. We will take this one with us and work on her in the club. “Do your usual trick and make her forget the dancing and not to see the tattoo until we are ready. I will see you at the club in the morning, bring her with you. Reginald and the other man left the apartment and Trevor turned off the music and told them both to sit down. He delved into Mercedes and found the megabytes of instruction that were wrapped around her subconscious. They had been working on her for days. He started to unpick the control they had over her and moved all the instruction form he subconscious to an area in her resent memory where she would know what they had done and what they intended. When he was finished, he woke her and said, “Just sit there and remember before you do anything you will regret, while I rescue this young lady.

Trevor removed all the instructions in Amanda’s subconscious and woke her up. Amanda said, “That was terrible he had me in a trance in no time at all and I never knew I could dance like that.” Mercedes said, “I don’t know how to thank you I was nearly theirs wasn’t I, I remember dancing for them and like your friend I did not know my body would do those things. What am I going to do now?” Trevor said, “You need to go home and tell your family, they have given you a large tattoo and I am sorry we did not get here sooner before they could do that.” Mercedes asked, “How did you come and who alerted you.” Trevor said, “Your immediate neighbours reported the noise to the Management Company for the apartments and they alerted me. Amanda was my decoy and she played it perfectly.” Mercedes said, “I don’t know your name, I’m sure my farther would like to reward you.” Trevor said, “No reward is necessary, you disappear for a while and I will get all the locks changed and anything else necessary to make this place your home again. You might like to thank your neighbours but I would ask them if anything happens out of the ordinary again to report it immediately. Tell them if you ever have a party here they will be to first to get an invite.”

Trevor said his good bye and after retrieving Amanda’s coat, they left the apartment and then the building. John was still waiting and said, “All business concluded.” Trevor said, “Yes I am waked, take us home John and I am sorry if you have missed your last pint.” In the cab Amanda said, “What are you going to do with Reginald Watson if that was his real name.” Trevor replied, “It should be easy enough to check and whoever he is, his days are now numbered.”

When they got back to Trevor’s apartment, they found Slut and Becky waiting for them. Slut had finished all her chores and had made Becky a drink. Trevor apologised saying, “Something urgent cropped up, and we had to deal with right away.” Becky replied, “That is alright, slut has been the perfect host, I have been wearing this cat suit all weekend and my Parents and becoming frantic. What am I to wear at work tomorrow?”

Trevor asked Sophie to sort out something suitable for the office for her. Slut came back with clean underwear and the PVC outfit Amanda had worn on Friday. Amanda was about to say what will I wear when she thought better of it.” Becky placed all the clothes in a bag and saying, “See you both tomorrow, Good night.”

Trevor said, “Where did you both sleep yesterday.” Amanda said, “We started out in separate beds but when you did not come back I moved in with Slut.” Trevor continued, “Where would you like to sleep tonight.” Amanda replied, “I would like to sleep with you master if that is allowed.” Trevor said, “Alright you can sleep with me if you wear your rubber mackintosh to bed and nothing else.” Amanda ran to the bedroom to change.” Slut said, “I found some latex bedding in your room earlier so I have remade my bed, I hope that was right.” Trevor said, “Well done, yes that was what the bedding was intended for, Good night.”

Trevor removed all his clothes and pushed them in the hamper although he carried the socks with him to the bathroom and washed them while he had a quick shower and then cleaned his teeth.

When he returned to the bedroom Amanda was already in bed wearing the coat as requested. Trevor slid in between the latex bedding and as he slid up against Amanda, his cock responded and they ended up having sex for forty minutes before falling into a restful sleep.

End of Chapter 6

Breaking out of a rut chapter 7: (Monday)

Trevor woke early he was not expected in until half past nine but he wanted to go into town with Amanda and Slut and he had to get everything ready for Paul’s men. He dressed in his latex off-white dress shirt and his latex pinstripe suite, his clean latex socks and a pair of black oxford brogues

Slut was in her latex underwear and her hotel uniform and Amanda was in a latex dress and boots. Trevor prepared Breakfast, then prepared the work permit, and extracted copies of all the keys to the building that Paul’s men would need. At half past seven Paul knocked on the door and Trevor greeted him and after handing over the permit and keys he asked, “Is everything all set for tonight and have you given any thought about our other development. Paul said, “I have discussed this with Lilly and have decided to go in as Prime once the planned are approved. Trevor said, “Good, if you need any working capital talk to me about it before you go to a bank.”

Paul went off to meet his men and Trevor and the girls went to find John who was waiting in his usual place. Paul dropped them off at the office where Amanda entered straight away and Slut and Trevor walked into town, Slut went to the hotel and Trevor went on to Jenifer’s office.

As Trevor walked into Jenifer’s office, he heard a heated discussion going on in a part of the office he had not been into. He heard Jenifer’s raised voice, and heard someone else shout “Latex.” Trevor opened the door to find a gorgeous Jenifer accompanied by Angie being barraged by three people two men and a woman. Trevor was upon them before Jenifer spotted him, and when she saw him said, “The time for discussion in now over please meet the man who pays all our wages and who decided what Angie and I should wear. Trevor, I am glad you came, we are having a small revolt here, I came down to introduce Angie as the new team manager, and they seem to have an issue with what she and I are wearing.

Trevor said, “Lady and Gentlemen there is no need to be aggressive, Angie is more than capable and more qualified to take on this role, your bitch should be about that not about what she is wearing.” The woman said, “I would like to put on record that I will not be coming to work dressed in this perverted fashion.” Trevor said, “Is that due to medical reasons, for instance are, you allergic to latex.” The woman replied, “Not that I am aware, I just think this material is not suitable for general clothing and Mrs Marshal has persuaded Meiying to wear latex and now this new girl to wear latex and I am just saying it stops here.”

Trevor looked into the woman’s mind, and found she was one of Jenifer’s accountants and had divorced her husband because of his so called perversions. Trevor planted instructions that she would go shopping at lunchtime find herself in Trudy’s shop and try on some latex clothing, following that she would have the same dependence as Trevor and Jenifer. Trevor then said, “Your clothing is you personal choice but you should allow that same freedom to others. Now I hope you will work with Angie and I need a private word with Jenifer, please excuse us.”

Trevor led Jenifer pack to her office passed Meiying who smiled as Trevor. When the door was shut, Trevor embraced Jenifer and kissed her with tongues duelling and arousal rising on both sides. After they broke apart, “Jenifer said, “What have you done, my skin and hair have never looked this good, and I feel like I am eighteen.” Trevor said, “You were complaining you were too old for me so I made you a little healthier and slowed down your aging. Regardless of how you feel I think you are gorgeous and just the right age for me. Hopefully you will still think you are eighteen in another ten years.” Jenifer said, “I love you more than anything, no woman has ever been given a gift like this, however there have been other changes as well, all my stretch marks have gone and the scars I won when I was little. There is not a blemish, anywhere that I, can see.

Trevor said, “You just look healthy to me, but if you insist I will check you all out for blemishes tonight and test out that young eighteen year old pussy as well. Now down to business, I want you to transfer some funds to Trudy and I would like you to undertake a full check on Paul’s business, without him knowing. One other thing, I met a man last night who said he was club owner called Reginald Watson. Could you discretely check him out, I need to know if, that is his real name and which club he owns. If that is not his real name, I would like a photograph of all the club owners so I can pick him out. We have some unfinished business. I have a feeling that he is looking for me and I would like to find him first.

Jenifer said, “Ok I will do all that, you need to be careful, how much would you like me to pass to Trudy.” Trevor said, “We need to push through the sale of her shop to Stevens Holding but in the meantime give her two hundred and fifty thousand, we all need more clothing, How did you get on this morning, I hated using the towel.” Jenifer replied, “Yes I thought it was a reaction from my new skin and as soon as I was dry I got dressed as quick as I could to find relief.” Trevor asked, “Did the girls get off to school all right.” Rachel was fine although she wanted to wear latex knickers. Charlie on the other hand, chose to wear latex knickers and a latex vest under her school uniform.” They were both looking very happy when they left; Charlie talked about Mike all though breakfast.”

Trevor said, “We need to keep an eye on those two they will need our help at some point. I need to go now; I’ll meet you for lunch, book a table in our favourite restaurant for four at twelve thirty, and invite Angie and Meiying.” He kissed her again and said, “Bye, I’ll meet you at the restaurant,” and then left. As he walked past Meiying he asked, “How was Trudy this morning?” Meiying replied, “Yes, she seemed to be very happy, I left her and Sarah making plans.” Trevor walked out of Jenifer’s office and walked back to his old company. He walked in through the revolving door and pressed the call button for the elevators. As he was waiting, he watched the people walking past and he saw two men stop outside a look at him.

Trevor quickly poked their minds and removed all knowledge of him. While he was in their minds, he learnt that Mr Watson was indeed looking for him and these two were contract hit men. Trevor planted instructions that they would travel far away and engage in a gun battle with each other.” Just as the two men turned and walked away, the elevator arrived and Trevor stated his assent to the twelfth floor.

He walked through the HR department and Suzanne’s secretary said, “Not you as well.” Trevor said, “Not me as well what.” The secretary answered, “First Amanda and then Mrs Bowers, than Becky and now you. Why is everyone wearing latex?” Trevor said as he modified her mind, “Because it feels nice against the skin and we are in the twenty-first century where personal chose is all the only excuse we need.” The secretary said, “Well you will never see me wearing it.” Trevor thought, “Say that again this afternoon. Is Mrs Bower in?” The secretary said, “Yes she is waiting for you go straight in.”

Trevor knocked on the door and entered so find Suzanne still wearing her rubber coat. Trevor said, “I thought you only needed to wear that coat outside.” Suzanne said, “I know but I love is so much I never take it off straight away.” Trevor said, “Ok feel free to keep it on if you want. What are the terms and conditions of my new employment contract and what are my duties.” Suzanne replied, “Your employment contact “Master” is whatever you want it to be and your duties are to keep me safe and humiliate Amanda and if you get time finish the intranet and manage all the other IT related services this company requires to operate. Your office is Amanda’s old office and your staff is as you left it.” Trevor replied, “Ok I think it would be prudent for you to send out a companywide email about dress, making it clear that the company expects people to be smart while at work but does not exclude any material used for the manufacture of clothing.” Suzanne said, “Brilliant Idea I will do that this morning, now if that is all, you can go and start your new job.

Trevor departed from the HR department and took the elevator down to the ninth floor. As the doors opened, he saw several people waiting and they all clapped as he exited the cage. All the staff members, who he worked with in his old cubicle, were there including Becky and several of the girls kissed him on his cheek, when it was Becky’s turn, he moved to kiss her on the mouth and held her for a while. When he let her go, everyone clapped again. He said, “I need to have a chat with each of you to check where we are on the various tasks we have,” if you are working for a particular customer, then bring the brief with you when, I call you. I’ll take Jonathon first in say fifteen minutes, Ok back to work and thank you for the greeting.”

Trevor walked to the cubicle that housed the help desk and greeted all the staff in turn, when he came to Amanda instead of standing a shaking his hand, she knelt down and kissed his feet.” Trevor waited until she had kissed both several times and said, “OK slave that is enough, you can stand now.” Amanda stood and he kissed her as he kissed Jenifer and her juices started to flow. When he released her, she flopped down in her chair and squealed as she climaxed. The three young girls who shared the cubicle could not believe what they had seen. One of the younger ones said, “All he did was kiss her and she came, he must be one hell of a kisser. No wonder she is besotted with him.” Trevor planted instruction in all three, to make them consider latex and clothing and then to embrace it as a work uniform and to develop a dependency for it. He did not want an overnight change so he gave them a week to comply.” Leaving them, he moved to his new office where a new workstation had been installed.

He powered up the workstation and logged on. Opening his email account, his inbox was full of congratulation and welcome back messages. He was answering the twenty-third email when Jonathan came in. Jonathan said, “I would just like to say that you should have been given this job years ago.” Trevor said, “Thank you and I agree, however I am here now, what tasks are on your docket and how are they progressing.” Jonathan replied, “I have nine tasks in my table, four of them were yours and they haven’t moved the other five are all to do with the accounting system and the fact that it has run out of storage.” Trevor said, “There are, six disc slots in that server, are they all occupied?” Jonathan said, “No the bottom two slots were intended for disc shadowing but it was never paid for.” Trevor said, “Order two of the biggest discs you can fit into those slots and fix the storage problem that will provide a short term solution and then produce a spec for a fully resilient fault tolerant server that will house all the accounts applications and have 100% spare capacity.”

Jonathon said, “”I knew you should have been given this job.” Trevor said, “Don’t blame my predecessors, they were never given a budget to do the job properly they were only given enough to fight fires.” Jonathan said, “Do you want your four back again, I did not know where to start.” Trevor said, “OK pop them along tomorrow, and send in Gillian now.”

Gillian came in and placed a file on Trevor’s desk saying, “These are all the moans and gripes regarding the payroll system. Most of them are because it doesn’t do overtime the way the various project managers want because it was never bought for that.” Trevor said, “The payroll system takes in the gross amount and calculates, NI, tax and all approved deductions before deriving the net value to be paid by BACS. Overtime is a function of creating the Gross but needs to be recorded on the payslip. When we bought this payroll package it was specified to allow eight fields in the Payslip gross build up area, how are you populating these fields now?” Gillian replied, “We don’t, we have never been allowed to poke data into the payroll database from any of our home grown programmes.”

Trevor asked, “What application have you developed to enable the project managers to support the calculation of an employee’s gross.” Gillian replied, “We have two programmes and both use the same process to access that Payroll database for an individual’s hourly rate and there is a formula that adjusts this for weekend working or bank holiday etc.” Trevor recapped, “So the managers enter hours worked and our application calculates the rate applied to those hours and then calculates a total which is then manually entered into the payroll system.” Gillian said, “That is correct.” Trevor said, “Modify the application so that the rate and hours are pushed into the payroll database and let the payroll package do what it was intended to do.” Gillian said “I will need a written request to do that with Company Secretary Approval.” Trevor said, “It will take longer to write up this request than to do the work. Either you get on and do it now, or I will replace you with someone who will. Make the changes to the code and bring your change to me before you compile so the responsibility to implement will be mine. This should only need half a dozen lines of code so I expect you back this afternoon. Send in Roland please.”

Roland walked in with one piece of paper and said, “This was the original brief I was given but so many things have changed it is no longer applicable.” Trevor read the request and said, “The only reason you were given this is because it was the brainchild of the Chairman. You need to go back and think about what he was trying to achieve and is that goal still valid, then you need to analyse the business processed to see if IT can be used to deliver this goal. I think you will find that this is a procedural issue, and it is these, that may need changing. You were recruited as a business analyst, start analysing the business. You only ended up in this team because someone read analyst. You should be reporting to the commercial director and if you complete this task properly, I will see that you do. Now send in Becky please.”

Becky rustled in wearing the rubberised PVC suit Amanda had worn, she was carrying two files, and when she sat down she said, “All these files contain requests for an information system for the use of internal staff. This was your project and I was supposed to be your assistant. After you left, it was, given to me, and I have no idea where to start, I can support an existing WEB site but am not qualified to build one from scratch.” Trevor asked, “When you picked up this task were you given my working papers.” Becky replied, “No all your working papers were removed into archive.” Trevor said, “If you extract my files there should be enough information for you to make a start. I finished the design of the database and the architect of the information server. When you get the files come and talk and I will help you. You will never be dropped in the deep end while I am here. Now stand up and turn around.”

Becky stood up and performed a twirl and when she completed the turn Trevor was standing in front of her, and said, “You look lovely, you can wear that this week but we will get you some proper clothing for next week.” He then pulled her head towards him and their lips met. Once again, he used his psychic aptitude to increase her arousal while his duelled with her tongue and as he withdrew, caused her an orgasm heavily. Becky slumped back down in the chair and Trevor said, “When you came back with my design, you can have another one of those. When you are ready, could you send in Sandy please?”

Becky sat there for five more minutes while she recovered and then said, “Thank you I will be back before you finish with Sandy and ran out of the room. Trevor liked the sound she made and sat down and called Suzanne, “When he was put through, Suzanne said “Master what can I do for you, I haven’t taken the coat off yet,” Trevor said, “I would like a meeting with the chairman and commercial Director sometime this week and you should be there in your coat.” Suzanne said, “Oooh! I love working for you, your wish is my command, and I will let you know when they can fit you in.”

Sandy waited outside until he finished the call and when he put the phone down, she sashayed in carrying a large file. Trevor said, “Sit down and tell what you are responsible for and how you manage it.” Sandy was a high school graduate who was recruited as a trainee secretary who was moved into IT because of an aptitude for office automation. Sandy said, “This file contains all the software licences for the applications on each PC in the company. I am responsible for ensuring that all software used in the company is licensed and installed in accordance with the licensing agreement.” Trevor said, “What do you do when someone new requests, say Office 2007.” Sandy replied, “I check if we have the correct licence and then install it for them and set up their outlook and file access. If we don’t have the appropriate licence I get that first.” Trevor said, “What do you do if someone is new to the application and they need training.”

Sandy said, “I am the first port off call if anyone is stuck and I am usually able to help them out, we have never operated training in house although I have a good relationship with a training company across the city and if anyone needs specific training I recommend them.” Trevor said, “Speak to your training company and see if the offer advanced training courses to in-house trainers, also speak to the adult education people and see if they run any course for teachers or trainers. If you are going to go anywhere in the world you need some qualifications and the better you are the easier it will be to offer a full service.” Sandy leapt into his lap and hugged him saying “Thank you, I have been wanting something like this since I started. Do you want my children?” Trevor replied, “I don’t need your children but give me your lips and I will give the next best thing.” Trevor kissed her and ended in giving her the biggest orgasm of her young life.” Sandy slumped back in the chair with her eyes closed and panting when Becky returned carrying all Trevor’s design files and looking at Sandy and said, “I know what you have been doing, and I’ll bet that was her first.” Trevor said, “As promised come here.” Trevor caused a repeat of Becky’s first kiss and as the chair was occupied, Trevor held onto her while she recovered and then said, “Go and read through these designs and come and see me in the morning.” Becky wobbled out of his office as Suzanne walked in and looking from Becky to Sandy and back then said, “Have I missed something important.” Trevor stood and met her, “Pulling her close he kissed her the aroma from her coat filled his lungs and Suzanne nearly fainted as his passion climbed he tweaked her mind so she would follow him and when he peaked he caused her body to explode in a sexual pinnacle. He sat her down on his desk and held her while her consciousness returned. When she opened her eyes, he said, “Did you come here for that or was there something else.” Suzanne said, “I came for that but there was something else, I’ll remember what it was in a minute.” Becky arrived with Roland and Jonathan and they carried Sandy out of the office, when the chair was free Trevor moved Suzanne and sat her down.

Eventually Suzanne said, “What was that.” Trevor replied, “I think it was your coat.” Suzanne said, “I knew there was a reason for not taking it off, I’ll have to come back after lunch for another one of those, they could become addictive, oh by the way you have a meeting with the chairman tomorrow at ten thirty.” Suzanne then stood and staggered back to the elevator. Sandy returned and said, “Had we finished I think I missed something towards the end.”

Trevor said, “No you didn’t miss anything and if you are good and can get all the information we discussed, we will try that again.” Sandy danced out of his office and down the corridor. Trevor stood and walked towards the pens and went to Roland first, saying, “We have a meeting with the chairman, the commercial director, and the HR director at 10:30 tomorrow in the board room.” Roland said, “You don’t hang about, when did you find time to do that and what is your technique with these women, you would think Becky and Sandy are on drugs.” Trevor replied, “They are just high on life.” As he moved away from Roland, Gillian accosted him saying, “What did I do wrong, you did not give me what you gave them, am I not pretty enough or am I too old.” Trevor said, “You will experience that when I see your design and not before, now where is Liana.” Gillian replied, “Liana is at the dentist this morning but will be back after lunch.” Trevor said, “Well as it is nearly lunch time, please ask Liana to see me as soon as I get back and then I will review your design before seeing Jeremy. Gillian, said, “Jeremy did not show up this morning, and we did not see him much last week either.” Trevor said, “Has he been in touch with any excuses.” Gillian said, “No when Amanda packed her bags he disappeared and we have not seen or heard of him since.” Trevor said, “Ok I’ll go and speak to personnel.” He took the elevator to the twelfth and walked up to one of Suzanna’s young girls and told her about Jeremy and asked her to find out if something was wrong.”

The girl started to argue that it was not her job as Suzanne came out of her office with her secretary and when she saw Trevor she said, “Now this is a pleasure, what can we do for you.” Trevor said, “One of my staff is missing and I have just asked this young lady to find out if he is alright and she tells me it isn’t her job. What is her job?” Suzanne said, “If she doesn’t do as you have asked she will be looking for a new one very soon.” Suzanne pulled Trevor away from the girl and said, “Did Heather upset you this morning.”

Trevor asked, “Why do you ask.” Suzanna whispered, “Because she wants me to take her to Trudy’s during lunch.” Trevor said, Perhaps you should take this one too.” Suzanne said, “Trevor you can’t change my whole department.” Trevor said, “If she argues with me again, there won’t be a choice. I must go I have a dinner date.” As Trevor walked out of the department, Suzanne said, “For your own good, never argue with Trevor and if he asks you to do something, jump to it.” The girl looked very sheepish and said, “Of course Mrs Bowers.” Suzanne said, “Ok remember, come on Heather, we have some shopping to do.”

Trevor walked quickly to the restaurant and arrived shortly after Jenifer, Meiying, and Angie. As he said down Jenifer said, Claude is on his day off but they gave me his mobile number and he said, “Twelve is no problem.”

Trevor told Jenifer that she had started something that morning and that four other women had benefited. Jenifer asked for another one during lunch and Angie asked “What are you two talking about.” Jenifer replied, “Trevor has been improving his kissing technique and can now cause a woman to orgasm from his kiss.” Meiying asked, “Is that just his kiss or his kiss plus a psychic tweak.” Jenifer said, “I expect it is the second but when you are on the end of his lips it does not matter a dam.” Meiying said, “I would like to try one of those.” Angie said, “I think I need to re-establish my credibility before I ask for one.” Trevor replied, “It’s not your credibility, how has your first half day in your new job, been.” Angie replied, “Not bad, I started by going though your last tax return and I think we can save some money this year that was missed last year.” Trevor said, “Well that sorts out your credibility, I have always trusted Jenifer to do the right thing with my money and now that you are helping I am sure it will be ok.”

Jenifer said, “On your other tasks for this morning the funds have been transferred and there is an envelope on my desk, containing nineteen photographs.” Trevor said, “I’ll pop in a pick them up on the way back to work and if you are all in Jenifer’s office we will see if my lips are still charged.” Even without Claude, the food was good and Trevor paid the bill again. Jenifer said, “You should let me pay it is better for you tax return.” Trevor said, “Ok next time you can get it, or a better option, If we are going to eat here every day, why not open an account and pay monthly that will save on processing lots of small expense claims. Jenifer said, “Consider it done.” As they all stood up, Jenifer whispered to Meiying to stay behind and open a business account with a monthly ceiling of £4,000.

Jenifer Angie and Trevor walked back slowly and still reached the front door to Jenifer’s office before Meiying appeared, they walked up the Jenifer’s office and Trevor said, “Ok Angie first and then she can get back to work while we do it.” Trevor pulled Angie into a kiss, she was a beautiful young woman dressed in latex so it was easy for Trevor and as his passion rose, he tweaked Angie who followed him, and when he peaked, he caused her to orgasm, the kiss had only lasted eight minutes, and Angie had feinted. Trevor laid her in Jenifer’s comfy armchair and then Trevor moved to Jenifer just at Meiying entered. She looked at Angie and said, “What have you done.” Trevor said, “Come here and I will show you.”

Meiying approached him gingerly and when she was close, Trevor pulled her in and again the latex she was wearing was enough for Trevor to build his passion. He stroked her mind causing her arousal to climb. As Trevor reached the peak of his passion and his erected cock was straining in his trousers, Meiying climaxed with the biggest orgasm of her live and the first one not caused by a woman and she passed out.

Trevor dropped her into the other armchair and moving to Jenifer said, “You missed out on your punishment this morning and he arranged himself where he could fit his erection into her very tight pussy with her face to face with him and as she started to ride him, he started to kiss her. Jenifer became still and Trevor pushed their joint passion to the limit and held it here for several minutes before he caused them both to orgasm. Jenifer stated to say something and then feinted. Trevor held on to her as he started to deflate. He looked again into her eyes and noticed that she now looked even younger than she did that morning. He went back into her mind a caused his changes to back off slightly reducing the regenerative effect whist maintaining a very slow aging. He kissed Jenifer again and felt his cock filling her pussy again. As Jenifer opened her eyes, Trevor said, “I could stay like this all day.” Jenifer started to ride him again and this time he let her control the passion. They were still at it when Angie awoke and after watching Trevor and Jenifer for three or four minutes, stood up and said, “I’ll see you both later,” and then left the room. They had both climaxed a second time and had separated before Meiying recovered although when she did, she said nothing; she just rose up and returned to her desk.

Jenifer handed Trevor the envelope and as he was looking through the photographs, Jenifer snuggled into one of her armchairs and closed her eyes. Trevor found Reginald but the name on the back said “Harvey Whitleather.” Trevor sat at Jenifer’s PC and opened IE and then Googled the name. Trevor found that he did own a club plus a lot of real-estate including the hotel where Sophie worked and was the chairman of where Trevor worked. Trevor thought, “Well Mr Whitleather. If you want to take me on then, so be it, and to the winner goes all the spoils.”

Trevor did a little more research and found links between Whitleather and the hypnotist and the hypnotist and Mrs Bowers. Then Trevor found the link he was looking for, Mrs Bowers’ dead husband was a business partner of the hypnotist. Trevor decided that he would remove the triggers that were still in Suzanna’s mind, as soon as he got back to work. He reached down, kissed the sleeping lawyer, and then left taking the envelope with him. Suzanna may have passed on knowledge of Trevor to the chairman and of the mind control drug, but she was unaware of his psychic gift.

On his way back to the office, his sixth sense alarm bells were ringing and he nipped in to an alley and opened his mind. He soon found two minds, which had been following him and learnt very quickly of two more villains who had gone after Jenifer. As the two minds turned the corner into the alley Trevor was standing, they came face to face and they both pulled out guns and then shot each other. Trevor stepped over their dying bodies and ran back to Jenifer’s office. While he was running, his mind had pinpointed where Angie Jenifer and Meiying were and he moved at full speed to their location. They were together and approaching the back entrance from the inside, so Trevor ran around the building to approach the back entrance from the outside.

When he got there, he could sense that his adversaries were fifty yards from the exit and there was a large van parked within a few feet of the door, there was no driver in it, but the keys were on the seat. Trevor removed the keys and as he hid out of sight, he drilled down into the mind of the lead villain and planned instruction forbidding him from harming Jenifer, Meiying, Angie, or him. He put another instruction mandating that if he drew a weapon, he would use it on his partner. Trevor moved into the mind of the other villain and was shocked to find Jeremy. Trevor was so angry; he closed down Jeremy’s automotive functions. Jeremy started coughing and then his heart stopped.

The lead villain said, “Ok ladies one false move and you are dead, now open the door and get into the back of the van parked outside.” The door opened and Jenifer came out looking, much stressed followed be her two latex clad colleagues. As they rounded the back of the van, they saw Trevor who indicated silence. Trevor moved back into the villain’s mind and turned him into an obedient robot. Trevor moved to where the man could see him and said, “What were your instruction regarding these precious ladies.” The man replied, “We were to take them to a disused warehouse and call the boss.” Trevor said, “Take your van and go to the warehouse and then call the boss and tell him you have them bound and locked in the back. If he asked to speak to Jeremy, give him a plausible excuse like he has gone for a pee. You will remain there and if you are told to release the girls you can go home, if you are instructed to harm them you will kill yourself, is that understood.” The man confirmed his understanding and Trevor handed over the keys to the van.

As the man drove off Trevor told the girls to go back into the office and stay there until he came back. Trevor then returned to work the back ways and into the building through the service entrance. He walked in to the sever room and looked through the security log to see who was logged on. He found user Whitlea1431 logged on in the chairman’s office. Trevor called the service elevator because there was no CCTV and selected the top floor. The service elevator was much slower than the normal ones so Trevor used the time to find Suzanna. When he found her, he could not listen to her thoughts, but he heard someone say “How did he control Heather.”

He then realised Suzanna was in a trance, he dropped down into her subconscious and found all the triggers left by her husband, Trevor unpicked each one and wiped the area of memory clean. When all the triggers were removed he prompted the subconscious to wake the conscious with all haste just as the doors opened, he crept to the door of the chairman’s office and listened outside with his ear and with his mind to what Suzanna was hearing. Suzanna had told the chairman that she did not know how Trevor had taken control of Heather before she had started to wake.

Trevor could sense four minds in the room. He did not think he had felt all of these minds before and he did not want to show his hand to soon. Then he heard someone speak and he had heard that voice before. It was the male accountant in Jenifer’s office that morning. He had pointed out the Suzanna was coming round. A very assertive voice gave Suzanne her trigger again but nothing happened. The accountant said, “He must have made the triggers evaporate at some time, he is definitely an expert hypnotist.” Trevor lightly as a feather slipped into the unknown mind and found the Hypnotist from the previous night.

Trevor was shocked that he could have been outwitted by this man but he drilled down and found his commands intact he went back up and followed the memory of last night as it unfolded. Trevor soon learned of his mistake, he had not specified alcohol and being a none-drinker there was no booze in the house and he had restocked his orange juice that morning because he had drunk it all. He had not associated drinking all he orange juice as any part of mind control. He might be a good hypnotist but he did not have a sixth sense. Trevor went back to his commands, made alcohol specific, and made it so he would never be able to harm or hypnotise anyone ever again.

Trevor then jumped into the mind of the accountant and drilling down in his mind found a catalogue of events where Trevor had lost money because of him. Trevor planted instructions that would make him unable to see numbers or harm a living entity as soon as anyone opened the door to the room. The assertive voice beamed again instructing Eric to hypnotise her again and replant all the triggers.

Eric said, “I don’t think I can hypnotise anyone and do you have a drink.” Harvey shouted, “He did get to you last night.” Just then the phone rang and Harvey answered and after a delay said, “Ok keep them there; I will call you back with instructions in a little while.” Harvey said, “We have your boss and that meddling accountant, together with that Chinese slut.” Trevor was getting angry but just before he did anything Harvey said, Suzanna please call Amanda and get her come up here and see if you can find out where Trevor is.”

Suzanne said, “I don’t think I can do that my instructions from Trevor was to look after him and his slaves.” Harvey shouted, “Dam you Stevens; he is one step ahead of us all the time.” Derek you go and fetch Amanda. Trevor moved away from the door and hid behind a secretary’s desk. Derek came out of the office and shook his head he did not recognise that anything had changed but as he walked towards the elevators Trevor took away his automotive functions just as he stepped into the elevator, Trevor saw him fall as the doors closed.

Trevor then walked into the office saying, “I believe you are looking for me, what, have you done with Jenifer and her staff.” Harvey said, “This is a standoff Mr Stevens, if you ever want to see your friends again, you will have to do as I say.” Trevor said, “What do you want.” Harvey said, “That is better, I want your mind control drug and I want to know how you stumbled on to my operation last night.” Trevor said, “And what do you intend to use the mind control drug for.” Harvey said, “I have spent a lot of effort getting Mercedes to the stage she was at, and I intend to finish what I started. Also you have changed my little pet here and my favourite hypnotist, I need them restored to what they were.”

Trevor said, “Suzanne please take Eric to your office and keep him there.” Suzanne got up and guided Eric out of the room. As they left Trevor closed the door and turning to face Harvey he said, “Your little game is over, we have crossed before you and I when you out bid me for the Tredegar Industrial park. Harvey said, “You have won a number of times so I think we are quits there. Come on give me your mind control drug and I will release Jenifer. Harvey reached into a drawer, Trevor saw the glint of shiny metal, and before he could pull it out, Trevor caused his heart to stop. Harvey dropped whatever it was and clutched his chest.

Trevor restarted it and said, “As I said, your game is over, you are going to transfer all your assets over to Stevens holdings, now get your lawyers on the phone. Harvey sat down on his chair panting, and asked, “How did you do that.” Trevor said, “Not only do I have quick acting drugs that will allow me access to peoples’ minds, I also have technology that gives me control over a body and right now I am in control of your body. Pick up the phone a dial your lawyer. Any tricks and you won’t put it down although it may fall out of your hand.”

Harvey picked up the handset on the desk and hit one of the hot keys. When the recipient answered Harvey said, “Kill them.” and then he heard a single shot. Trevor said, “What a pity another of your soldiers lost in battle. Now this is the last time I am going to ask, connect yourself to your lawyer, mine is in her office along with her secretary and the new account that has already uncovered your fraudulent actions as performed by your puppet. I will count the stopping of your heart down from ten. Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three… Harvey shouted “Ok you win, I’ll do what you ask if you show me the technology.” Trevor continued, “Two, One, Stop. Harvey clutched his chest and Trevor turned a walked towards the door. Harvey said, with his failing breather “ok.”

Trevor turned and said, “Do we understand each other now, and that you have no card left to play.” Harvey nodded, and his heart and lungs started. It took him several minutes before he could move and he picked up the handset and pressed another hot key. Panting he said, “Lenard, please listen and don’t interrupt, I wish to transfer all my assets, and I mean all, to Stevens Holdings mark it down to the revenue as a gambling debt paid in full. Ok if you don’t believe it is me, ring me back.” He put the phone down and within a few seconds, it rang.

Harvey picked it up and said, “Lenard just do as I have instructed and liaise with Jenifer Mason I will expect a call from her within the next fifteen minutes to tell me the transaction is complete do you understand. No I do not wish the police to rescue me, just follow my instructions.” Trevor said, “Ok we wait, would you like your heart beating or still. Just then, the phone rang again and this time Trevor picked it up and said, “Hello this is Trevor’s scum cleanup service, how may I be of service.” Suzanne said, “Thank god you are alright the police are here there was a dead body in the elevator and they would like to speak to you.” Trevor said, “Hold them for twenty minutes and then send them up.” Suzanne said, “While they are here could I take the coat off.” Trevor, “Suzanne, you can take it off whenever you want to, but right now you don’t want to, See you in Twenty.”

Harvey said, “What was that all about.” Trevor replied, “Your pet accountant has been found dead in the lobby.”

Harvey said “So your technology works over any distance.” Trevor said, “Not any distance, up to a mile or so yes.” Harvey continued, “What are you going to do with me when the asset move is confirmed.” Trevor said, “That depends on what your Lawyer understands by everything, if I discover that you have held out on me I will stop your heart long enough for your brain to be starved of oxygen to give you major brain damage and then restart it, so you live out your days as a vegetable.” Harvey said, “Lenard does not know about all, I have another lawyer for my under the table operations.” Trevor said, “I am beginning to feel that you have not been honest with me, Are you going to make another phone call or do we end it here.” Harvey said, “I do not totally control these assets, I am in business with others.” Trevor was sitting in his mind and three partners popped up, the mayor, the head of the planning department and the chief constable.

Trevor also saw an image as to where the incriminating evidence for the co-conspirators was hidden and it was here in the office. Trevor moved to a chair in the corner of the office and moved it to the side. He leaned over and lifted a carpet tile giving access to a floor safe. Harvey said, “How did you know that was there.” Trevor said, “Are you going to give me the combination or do I take it.” Harvey was beginning to believe that Trevor was invincible and said, “Ok 24 left 28 right 16 left 27 right then round to zero left.” Trevor said, “Ok I bend down you take the gun out of the drawer and you shoot me while my concentration is on the numbers. You come here and open it.” Harvey said, “It is no wonder you beat me in a number of business deals, you are cleaver than me.” Trevor said, “Flattery will get you nowhere except a wooden box.”

Trevor took the memory of the pain in his chest and replayed it stronger. Harvey squealed like a pig, crawled to the safe, and began turning the knob Trevor could see all the moves but they were not the numbers Harvey had given. When Harvey opened the door, he reached in a turned a switch and then extracted a box. He slid the box over to Trevor and his pain stopped. Trevor said, “So you lied again, what would have happened if I had entered to numbers you gave me.” Harvey said, “The box would have been destroyed and you would be dead.” Trevor said, “Stay there and sit on your hands palms up” and then took the box to the desk, he open the box and laid the papers out across the desk. He started reading and found records of misappropriation fraudulent deeds, moneys paid and benefits given. The paper’s were indeed incriminating and all the people were mentioned, Trevor put the paper back in the box after checking the box was not bubby trapped.

Harvey was still sitting on his hands and the Phone rand, “Trevor answered, and Jenifer said, “Thank god you are all right and what the hell is going on, you have just received millions of pounds worth of assets. Trevor said, “Can you confirm that the change of ownership is all legal and above board.” Jenifer said, “Yes it has all been notarise, are you able to tell me what is happening, is it something to do with those photographs.” Trevor said, “Yes it was and I will tell you everything when I see you. Until then trust me and don’t leave the office without me.”

Trevor looked into the desk drawer Harvey had been reaching into earlier and there was a gun.” Trevor said, “You are an evil piece of shit aren’t you, I’ll bet that if you go to Prison, you will attempt to get back at me and my friends from the inside.” Harvey said, “If you’d worked hard to build an empire that was brought down, what, would you do.” Trevor said, “Just checking.”

Moments later the elevator doors opened and Suzanne rushed out followed by three burley Police men. Suzanne said, “This is Mr Harvey Whitleather, the Mr Big here a bout’s and who is responsible for most of the criminal activities in this City. Trevor said, “None of you are related to the Chef Constable are you. The policemen looked at Trevor who continues, “If not, you might want to take a look in this box.” The detective checked out the box and said “These seem to be genuine; I think we need to take Mr Harvey Whitleather back to the station.”

The two constables picked Harvey up off the floor and handcuffed his hands behind him. They then marched him out and Suzanne accompanied them and got off on the twelfth and Trevor waited for the lift to descend to floor seven before he stopped Harvey’s heart for the last time.” The detective asked Trevor what his involvement was and Trevor told him about Mercedes and the campaign and threats that have been aimed at him and his friends all day, with the final show down in Harvey’s office.”

The detective said, “Would you mind coming down to the Police station to make a statement.” Trevor said, “I would be delighted to, but not today, a lot of my friends have been threatened and intimidated and I would like to check that they are all alright, give me a time tomorrow and I will be there.” The detective said, “We have a lot of evidence to go through and leads to verify, why don’t you came down about three o’clock and bring one of your friends that was intimidated,”

Trevor replied, “I’ll bring my Lawyer she was one of those who Harvey threatened and attempted to kidnap and we will see you at three.” Trevor walked out of the Office and pressed the button for the elevator but it did not come. Trevor waited for five minutes and the Detective shouted, “Is there a problem,” Trevor replied, “This elevator must be out of action, I’ll use the service elevator around the corner.” Trevor got in the service elevator and descended to the ninth floor. Getting out he sent the elevator back to the basement and then walked to his office he sat down in his chair and closed his eyes. Gillian, saw him, ran to her desk, to collect her design, and walked back to him.

She gently knocked on the door even though it was open and Trevor opened his eyes.” He apologised saying, “Sorry I have had a very hard afternoon. Have you finished your design?” Gillian said, “You were right, whoever wrote this application created the local data storage to be the image of the fields in the payroll database. If I add four lines of code, to the application after the calculate button, I can use the Primary key and push the data into the payroll system. I have tested this on the test system and it works every time.

Trevor said, “How long have you been fighting this when the solution was four lines of code.” Gillian said, “I have done as you asked and it works I have spoken to four of the managers who complained the most and they say, ‘do it’. So do I have your approval to change the live system and can I have my reward, I have not stopped thinking about what Becky and Sandy told me since their meeting with you.” Trevor said, “I authorise you to make the change to the live payroll system and if you stand up and close your eyes we will see about your reward.”

Gillian stood and close her eyes, Trevor moved in and started the kiss, there was no stimulation from latex other that his own but he pushed up his passion and once it started he added her arousal to his increasing zeal and when he peaked after nine minutes he gave her an orgasm every bit as big as Becky’s. She collapsed into his arms and he laid her down in the chair. Becky walked past as he laid her down and she said, “I am glad you did that, she had become unbearable, and she kept asking us to describe the feeling again, poor Sandy has told her at least fifty times. Did you hear about elevator number one, it’s been taken out of service, two people have died somewhere between floors, six and seven.”

Trevor said, “Really do we know who they were?” Becky said, “No one knows the police are being very cagy.” Trevor said, “Have you looked through the designs.” “Becky said, “Yes I understand what you wanted to do now and have started building it. I should have the first nine pages ready for you to test sometime on Wednesday.” Trevor said, “Be ready to leave work at half past four and can you ask Amanda to be ready as well. I’ll go and talk to Suzanne.” Trevor pressed the call button by the elevators and elevator four came and he pressed twelve.” As he exited the cage, the girl who he had the argument with earlier was waiting to get in.

Trevor asked, “Well did you find where his is?” The girl replied nervously, “Mr Stevens, I tried his home and all the hospitals and had no success then someone, as a joke suggested I try the morgue, and guess what, that was where he is.” Trevor said, “So you decided I did not need to know, how long, have you had this information.” The girl said, “I am very sorry, the police came and the whole department has been in turmoil.” Trevor asked, “Is Mrs Bower about?” The girl said, “You should ask Heather, I don’t know she has been up to the fourteen floor most of the afternoon with the chairman.”

Trevor walked away from the girl and towards Heather, and when he reached her he said, “A change of wardrobe Heather? Where is Mrs Bower?” Heather said, “The Police have her at the Police Station, she was in the elevator with the Chairman before he died, and they suspect she did something. Suzanne suggested that my change in wardrobe might be down to you, if this is because I was rude to you the other day. How do I apologise enough for you to put me back as I was?”

Trevor said, “I don’t know, how do you take back being rude to someone. That Detective that was here, do you know his name?” Heather replied, “Detective Sergeant Fremont.” Trevor said, “See if you can get Detective Sergeant Fremont on the phone.” Heather replied, “I am not you’re….” Trevor interrupted her and said, “If you were going to say what I think you were, then make the phone call without another word or suffer another wardrobe change.” Heather picked up the phone, called the police station, and asked to be put through to DS Fremont.

When DS Fremont came on the phone, Heather said, “Please hold, I have Mr Stevens for you,” and then handed the phone to Trevor. Trevor said, Mr Fremont I understand that you have Mrs Bower in your Police station helping you with your enquiries, is that correct.” DS Fremont, said, “Yes we are questioning Mrs Bowers, and I must say she is not very helpful.” Trevor said, “She is needed at a dinner party this evening and if you want my help with your enquiries, I would like you to ensure she gets there. If you have unfinished questions you can always ask her again tomorrow, none of us are going anywhere.” DS Fremont said, “I do believe I would prefer your unabridged cooperation so where would you like her dropped.” Trevor said, “The office of My Lawyer Mrs Jenifer Mason at three Union Street.” I will be there shortly after four thirty and I would like to see her when I get there and I’ll see you tomorrow at three.”

Trevor handed the phone back to Heather and Said, “Thank you, now wasn’t that easy.” Heather said, “Where have you found all this confidence, you were always a little nervous before.” Trevor said, “I’ll let you in on a closely guarded secret, I now own the company and I may be the new Chairman soon.” Heather said, “Dream on Trevor this company is worth millions, where would you get that kind of money.” Trevor said, “Well keep it secret for now.”

Trevor returned to the ninth floor and he went to see Amanda, when he arrived, she said, “Thank god you are alright, the rumours are rife about you the Police and the Chairman.” Trevor said, “And who have you been talking to.” Amanda said, “I just put the phone down before you came in, it was Heather in HR.” Trevor said, “She is stressed out because the Police have got her boss and she is trying to pass the blame onto someone else. Are you ready to go?” Amanda said, “You are my boss, I’m ready when you tell me.” Trevor said, “Ok come to my office, that’s your old office, with your coat on in ten minutes.” He then walked to find Gillian and when he did, he told her about Jeremy and asked what, was he supposed to be doing.” Gillian said, “I am not quite sure something to do with email security.” Trevor said, “Ok I have to leave early today and I have an interview with the Police tomorrow afternoon, are you able to get everything complied on the live system before 10:00am tomorrow.” Gillian said, “I will work on a bit tonight and it will be finished before I go.” Trevor said, “OK we will test it together tomorrow morning.” Gillian said, “I am looking forward and if it tests out ok can I have another one of those rewards.” Trevor said, “We will see, but possibly.” Gillian’s smile would have melted snow if it had been winter.

As Gillian left his office, Trevor decided to check his sixth senses for any danger. He sat in his chair closed his eye and let his mind wander. He found he could sense Jenifer and noted she was relaxed and comfortable, He floated around, and something pulled him towards three minds having a conversation.

These minds had a particular manifestation of evil so Trevor listened in. He could not tell where they were but the conversation was about him. He settles on one of the group, drilled down into his intellect, and learnt that his name was Wilson Stuart and he was a director in Harvey’s empire and had been told by Lenard that Harvey had become obsessed with Trevor Stevens and had mobilised an army to round his friends and associates.

The army had all been found dead and now Harvey was missing and had transferred all his assets to Stevens. Wilson was obviously talking to subordinates and Wilson was instructing them to recover the incriminating evidence Harvey had amasses for his so called protection. Trevor senses fear in Wilson and was shocked when Wilson gave instructions to kill Trevor and any one of his fiends they came across in the mission to recover the material. Trevor planted a time bomb in his mind that would wipe out his intelligence if anyone was harmed, as a consequence, of his instructions.

Trevor moved across to another mind in the group and found that this one was in fact this missing Chief Constable and Trevor felt the impression of panic in this mind, his world was crumbling and there was a determination to fight to the end. Trevor wondered why the Chief Constable would take orders from Wilson and then he saw an image in this mind of the scene before him and it was the Mayors chambers. He got a good picture in his head of the three men and recognised two men from the City Council. Trevor moved again into the third mind and found this intellect full of scheming and back handers and he realised that this was the Mayor. Which made Wilson the chief planner Trevor thought?

There was a lot of hot air being discussed but Trevor thought, “This type don’t normally get their hands dirty, they use others” Trevor kept a small part of his psychic on the three men and picked up the phone and rang the Police Station and got put through to DS Fremont. Trevor told him that he had received intelligence that the Police Constable and Chief Planner were with the Mayor were in his chambers and they were planning reprisals against Trevor and his friends. Trevor also told the Detective that he would be held responsible if any harm fell upon any of his colleagues. The detective told Trevor not to worry. Trevor went back to listening in on the three men when there was a knock on a door. Trevor opened his eyes thinking it was his door but seeing no one there went back to hear a warning being given, !Stevens, must have this room bugged he had just passed on details of your conversation to Fremont and he is on his way. The Mayor said, “Out of the way man I have to flee.” The man at the door said, “I am sorry sir, but your castle has been taken and it is everyman for himself.” I’ll take my chance with the Police, I am not going up against Stevens, and as such I have been asked to keep you here.”

The Chief Constable said, “Put that gun away man there is no need for that.” The man at the door said, “If this room is being bugged, I am going to do this by the book, would each of you clasp your fingers together behind your heads and I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who fails to comply.” Trevor was concentrating on the room when Becky arrived in her coat. Trevor heard the rustle and opened one eye. She sat in the chair and watched him saying nothing. Trevor went back to the room and witnessed DS Fremont arrived and place hand cuffs or the three City Officials. The man by the door then handed the gun to DS Fremont and held his hand out in readiness to be cuffed. DS Fremont said, “The evidence Stevens has provided has incriminated you four and many others, there will be no need for handcuffs but you need to come back to the Police Station.” As the room was cleared by uniformed Police, Trevor realised he was looking through the eyes of DS Fremont, who was thinking, how does Steven’s do it, there is no evidence or witnesses to tie him to any of the deaths, but every soldier that had been sent against him is dead. Fremont concluded that Stevens was a front for some government backed cleanup operation and he was not about to compromise his ticket to advancement. Trevor returned to the present as Amanda walked around the corner.

Trevor stood and Becky said, “Where were you.” Trevor said, “Just concentrating on a possible problem that I now have a solution for, so we are good to go.” Both Becky and Amanda were wearing rubber coats like Suzanna’s only in different colours, Amanda’s was a deep maroon and Becky’s was blue. Trevor pulled Amanda towards him and kissed her and her body exploded in a full bore orgasm. She passed right out and Trevor placed her in the chair. He then, moved over to Becky who met him half way and was ready, or so she thought. His recent mental activity had charged him and as his lips touched Becky she felt the electricity and energy flowing out of Trevor, her arousal rocketed and as she neared the pinnacle her brain banged against the tilt button and the lights went out. Trevor continued kissing her until she climaxed, but Becky missed it. Amanda was coming around as Trevor lowered Becky to her knees. As Amanda opened her eyes, Trevor said, “I need an office with more chairs.”

Nearly ten minutes later Becky regained consciousness and said, “I obviously came but I missed it, can I try that again.” Trevor said, “We are late, may be later, but Jenifer is next.” Trevor walked to the elevator with a latex clad beauty on each arm. He passed Gillian who said, “You both look like you have had rewards,” then looking at Trevor she said, “What did they do to deserve another one.” As Trevor pressed the call button, he replied, “They came to my office in their rubber coats, what, do you expect.” As the doors were closing, he heard Gillian say, “I’ll have to get one.” They continued arm in arm all down the road towards Union Street and every male look at Trevor in envy. They reached no 3 as Suzanna was being helped out of a Police car by a uniformed WPC. Suzanna was still in her black floor length coat and her wrists were manacled behind her.

Trevor held the door open and the four females walked in, three in floor length coats and one in a uniform. Trevor asked the WPC, “What are your instructions regarding Mrs Bowers.” The WPC said, “I am to take her to the office of Mrs Mason and hand her over to Mr Stevens. I have also been asked to remain with Mr Stevens and Mrs Bowers until tomorrow at three o’clock.

Trevor walked up the stairs to the first floor followed by the four women and marched straight past Meiying and into Jenifer’s office. When they all stood, looking at Jenifer behind the desk Amanda and Becky stood with their mouths open and the WPC said, “Excuse me miss, is your Mother Mrs Mason around, I need to speak to her.” Jenifer said, “I am Mrs Mason and you are, and why is, Mrs Bowers in hand cuffs.” The flustered WPC said, “I am sorry miss but you cannot be Mrs Mason, you can only be eighteen.” Jenifer said, “Poppycock, my eldest daughter is seventeen next week and I am forty two.” Amanda said, “You really do look like an eighteen year old Jenifer.” Jenifer replied, “It must be that anti-aging cream I have been using.” Now once again, “Who are you and why is Suzanna, still in hand cuffs.”

The WPC still did not understand what was happening and for the first time in her life was totally out of control said, “I am WPC Rose Webster, and I am responsible for ensuring that Mrs Bower is handed into the custody of Mr Stevens in the presence of Mrs Mason.” Jenifer said, “Well get on with it woman. This is Mr Sevens and I am Mrs Mason, remove those dam hand cuffs.” Jenifer then picked up her desk phone and pressed a hot key, and then said, “Meiying, get in here and tell this woman who I am.” Meiying appeared at the door and said, “That young person sitting behind the desk is in fact my forty-two year old boss and mother of two Mrs Jenifer Mason.”

Jenifer said, “Thank you Meiying, please phone Trudy and tell her we will be late and find out where Sophie is. Marline said, “Sophie was meeting us at Trudy’s.” Becky said, “Perhaps this WPC would not be so uptight if you were to kiss her.” Suzanna said, “Trevor could kiss me while I was wearing these, which would be one hell of a rush.” Trevor said, “If this WPC has to stay with Suzanna all night we need to get her to Trudy’s anyway, where is Angie. “Jenifer said, “She went on ahead.” Jenifer stood up and came around her desk and Trevor took the opportunity to kiss her. The lusciously thick hair on her head stood up in spicks as the kiss progressed and Trevor came in his pants as Jenifer climaxed. He picked up Jenifer’s limp body and then said, “Is everyone ready, let’s go?” Trevor walked out passed Meiying as everyone followed and as the WPC came out she whispered, “Did he kiss her.” All the WPC could do was nod; she was convinced she had stepped through the looking glass.

End of Chapter 7

Breaking out of a rut

Chapter 8

Trevor walked down the street carrying Jenifer followed by an entourage of beautiful women in latex and a police uniform everyone stopped to look and step aside to let them pass. Once at the shop, Meiying held the door open as Trevor and Jenifer entered, Jenifer had woken up on route and had put her arms around him and was nibbling his neck. As everyone entered and Meiying closed the door, Trevor put Jenifer down and Trudy, exclaimed, “Jenifer you look even younger than you did earlier, that was some tonic you had.” Trevor said, “We have an interloper and she is intent on coming with us, Sarah would you find her something to wear?” Then to the WPC he said, “Rose please, go with Sarah and while she is sorting you out why don’t you give me the keys.” Rose still in a daze handed the keys to Trevor and then followed Sarah. Jenifer said to Trudy, “How has your day been ours has been unique.” Trudy replied, “We have had a good day almost as many sales as Saturday. Why is Suzanna in handcuffs?”

Jenifer said, “We have had an attempted kidnapping two attempted murders and Trevor is now three times wealthier than he was when he woke up this morning.” Trudy replied, “I hope there are some details to go with those statements.” Trevor said, “It has all happened so fast, Amanda and I were involved in a rescue last night of a damsel in distress and the villain counter attacked with six armed heavies who came after all of us.” Amanda whispered, “What happened to the six heavies.” Jenifer replied, “They are all in the morgue along with two others and there are six people in police custody.” Angie said, “Who were the two others.” Trevor replied, “My Company Chairman and one of your accountants.” Sophie walked in and said, “Sorry I am late that has been a panic in the Hotel, apparently the hotel Owner is Dead and there is a new owner no one knows.” Jenifer said, “You won’t need to worry, I represent the new owner as he has not requested any changes for the Hotel other than some general refurbishments.” Sophie visibly calmed and Trudy said to Jenifer, “I thought you said your company only had one client.” Jenifer said, “We only have one major client, I also have four or five smaller clients one of which is now you.”

Sarah returned with Rose who was wearing a gold coloured latex ball gown down to her ankles and a pair of latex bondage boots with four inch spiked heels. Trudy said, “As soon as Sophie has changed we will all be ready. I have another question how did all these dead people die.” Trevor said, “That is an interesting question and in the light of our guest being present I can categorically state that we had no hand in any of them.” All the soldiers either shot themselves or each other and Mr Whitleather had a heart attack and I am not sure how the other two died.” Rose said, “They both had coronary failure, caused by unknown means.” Jenifer said, “The one that died in our office was following behind Angie as we were being led out to that Van and he just fell down dead, there was no one near him but he did seem much stressed, however it saved us because following that the other man just fled.” Sophie reappeared and was dressed in a green caped dress similar to Meiying’s and she said, “The man who died from a heart attack Mr Whitleather, was he also the owner of the hotel.” Jenifer replied, “Yours and five others plus half the City.” Sophie said, “So the new owner owns half the city.” Jenifer said, “No the new owner owns four fifths of the, none privately owned asserts of the City.” Sophie said, “Who owns the one fifth then.” Jenifer replied, “National and local government. The one fifth consists of school, hospitals, and government building. I discovered one interesting snippet this afternoon, The City sold their council offices four years ago and now rents them back, so our new owner really does own the City.” Rose asked, “Are you going to tell us who the new owner is and whether he is young single, available.”

Suzanna said, “He is young, handsome, single but not available, he is deeply in love with his lawyer and has asked her to marry him.” Trevor said, “I have just had a thought, that Lenard bloke was that the Lenard you used to work for before I persuaded you to branch out on your own.” Jenifer replied, “Yes that was my old boss and he had become a one client business.” Trevor said, “If you need more staff to manage this bigger portfolio are there any in his outfit you could use.” Jenifer replied, “I will give it some thought.” Trudy said, “I ordered transport and it should be here, I do apologise for the delay.

Amanda said, “I don’t mind, I think I have caught up on what has happened today and who the new owner is, Mr Whitleather was our Chairman and he was the wealthiest developer in the City, he was also the City’s biggest criminal and that was him last night as Reginald Watson. It has all clicked into place, they were his soldiers and he orchestrated the kidnapping attempt, you were fortunate he failed otherwise you would be dancing in his night club. The one thing I don’t understand is why he gave it all to Trevor before he died.” Trevor said, “He had to do it before he died otherwise we wouldn’t be here.” Amanda huffed, saying, “You always twist my words, and you know what I mean.” Before Trevor could answer, there was a knock on the door and Trudy said, “At last the coach.”

They all piled into the fourteen seater coach and the driver set off, Trevor sat next to Jenifer who said, “That kiss in the office was a lot stronger than the lunchtime one, has something changed.” Trevor replied, “Only my love for you is much stronger. It was not my intention to make you look like an eighteen year old; I just wanted you to stop aging so I could catch up. However, you always were beautiful but now you are gorgeous and I am just glad you are mine. Has Charlie seen you like this?” Jenifer said, “Not yet but we are on the way to pick them up now so it won’t be long”

The coach stopped in front of Jenifer’s home and Trevor said, “I’ll go you stay here.” Jumping off the coach, he rang the door bell and Rachel answered in her latex dress holding her red coat, and she said, “Charlie will be a minute she is drying her dress, she went to school with everything on under her uniform today.” Trevor said, “Your Mum thought she had just worn the latex knickers.” Rachel said, “She came back and changed after Mum had gone to work.” Rachel shouted up the stairs, “Come on Charlie you are holding everyone up.” Charlie came down wearing her red coat and carrying the dress and knickers wrapped in a towel saying “I will have to dry it on the way.” Trevor and the girls boarded the bus after Trevor had locked the front door and as they entered the coach and reached Jenifer, Trevor said, “Charlie please explain, to this young lady all about latex she is very new to our world and she is closer to your age.” Trevor took Rachel to the empty seat at the back. The bus had only travelled half a mile when there was a screech from Charlie, who then rushed down the companionway to where Trevor was sitting and she thumped him. Rachel asked, “What was that for.” Charlie said, “Go and talk to that girl at the front and you will see.”

Rachel got up and Charlie sat in her place and said, “How did you do that and what about the kiss she mentioned.” Trevor asked “What are you wearing under that coat?” Charlie replied, “Nothing.” Trevor picked her up, brought her head to his, placed his lips gently onto hers and then, he linked his passion to hers and started his to climb gently. After three or four minutes he was as high as he dared take her and slid his finger into her pussy caressing her lightly and then caused her to orgasm harder than she had done before. He sat her down in the seat and gently placed her in a comfortable position before checked she was alright. He adjusted his trousers and waited. Before Charlie moved, Rachel came back with her clothes and towel and Trevor, Whispered, “Wake her up gently in five or ten minutes.” Rachel said, “You kissed her didn’t you, when do I get mine.” Trevor said, “Only one of you out at a time, yours will have to be later.” Trevor went back to Jenifer and asked, “Are they alright, with the new you.” Jenifer said, “It took Charlie a while but Rachel thinks it is cool having a mum that looks more like an older sister, than a mother. By the way I mentioned your new kiss and Charlie seemed intent on trying one.” Trevor said, “She already has.” Jenifer stood and push passed Trevor and rushed to the back of the coach to find both girls awake and chatting vigorously, Charlie was changing into her clothes and describing the sensation of coming, because of the kiss.

Jenifer asked, “Are you ok?” Charlie said, “Why wouldn’t I be, your new man loves you and us and would never cause any harm. He did that so gently it was lovely but the orgasm was mind-blowing

Jenifer was still at the back when the bus arrived at its destination, a lovely country mansion at the end of a long private drive. Trevor was the first out and he stayed by the door to help everyone else alight. He stayed there to help everyone down until Jenifer came out last and instead of offering a hand he reached in with both hands and lifted her out and before allowing her feet to touch the ground, he pulled her close and kissed her and held on the kiss as her feet were slowly lowered to the ground. As soon as he felt her feet touch he tickled her passion and gave her a small orgasm.” Everybody had gathered around to watch and as Jenifer shuddered, they all clapped. Lilly was standing by the door and asked, “Greeting everyone and welcome to Paul’s Country Seat. What did I miss?” Trudy kissed her and said, “You and I have a mission tonight and that is to persuade Trevor to kiss, you, Sarah and me.” Lilly and Trudy stayed by the door until everyone was in. Trudy introduced every one as they came passed and when Rose came by, Lilly said, “Why have we got a WPC Rose Webster.” Trudy said, “She is here to chaperone Suzanne, who has been released from Prison to come.” Lilly said, “And what had Suzanne done to deserve being in prison.” Trudy replied, “Nothing the Police are piling on the justification for a claim against them for wrongful arrest.”

Lilly said, “There should be some good conversation at dinner then.” Trudy said, “I can guarantee that.” As they walked in and closed the door, Lilly shouted, “If everyone would go into the drawing room on the left.” The room was huge and there were enough easy chairs for everyone to sit comfortably. Lilly stood in the centre in front of the large fire place and said, “Paul will be along in a minute but in the meantime who would like a drink,” then picking up a pad and pencil from the mantelpiece she started walking around everyone taking orders. When Lilly got around to Becky she whispered are we alright for later on. Becky said, “Yes please.”

Once Lilly had taken all the drink orders she said loudly, “I’ll be right back please make your selves’ at home.” Trudy sat next to Trevor and Jenifer, on a three seater settee and asked. “This new kiss of your Trevor, Meiying in convinced it is psychology enhanced and I was wondering if I could try one that is, providing Jenifer does not mind.” Jenifer said, “Go somewhere quite this lot always like to watch.” Trevor said, “Let’s find another room.” They both walked out on the lobby and towards another door which opened into a large dining room, laid-up with silver cutlery and bone china pottery.

There were settees all around the room and the large table in the centre would seat twenty four. Trevor sat and pulled Trudy in close and then started his kiss, he let his passion flow and linked her arousal and then made it climb, after five minutes Trudy was finding breathing difficult and when he reached the pinnacle for them both he let the orgasms burst on the world. Trudy broke the kiss and drew rich oxygen into her lungs before she passed out. Trevor adjusted his trousers and thought this is getting messy.” He laid Trudy out comfortably, left her there, and went back to Jenifer. Half way across the lobby he heard a commotion coming from the back of the house and investigating found a woman he had never seen before arguing with Paul.

The woman had her back to Trevor and when Paul saw him, he shrugged and said, “I am sorry you had to witness this, Trevor please, meet my sister who had agreed to go out tonight, but has now decided to stay in and be a nuisance.” The woman was dressed in cotton and wool and Trevor said, “Is she not aware of the dress code for these evening together.” The woman spun around and said, “So this is one of Lilly’s perverted friends, where does she find them all.” Trevor said, “Greetings sister of Paul, my name is Trevor and I am not a pervert and neither are my friends, if you had agreed to give Paul a free evening away from him, you are now gate crashing and I think we should have a quiet word.

The woman was about to shout at Trevor but she never got a syllable out. Trevor said, “Paul you go and do what you were doing and leave your sister to me. Come sister.” Trevor turned and walked back towards the front and the woman followed. They met up with Lilly carrying a tray of drinks and Trevor said, “Where are, your latex clothes, Paul’s sister would like to try some on. Lilly said, “Upstairs third door on the left, but be careful she can be a dragon, she is always on my case.” Trevor told her to follow him as he went upstairs to find the thirds door on the left. As he entered the room, the aroma of latex hit him and he knew he was in the right place. He opened a wardrobe and found mostly fetish costumes, he searched through them until he found a maid’s uniform and some underwear. Turning to the woman who was just standing at attention, Trevor said, “Loose all your clothes.” When she was naked, he handed over a latex body with large build in dildos and told to put it on. As she stepped into the legs of the body and pulled them up Trevor noticed the she was totally dry there was no natural lubrication at all. He stepped close to her a kissed her pushing her arousal up and up and up and kept raising it until she came very, very hard. Her lights went out but there was now a lot of natural lubrication Trevor scooped the overflow up and rubbed it around her ass. He then pulled up the body and slid the two dildos home. He finished putting the body on and zipped it up. Her mind was shut down but Trevor was controlling her body and it quickly dressed in latex tights and the maids dress together with apron and cap. Trevor found a pair of boots the same size as the shoes she had removed and made her put them on.

While she was still unconscious, Trevor slipped into her subconscious mind and laid down some rules. The only name she would know was “Maid” and each morning when she got out of bed she would become Lilly’s maid and do whatever Lilly, being the mistress of the house, directed, she would always assume a submissive persona and wear this uniform. Each night when she look it off, if she were allowed to take it off, she will become herself and know that she could tell no one of her plight or attract attention to herself. She would also know that the reason for her submission is because, she called Trevor a pervert. When she awoke, she would dispose of her old clothes, which being the ones she had just removed, into the rubbish bin and then offer herself to Lilly. Trevor laid her down on the bed and returned down stairs. He returned to the drawing room and Jenifer said, “Where have you been, Trudy came back two or three minute ago and said you had left her.” Trevor said, “Doing a small favour for Paul and Lilly. Is this my drink?” Trevor picket up the drink and looked at all his friends in that room. Trudy was talking to Angie and Sarah, Meiying was talking to Charlie and Rachel. Amanda was with Sophie and Suzanne and Becky were talking to Rose. Paul and Lilly entered the room together and Paul apologised for not meeting everyone saying a small domestic crisis had ensued and that Claude had instructed him to bang the dinner gong. Everyone started to move and Paul said to Lilly, “You should have taken their coats.” Lilly replied I did offer but Suzanne would like to keep her coat on and Jenifer’s girls want to keep theirs on also.”

They all trouped though to the dining room, both Paul and Lilly waited by the door and directed people to their places. Trevor and Jenifer where the last to leave the Drawing room and were halfway across the entrance lobby when Paul coughed after seeing his sister coming down the stairs. The maid walked up to Lily and said, “I am sorry I am late mistress, what would you like me to do.” Lilly said, “Go to the kitchen and start bringing out the starters.”

Paul said to Trevor, “What did you do.” Trevor replied, “A little hypnosis to help the evening swing.” Paul stood there speechless as Lilly showed Trevor and Jenifer to their seats. The maid brought out the started and place one in front of everyone in a perfectly smooth flow as if she had been a maid forever. Paul watched her the whole time, and then asked Trevor, “What will she remember after tonight, she will kill me.” Trevor replied, “Don’t worry Paul; the only thing she will remember is how to be Lilly’s maid. When she come back ask her what her name is.”

As everyone finished their starter, the maid returned to collect the dirty plates and again provided a faultless service. When she got around to Paul, he said, “Excuse me miss, could you tell me your name.” “Of course Sir my name is Maid.” The main course was delivered and Claude had excelled himself everything was presented and serviced flawlessly. Lilly whispered to Jenifer, “After Cynthia said she was staying in tonight instead of going out, Paul was dreading this meal, Cynthia, has always made a scene, and causes as much embarrassment to Paul as she can. This was supposed to be his house, but she insists on living here after her divorce and has pushed him out, we now have a flat in town.” Jenifer said, “If Trevor has done what I think he has, Paul has just got his house back and you have yourself a maid who doesn’t need any wages and I hope she didn’t call him a pervert otherwise she will be reminded of that all the time.” During the interval between the main course and the dessert, Lilly moved over and whispered to Paul, “Did Cynthia call Trevor a pervert.”

Paul whispered, “I think she did, yes she did because Trevor was very quick to retort.” Lilly said, “Well from what Jenifer told me, if the word, pervert was mentioned then Cynthia is no more, and we have a very cheap maid.” Paul replied, “You mean she will be like this all the time?” Lilly replied, “That is what I believe.” Paul continued, “Does Trevor know what he has done, he had just saved our bacon.” We can terminate the lease in the flat and move back out here. I never could afford this place and the flat.” Lilly said, “Are you going to thank him or shall I.” Paul whispered, “I’ll do it after dinner.” The dessert arrived and everyone returned to their seats. As the last pieces of cutlery were put down, Jenifer stood up and clinked, her wine glass with her spoon. “Can I have your attention please, On behalf of Trevor and Myself I would like to thank our hosts for a spectacular meal the food was excellent the presentations excellent and the service was exceptional, you must tell me where you got your maid.

While I am standing, I would also like to make an announcement. Trevor has asked me to marry him and although I said, yes it was with a small “y.” This was because I am still married to Charlie and Rachel’s dad. I had told him there was no rush for a divorce and he could wait out the two years separation before taking action. However, this morning I served Divorce papers citing him with desertion. I would therefore like to change my small ‘y’ to a very big ‘Y’. I have loved Trevor for seven years although I did not know it at first and I would like to invite you all to the Wedding. It should be a big wedding, because today Trevor became the wealthiest citizen in our fair city. One last thing before I sit down. Trevor has asked me to announce that he is going to make Stevens Holdings a PLC and award each one of you, one million shares in this new venture.” As Jenifer sat down, Paul got up and said. “While you are all paying attention I would also like to say thank you to Trevor for saving my life for the second time. A number of years ago my sister married a man she hated and drove him to drink and then left him returning to the family home. Where, she schemed and connived to push me out of my home. Trevor has found a job for her in which she excels and as a result, I have my home back. If we all retire to the Drawing room, Lilly’s maid will clean up while I serve drinks.

They all trouped back to the drawing room and this time Jenifer sat down with Suzanna and Rose and Trevor sat with Trudy, Lilly, and Sarah. Lilly asked Trevor “Was I right about Cynthia.” Trevor replied, “Who is Cynthia and how has Paul got on today, in the pink bedroom.” Lilly said, “You had better talk to him, he would like a word in private later if you are willing.” Trevor said, “That depends on the amount of drink he delivers in this direction.” Sarah said, “This is a lovely house, is it Paul’s ancestral home and does he have a peerage.” Lilly replied, “Yes to both questions but Paul does not like to use his title.” Sarah continued, “Where did you find that maid, she was something else completely.” Lilly said, “That was Lady Cynthia Percival, she was Trevor’s gift to Paul and me.” Sarah, said, “Now I see what Paul meant when he said, she has found a Job she excels in.”

Paul came in pushing a drinks trolley full of bottles and then opened a cupboard full of cut glass crystal drink glasses in every shape and size. He asked everyone what they would like and then provided it from the trolley in the right glass.

While everyone was drinking their first drink, Claude, came in to say good night and was persuaded to stay and join them and he sat down with Jenifer. Paul and Trevor went back into the Dining room and sat on one of the settees, the table was half cleared. Trevor said, “Where did you learn so much about serving drinks.” Paul said, “The same place Cynthia learnt all about the duties of a maid, private school.” Trevor said, “How did your men get on today in the pink bedroom. Paul replied, “The wall is down and the new stud partition for the small bedroom is in place. The new wall for the pink bedroom will have to be concrete block work and is due to start tomorrow.” Trevor said, “There was something else you wanted to discuss.”

Paul said, “You are very perceptive, yes I have been thinking hard about your proposed development and what you would like me to do. The whole construction industry in this city has been in total melt down this afternoon. My concerns yesterday were because, Mr Harvey Whitleather owned nearly all the major construction companies that can get work in this City. It has been a closed shop for so long; I have been unable to take on any big contracts. Now Whitleather is dead, there is a chance to talk to the new Mr Big, and see if we can level this playing field, Jenifer hinted that you know who the new Mr big is.”

Trevor said, “These big construction companies must be very frightened the new man might well rock their boat, especially if they have been cutting corners or contravening building codes.” Paul said, “My sources tell me that the practices you describe have been going on for years.” Trevor said, “So why do you want to level the playing field, I would be sure that the new Mr Big, will want someone who has impeccable integrity and someone who over engineers a solution, leaving the building codes for the wimps and cowboys.” Paul said, “The person you describe was me two years ago when I took on the big guys and almost lost my shirt. Where do you get your intelligence and why have you so much confidence in me.”

Trevor said, “I want to put my cards on the table, you weren’t the only one to lose your shirt. I found something out that shocked me today more than you would ever know. Two and half years ago I took on this city, I had some bright ideas for redeveloping the east side and building starter homes in Mill Flats, I had the land and had plans drawn up, I even research which Construction Companies I would choose to use and gave my chosen one a sample job. Shortly after that job started, I out bid Whitleather and a parcel of industrial development land and he took measures to stop me in my tracks. I was drugged by a young woman in Whitleather’s employ and she moved into my apartment and kept feeding me the drug while making my home into a slum.

Had I not had a fight with this jailor and threw her out; I would never have come off the drug. Whitleather was not finished he engineered someone I used to know, back into my life and he was going to use her to re-administer the drug. Fortunately, I was given help by a guardian angel and I was able to take this girl before she took me. When he found out about that he, send another woman at me in the hope that she could administer the drug, but I took her too or so I thought. When she failed, I became his main target and he mounted a war. Due to an unrelated incident, I was put up against him head to head and I do not think he recognised me at first otherwise I would be dead. However, I once again had a guardian angel and I won again on that occasion and was, also able to rescue a girl.

After that involvement, I became suspicious of the girl I was with and I found that she was very deeply hypnotised, and still had some harmful triggers buried deeply in her mind. I removed them totally and she is now free from his oppression. This morning I found a contract had been issued on my life. The two solider who came for me almost got me and escaped by the skin on my teeth. After lunch there were another two but they were easier to outwit because I was then on the lookout. Two more villains were trying to kidnap Jenifer and her staff but I arrived in time and averted the kidnap.

I then went up against Whitleather on a frontal attack, that was when I found the second female and I saw how she was being used. When I got to his office there were four people in it, the deeply hypnotised woman, the hypnotist that had been responsible was the misappropriation of a lot of young girls and another criminal who was monitoring my business interests. Through no single purpose on my part, the actions I was taking had caused a number of Whitleather’s swindles to crumble and when I confronted him, he had a heart attack. While he was incapacitated, I outsmarted him, made him gamble, which he subsequently lost, and I took everything he had.

You wanted to talk to the new Mr Big; you have been for the past hour. Paul said, “These girls he set against you where are they now.” Trevor replied, “There were three, Amanda, Suzanna, and Trudy.” Paul said, “Surly not, Trudy.” Trevor said, “Have you noticed how intelligent and perceptive Trudy is, her mind is nearly always one step ahead of yours. Before she worked in the fetish shop, she was a top psychologist at the university I attended and must have upset Mr Harvey Whitleather in some way. She was a deep cover operative in their plan, and when they tried to invoke her, I happened to be available to stop it. You disposed of that rubbish. I removed the last of Suzanne’s programme in my office this afternoon and the last of Trudy’s programming in here tonight. Right about now Professor Trudy Christenson should be waking up. Paul I want to rebuild your business you were squashed because of me and your sister coming back was contrived in the same way all these women were thrown at me. The only thing I have not sorted out yet is why I have a latex fetish.

While they were talking, the maid had been coming in and out, they had stopped paying attention, and they were not aware that Trudy had been sitting in the next settee for the past twenty-five minutes and she said,

“The reason you have a latex fetish is because I gave it to you eight years ago. You were my top student far advanced above all the other students. You had telekinetic abilities you could sense when people were lying; your scores in the mind reading experiments were unparalleled. I was devastated when you came and told me you were changing colleges. I have had a latex fetish since puppetry and I hypnotised you hoping to make you change your mind. While you were under I talked about my fetish and pushed those same needs and desires in to you, I also made you forget about our research. I was hoping all that would bring you back to me and I am glad to say it did.”

Two years after you left, I published a paper based on your results and Mr Harvey Whitleather read it and invited me to meet him and talk. While I was with him I was drugged and hypnotised, I did not give up your real name. I had changed the names in the paper. During that first hypnotist session I must have divulged what I had done to you so I was set up as a venous fly trap.” Harvey Whitleather has been controlling your life since shortly after you made your first venture in real estate. Your ability to avoid the pitfalls and curved balls he threw at you were phenomenal and it vindicated my paper on every front. In-spite of him you built quite a sizable portfolio although your talents never manifested themselves. Sandra was given to you to draw out your anger the drug she gave you was to suppress your talent so she could get to you and your job was defined to give you more stress. Your ability to see through people meant Sandra never got to you even with the drug and I think Harvey knew you would come for him at some point. You have worked out that Amanda, Suzanne, and I, were all plants; the only woman you have found and protected all along is Jenifer. All those, years ago your mind did something to her mind and made it impossible for anyone to hypnotise her, she is the only person neither Eric Hargreaves nor me could ever get. Harvey always thought I was working for him, but once I found you again, I was only prepared to help you become your true self. The day I was attacked by Harvey’s villain, he was sent to kill me but he was going to rape me first which gave you time to save me.”

Trevor said, “When I was your student, I was not nervous around Woman and Amanda was my girl friend. You made me forget her and develop a nervous affliction around woman, why?” Trudy, said, “All the time you were with me and every time I hypnotised you, I found myself falling for you. Those final actions before you left, were those of a drowning woman clutching at straws. If I could not have you, no one could. How did you find all this, Eric removed and changed memories so you would never know.” Trevor said, “That kiss, I have developed opens up all parts of the mind. Hypnosis cannot delete memories it can only make those memories inaccessible.”

Trudy said, “What are you going to do to me?” Just then Lily walked in with Maid who was carrying another maid’s uniform only this one was silk.” Lilly said, “This is a big house, much too big for one maid to handle, here put this on.” Trudy looked and the uniform and said, “This is silk, why not a latex one like Maid.”

Trudy took off her latex clothing and started to put on the maid’s outfit, as the fabric touched her skin she screamed. Trevor said, “Don’t worry, Lilly will be kind and give you latex bedding on your bed. Every morning when you put this on, you will wonder why it hurts but you will still put it on. Although hypnosis cannot remove memories, I have found a way that will destroy them forever. By the morning you will have the IQ of a door mouse and only the memories of how to clean and scrub.”

Trevor stood and walked back into the drawing room. Charlie and Rachel were curled up asleep and Jenifer was in deep discussion with Claude and Angie. Amanda, Sophie, and Suzanne were sitting together but had stopped talking. Sarah, Becky, Meiying, and Rose were also deep in conversation. Trevor peaked into Suzanne to see why she was looking so solemn and learnt that, Suzanne and Amanda had followed Trudy when she left the Drawing room and has stayed outside the Dining room door listening to the whole discussion. Trevor sat with Jenifer who said, “You have been a long time, the girls are very tired is it not time to go.” Trevor stood and stated loudly “The bus is waiting outside; please make your way there.” Lilly and Paul stood in the door way and Paul said, “Claude has agrees to do this again a fortnight on Monday and you are all invited, I will see you on Wednesday Trevor when we start to re-build the City as it should have been built. What happens to your proposed development of the ‘Treasures Boutique’ how, are you going to be able to buy the shop now.”

Trevor replied, “I don’t need to, it was Harvey who would not sell, it was his way of stopping my proposed development.”

Lilly handed Trudy’s clothes and belongings to Sarah and Trevor said, “The keys to your shop should be in there somewhere.” They all climbed into the coach, Trevor was carrying Charlie, and Claude was carrying Rachel. Trevor spoke to the driver and asked him to go via Suzanne’s home and then his apartment then the shop and lastly Jenifer’s. Suzanne had not uttered a sound throughout the journey and when to coach stopped in front of her home, she stood up, walked to the front, and dismounted without giving eye contact to anyone. No one moved and even Rose stayed seated. At Trevor’s apartment, Amanda and Sophie dismounted in a similar way and at the door Sophie was about to say something but Amanda pulled her out of the coach and Becky followed her saying, Thank you and good night.”

As the driver pulled away, Jenifer said, “Have I missed something, I thought it was a lovely meal, please tell me why Suzanna and Amanda are so frightened and where is Trudy.”

Trevor said, “I learnt tonight that Trudy, Suzanna, and Amanda were all Harvey’s puppets and Trudy has been dispatched, I expect Suzanna and Amanda are wandering what will happen to them.” Jenifer replied, “What do you mean Trudy’s been dispatched.” Trevor said, “I’ll tell you later, while I am fucking your brains out.”

When the coach stopped outside the shop, Sarah, Angie, Meiying, and Rose stood up. Trevor said, “Rose, I thought you were instructed to watch over me.” Rose replied, “My uniform is in the shop, I have had such a lovely evening, but I am still waiting to step back through the looking glass, back to the real world.” Trevor said, “You are welcome to hang around tomorrow, Sarah will need a lot of help, there is a very large delivery arriving.” As the girls stepped down, Claude moved to the front and said, “I’ll get off here and hopefully see you tomorrow lunchtime Trevor and Jenifer.” Trevor bid him good night and the coach moved off again. There was only the four of them left on the coach, Charlie was snuggling up to Trevor with her head on his shoulder, and Jenifer was holding on to Rachel in the seat across from him.

As the coach pulled up at Jenifer’s, Trevor, still holding onto a now awake Charlie asked the driver if the account was settled. There driver replied, “Trudy had paid in advance and included a sizable tip, so thank you for asking, there is nothing more to pay. Trevor asked, “Have you got a business card and are you available for a repeat next Monday.” The driver handed over his card and said, “I will be delighted, should I liaise with Trudy. Trevor said, “No I think Jenifer should take charge, I’ll give this to her and she will be in touch.”

Stepping down from the coach Jenifer was waiting holding Rachel’s hand and Charlie was hanging on to Trevor. They walked into the house together and Charlie said, “That was a fabulous meal and a lovely house, thank you. Now we need some rules in this house. Rachel and I have decided that you are our daddy and protector. “We both love you as much and we love our new sister.” Jenifer said, “I may look like your sister but I am still your Mother so off you go to bed, you have school tomorrow.”

Jenifer led Trevor to the lounge and sat him down saying, “Tell me what, are you going to do now, there are a large amount of business who have huge workforces and they are all in melt down.” Trevor said, “Book the largest conference venue you can get and then invite all the business heads to attend. Try and set it up for Thursday or Friday and I will talk to them all at once.” We need a meeting with George and Richard either tomorrow or Wednesday, [George was the head of Trevor’s Asset Management Company, and Richard Mason was the head of his Architects].

Jenifer said, “I will need help for all this, I will talk to Lenard first thing. Now tell me what happened to Trudy, she was the pillar of your new family and she was far cleverer then your normal shop owner.”

Trevor said, “Mr Harvey Whitleather, had been my nemesis since we first met, Sandra, Amanda Suzanna and Trudy were all his hypnotised plants and he even tried several times to get you, although he did get your husband in the form of Mavis, she was also one of his.”

Jenifer said, “So, if Trudy was one of his why did she protect you so much from him.” Trevor said, “Trudy may have out whittled Harvey, but she did it out very selfish reasons, she wanted me for herself. Trudy had known me for nine years and was responsible for giving me, first this latex fetish and secondly the nervousness I had around women and third, she took away my girl friend of the time.”

Jenifer said, “To do all this then, who was she?” Trevor replied, “Professor Trudy Christenson, she was head of Psychology at the first University I attended and I was one of her students,” Jenifer asked, “When you said dispatched did you mean permanently, like Harvey.” Trevor replied, “No not like Harvey and not really permanently, when I had sex with her last week, I noticed that she was making love to me. That pricked my interest and I have been trying to work out why ever since. She may have been Harvey’s pawn at the beginning but she was always in it for herself and in the end, it was her, who gave me the ability to beat Harvey. My biggest bitch is that she knew about Sandra two years ago, if she loved me like she said, why waste two years. I am beginning to think that they were her continued experiments not Harvey’s. It was Trudy, who was shaping my life while Harvey was trying to shape my business. I will even go as far as to say that it was Trudy, who hypnotised Suzanne, and Amanda, not Eric Hargreaves. There was a different characteristic to the Programming inside Mercedes than the programming inside Suzanne and Amanda. I am beginning to see how she has played Harvey as a fool all along.” Jenifer said, “What do you intend to do.” Trevor said, “After you speak to Lenard in the morning, I want you to talk to Lilly and Sarah. You need the clothes Trudy was wearing last night and you need access to Paul’s country pile. After work tomorrow take the clothes, go to Paul’s, and get Trudy to change back into her latex clothing. I’ll come here and look after the girls and when you have Trudy, bring her back here.”

* * *

Next morning, Trevor went to his old job and Jenifer went to her office. Trevor went straight up to the twelfth floor and marched into Suzanne’s office. She was dressed in a normal cotton business suit and when he walked through the door, she cowered. Trevor said, “Call a board meeting for ten o’clock today and tell any member who isn’t there to arrange for their desk to be cleared before the end of the day. And you can start clearing your office as of now.” He walked back out before she could say anything and heather cowered down keep her eyes lowered. Back on the ninth floor Becky said, “What did you do to Amanda, she wouldn’t come to work today, she just stayed in bed crying and I think she has been crying all night.” Trevor said, “Don’t worry about Amanda; she will be alright in a day or two. Can you get everybody together I need to talk to the whole department in ten minutes.”

Trevor sat at his desk making notes about what he wanted to say. He was on his third sheet when Suzanne appeared and said, “I am very sorry to interrupt you, I have done as you asked and everyone will be in the board room at 10:00am, however your last instruction has me a little confused. I know I have not been completely honest with you, but I have not failed to do my job for the company.” Trevor looked up and said, “I now realise that you were one of Trudy’s puppets. You may have not been in total control of your actions, last night I gave you the freedom to choose, and you chose the wrong option. So after we have been to the Police Station this afternoon, I will show you what your new job will be.” Trevor went back to his notes leaving Suzanna standing there with her mouth open. The only choice she had made that morning was what to put on and it was then she realised that Trevor had on his Latex pinstriped suit. Having nothing more to say, she backed out of his office and returned to hers. Looking around her office, she had no personal effects everything was to do with the responsibilities of her job as the head of HR, so she decided to go the board meeting and fight her corner.

Trevor told his team that although he had just come back, he was going to move and he was not sure whether it would be within the company. He had a meeting with the whole board at ten o’clock and would let them know the results afterwards.

They tried to get him to tell them more but he said they would have to wait. Becky sat very close to him and her latex clothing was getting aroused so he said, he had to go, and picking up his notes went up to the board room. When he arrived, it was still only ten to ten but there were several voices inside. As he stood, outside and he realised that he was not nervous at all. While he was lying in bed the night before waiting for sleep to overtake him, he had looked in his own mind and has found the record of Trudy’s attempts at hypnosis all those years before and had removed all her embedded instructions. At five, two as no one else come; he assumed everyone was already in the board room.

Trevor opened the door and made an entrance walking straight to the head of the large oval table. “Gentlemen and Ladies, I have asked you all here today to confirm the rumours regarding the death of our last chairman. I would also like to inform you that I am now the major shareholding having taken over all the assets of the late Mr Harvey Whitleather. As he used the company as his private Consultant Engineering Company, I would like to ask what other business we have on the books other than the business awarded in support of Harvey’s crooked schemes. The marketing director asked, “If you have taken over all his assets presumably these other assets will still require our services.

Trevor replied, “All of Harvey Whitleather’s City project were for his own financial gain and not for the benefit of the eventual users, he cut corners and contravened building regulations, health and safety and failed to protect the environment. You have not answered the question, if I decide to cancel or review these endeavours before continuing these projects, would this Company Survive?”

The Marketing Director said, “yes we would, more than half our business was not Harvey Whitleather’s and even so if you are going to review these construction projects, are we not the best company to do it, We have successfully built up a reputation as experts in all fields of Engineering.

Trevor said, “It was your engineers that cut the corners contravened the building regulation.” The Technical Director, said, “We have always, followed the client brief In the early days many of our Engineers complained and raised objections but Harvey always found reasons for them to either change their minds or leave. Trevor continued, “Well the Engineers that left must have found work with other companies, perhaps I should give this work to them.

The Technical Director said, “We have many Engineers who still have their integrity intact and have not been tainted by Harvey.

Trevor continued, “Very well I may consider using these untainted engineers to review the project once I get my head around what they were supposed to deliver. However I have a problem, all of you were handpicked by Harvey and as such are not wholly trustworthy. I do not intend to run this company as Harvey did by sitting firmly in the driving seat. I would like to propose a different structure, one with a Managing Director overseeing the honesty and integrity of the Company.

There was a murmuring of acceptance and the Technical Director asked, “Are you going to propose one or are we directors to choose one from within out exiting ranks.” Trevor replied, “Harvey used his pet psychologist who used hypnotism to ensure his plans were accepted. I have no idea who among you has been subject to Professor Christenson’s mind control, so I am going to choose one who I know for curtain has been purged of all her hypnotic programming, Mrs Suzanna Bower.”

Trevor continued, “Seeing that you would like to choose one from your midst, Can I have a show of hands for those against Mrs Bowers.” No one put their hands up, so Trevor continued, “All those for Mrs Bowers,” and every hand except Suzanna’s went straight up. Trevor said, Thank you Gentlemen that motion is carried. I will take on the role of Chairman but do not intend to be resident in Harvey’s office all the time all though I will maintain it as my office for when I need one, The large office next door will be refitted and decorated as Suzanna’s new office, While that is being prepared she can share with me. My point of contact on a daily basis will always be through Suzanna. Now if you will excuse me I have a number of other institutions to address. Please pass all your concerns or Questions to Suzanna and I will speak to her in Harvey’s office in half an hour.”

Trevor left the boardroom and walked back to his new office, picking up the desk phone he dialled his apartment. Amanda answered after eight rings, but did not speak. “Trevor said, “Amanda is that you and are you dressed.” Amanda said, “Yes it is me, and no I am not dressed.” Trevor said, “Then get dressed and get down here within the next half hour, meet me in Harvey’s old office.” Amanda said, “I have nothing to wear, you made me throw all my clothes out.”

Trevor said, “You have all the clothes I bought you. The reason I freed you from all mind control, was not because you were free to go back to your old life. You are still mine, but I have another use for your unfettered brain. Get dressed and be in Harvey’s office within thirty minutes.”

Trevor terminated the call and phoned Jenifer. Meiying told him that she had been on the phone all morning and was currently in a meeting with Lenard. Trevor told her not to worry and he would see her at lunch time. He opened Harvey’s filling cabinets and found more incriminating evidence on Harvey’s various deals. In the bottom draw, there were details of the women like Mercedes who had been made into dancers or sold onto slavery. Trevor took all the files out of the cabinet and put them into a large leather brief case. These he would give to the police.

He returned to the project files and at the back of each file were listed the people who had been bribed or blackmailed to get the project approved and passed by the City planners. Trevor thought, “These file will be useful so I’ll keep these”

He was still reading one of his development files when Suzanna came into the Office; she walked straight up to him and stuck out to hit him. He caught her wrist and said, “What have I done, are you not happy with your new role.” Suzanne said, “You could have dropped a hint, I have been frantic all morning, having all the programming removed is very frightening. My actions are my own and after so long being controlled I am not used to having to make key decisions.” Trevor said, “You got to the Board on your own initiative, so I don’t see the problem. Did the board having any concerns they wish aired. Suzanna said, “No they all seem very happy to have you as the chairman and me as the MD. Daniel would like to meet with you as soon as you have an idea which projects you require to be reviewed.”

Trevor said, “There will be a lot of people interested in that list especially those involved with the construction or development.” There was a knock on the door. Trevor said to Suzanna, “Would you get that please.”

Suzanna opened the door and found Amanda standing there in her floor length rubber coat and invited her in.”

When Amanda saw Trevor sitting at Harvey’s desk and with Suzanne there, she had very mixed memories and looked around for Trudy. Trevor said, “Trudy is not here and she will never hypnotise you or anyone else every again.” Trevor said, “How many times have you been to this office.” Amanda replied, “Hundreds.”

Trevor said, “I asked you here because a vacancy has come up for which your qualification match perfectly and I need to see whether you would like to take it.” Amanda was confused and replied, “My qualifications are in psychology, and HR management and the only job that would match all my higher education would be Suzanna’s.”

Trevor said, “Well that is good, because that is the post on offer.” Amanda said, “But what about Suzanna.” Trevor said, “Well this is what you get for staying in bed on the morning, Suzanne has been moved to a new position, do you want this one or not?”

Amanda said, “Yes I would like that position, it is what I have always wanted, but how am I to do it dressed like this.” Trevor said, “Suzanna managed it and she had now got some help from Heather. Look I am going, I’ll leave you two to sort things out, your first task will be to find a replacement for me, you need someone with high integrity to look after the company’s IT.” Trevor then stood and left the room with his briefcase full of papers.

He rode the elevator down to the street level and walked out through the swing doors and into the street, he walk the five blocks to union street and then into Jenifer’s office. When he reached Meiying, she told him that Lenard was still in with Jenifer and Trevor matched straight in. Trevor was shocked to see Gordon standing beside Lenard and Gordon was saying, “I don’t know why it didn’t work.” Gordon saw Trevor enter and said, “Didn’t you tell me it only worked once.” Jenifer was sitting in her chair with her eyes closes smiling.” Gordon said, “Sorry about this old man, I didn’t know she was yours.” Trevor said to the man holding a syringe, saying, “You must be Lenard, Harvey’s crooked lawyer, if you have harmed one cell in her body you will be following Harvey to the mortuary.”

End of Chapter 8